How To Stop a Slice - 2 Drills To Stop Cutting Across The Ball

drills slice stop slicing Nov 04, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude head PGA professional at the Canterbury Golf Club in Kent this week I wanted to talk about how to stop you slicing a golf ball this is a problem it's a common one eighty and ninety percent of the golfers around the world slice a golf ball so I kept asking myself this question why is it why is it that that when people come for golf lessons the majority those people slice a golf ball surely there's something in the nature of playing golf that leads to people slicing and I think I may have found something that would be really beneficial to you and I want to share it with you so let's get started one of the problems in golf is we stand from a stationary position and we ask offers to propel a ball of miles we want them to propel a ball particularly 200 yards plus some a standing spot right whereas in other sports like tennis and and football of you know discus or whatever you know if we throw a ball we move there's a movement in our legs if we play tennis what do we do we initiate the movement in our legs leg first but there's a dynamism to that movement which just doesn't exist so much in golf so what does that cause well I'm going to show you from both angles what is a slice a slice is a swing where when you swing back here the club moves outside the line and across it and swings across the line causing them with it with an open blade causing the ball to spin out to the right-hand side now why is that well people that when they get to the top of the backswing they're not using their legs in any shape or form and what they're doing is they're hitting very hard from the top now a lot of people know that but what we want to do is is we want to understand that if you want to get rid of your slicing one of the things we want to try to do is get that transition right now the transition when we're swinging is simply this when we get to the top of a backswing here the first thing to move shouldn't be the tosser it actually should be the hips on the legs here right that should be the first thing to move followed by the torso number two followed by the arms number three followed by the club head number four and then we deliver that into the golf ball if we can get that right sequence then we will deliver the club from this position into the back of the golf ball much more consistently the problem is what most people do unfortunate we said they come over the top and there's no action in their legs why as we said it's the nature of the spot we stand to a golf ball and we're just fixed we're fixed to the ground we even often tell ourselves to keep still keep our head down and what this does is often create this legs be very very static so we end up looking at impact very flat-footed very upper body or inserted so the answer in my view one of the big answers to get rid of getting rid of your slice is start to become much more active in the lower part of your body all right so that there is room to swing through we want to stop this Martian well in doing that we want to create this all right so watch this I want to you to Tempe I give you an exercise here I want to grab a golf club and what I'd like you to do is just place the golf club on the ground and I want you to practice getting these legs a little bit more active so there's one thing now understanding this but there's another thing actually in training the body train the body and learning how to feel it so what I want you to do is make a swing and I want to come back into impact here and I want to practice keeping your hips open while your shoulders a reasonably square I don't want to get that feeling and and literally have a shaft in the in the middle here just and hold that position for a little bit feel what that's like you could even do this from a standing position just turn there hold the shoulders back get the feeling then the same thing again watch this wind it back coming to impact have the hips open shoulders Square right or straight what you do with this now once you started going to feel let's take some time with a with a feel for it what you then do is increase the speed of that so we're gonna swing back gonna open our hips and keep our shoulders nice and square swing back open our hips keep the shoulders nice and square and all we're doing here is trying to train an edge you can get some movement in the legs now notice this movement isn't side to side so I decide one well with this this is actually opening the hips and getting some what we call body separation body separation is the hips are moving but they bother your tosses delaying right so what we're doing when we swing back here again go back to the sequence the first move is one lower body to tosser three arms four club head delivered in that sequence so that is one way very very simple way of practicing it but once you understand the nature of this board and how it could be actually interfering with your with your swing it becomes a lot easier and I'm having so much success to some of my clients doing this so let's hit a couple of golf balls and share how this works so nice lung motion we're going to swing back here and when we're going to come through we're going to start practicing clearing the left hip but delaying the upper part of the body back through getting nice and straight one more time swing back here we're going to practice delaying the tosser just starting to clear the hips a little bit and swing back through one drill you can do with this which you can really really help is when you're setting up here is just drag your left foot back a fraction turn your left her out but keep your shoulders nice and square and again what you're doing here is you're getting the sensation now it's an easy way of clearing the left side I think this is a I've used this one for senior golfers not senior golfers love this because they sometimes don't have the flexibility to turn their hips very well so if you can clear that left side out of the way it really makes a difference and you can imagine is this if this if there's no room here your body's going to have to create room somehow and what tends to happen is is people then they're okay this is blocking the road I'm gonna swing around not over whereas if this is out of the way it makes it so much easier for us to clear through here unless there's less effort or less it's not necessary to swing over the top because you've created space to swing through so let's just summarize that the nature of this sport I believe is we play from a very static position the legs are very very static we need to help them become much more active if they do that we can then start to get on helpers to get the correct transition from the backswing to the downswing which is as we said lower first legs tosser arms club in that order when they're static we tend to the leg don't move it tends to be very much toss or generated all right the drill we recommended two drills have the club on the ground here just as your central point swing back turn through stop there check your position hips open shoulder square nice simple drill another way of helping the legs become a little bit more active all the hips become a little bit more active through impact drag that left hip back but keep very important keep your shoulders square and actually hit golf balls doing that helping it gives you that room it means that it's not necessary to come over the top because you've got room to come through nice and simple 1 do some practice with it I'm sure you'll enjoy many Mayer class I haven't so much success with this in laser straight shots so you've got any questions that's normal guys pop them in the comments box below I'll do my best to answer them very very shortly until next week have a great golfing week thanks so much for watching and there's two things you can do right now for me if you're enjoying these videos you enjoying the training subscribe to the channel I really appreciate it and if you 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