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New Addition!

The Better Ballstriking Blueprint has helped hundreds of my students become elite ball strikers and is now available to you if you are a Subscriber to my Practice Plans.

This Blueprint consists of a specific set of video based drills that are organized in a curriculum you can follow from anywhere in the world on your smartphones and computers - and is available now when you subscribe to Practice Plans!

These specific videos based drills have been created exclusively for my Practice Plan Subscribers and does not exist on YouTube.

This step by step program walks you through all the specific steps from the grip to posture/stance, backswing and full swing to get you to be a better ball striker!

All current Practice Plan subscribers automatically have access to my new program, as well as any future subscribers. Subscribe today for just $17.99 per month.

With my guidance plus focused practice, you’ll be striking the ball better than ever before!


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Unlock the Better Ball Striking Blueprint + over 60 Practice Plans, which you can access right here on my website!
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Over the course of the summer I will be answering questions students have in a community section on each Practice Plan for the benefit of all subscribers.

*This is not an individual swing analysis. Instead, if you have an insghtful question posted via email to [email protected] about a specific drill, I may respond with a public response that you and the entire community of subscribers can benefit from.

Let's get better, together.

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I’ve created these Practice Plans after years of feedback and experience teaching thousands of students in real life lessons.

If you’ve followed my YouTube video lessons, these step by step guides take my video instructions up a notch and simulate a real life lesson from me at a fraction of the cost.

Danny maude Danny Maude

Step by Step drills to practice with purpose


Animated steps focus you on the movements


Detailed audio introductions that simulate me being on the range with you while you practice

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