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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I'm going to cover how can you go about generating effortless yards with the big stick you've seen the guys with your playing partners or the guys on TV and they've got this lovely silky smooth swings with explosive energy right at the business end right down at the bottom and you want to know how to go about achieving that at the same time you want to do it in a way that actually works for you I coached people from the you know their teens right through into the 70s and 80s and every single person I coach can gain yardage with their game and it can certainly gain it with the exercise I'm going to give you in this week's training no matter your age you could generate more power and accuracy with your drive so many people do do not have the correct sequence in the golf swing which is what we're going to cover and that is why they look like they're trying really really hard and they're not getting in any exodus from all the effort that they're putting in now I don't know about you if that's one of you if you're trying to put loads of energy into your shots and you just still not getting this yardage well in this week's training I'm gonna show you how you can go about achieving it before we do if this is one of your first videos please consider subscribing and release content like this every single week to try and help you improve your game so what are we after well let's get right down to it the silky smooth swing and the power and the snap comes from the right kinematic sequence II so one of the golden phrases in in golf it's it sounds very technical but it's very very straightforward and everyone can do it and if you can throw a ball you can do this Martian so we simply this the real big powerful hitters they get to the top of the backswing here and what they do is is as they're getting to the top the lowest section starts the downswing followed by the toss or followed by the ABS and then finally it's snapping in the hands come in and snap through that shot so you get this is as four things happening feet tosser arms hands and it delivers like that if I threw a ball watch this feet tosser um hand watch this in in as I go through it natural you can throw a ball you already have this in you to be able to do problem is what do the average player what does every play do well they don't look fluid and Laurel a time they look like they're putting loads of energy in and not getting the rewards what happens instead well they can maybe get to a decent backs in position and instead of innocence starting here now they start here so that it starts from the wrong end so now what happens they hit really hard here and then final thing to move is their feet if you're a slicer of the golf ball this is really typical because you know after 85% of golfers all around the world slice why do they do that well they get to here they come over the top why they coming to the top because they're hitting from the wrong place watch this if I throw a ball watch this naturally would I ever come over this what would I ever do this unlikely look at it some skimming stones here look at this I'm always going to be coming naturally from the inside so the over the stoppers the slices all those things are generally caused by the unknot understanding the correct sequence or understanding the correct sequence but not being able to do it so what let's go through now some simple exercises so that you can start to feel what it is before we do let me hit a shot just to show you this in action here so back here swinging back get that lower section Starling first and away we go right now simple exercises if you can throw a ball you can start to do this so we've got a whenever you try to make a change in it in your golf swing and to be able to kind of understand and then feel the right sequencing of you're going to have to do things that are exaggerated so I let this we want to be able to get when you get to top of the backswing here we want to be able to help you in a sense and get that right sequence going in so in a sense feeling that the lower section of starting etc the problem is is I know that you can already do this so what I want you to do is I want you to start throwing a few balls like this kind of like skimming a stone don't throw it over arm just imagine you're simply just throwing him like this and notice this I'm stepping and I'm firing I went back to home to lead see my dad and he typifies why I see so often with golfers their feet look like they're in cement they're rooted to the deck all of you good intentions you want to hit the ball straight you want to have it under control your root your feet in cement and then you hit like this right so I needed to help him feel the freedom you need to wake up his legs so that you can start using them and that's the first thing we're really gonna do with you to take those legs from out of the cement the fast asleep and just start getting them working like this fire fire then what I do is even with your drive it you don't have to do the drive straight away you could maybe start it off with a an iron what I want you to do then is this try the same thing just too much from watch this I'm gonna imagine now just imagine repeating the same thing as if I'm throwing now when my dad did this he really felt like his legs were going and the body was lagging behind yeah because look when you throw the legs have gone the body lags and then it comes in later so what he did is is he started slow did a few hovers over the ball I'm just started to kind of go okay yeah now I'll get that feeling so then you go to the golf ball and it's very very important you don't go in there start smashing and beating balls away when you ask you a question Oh what pace would you need to swing out to be able to feel this Martian most people it's just a little bit slower so watch this we get ourselves set and we can imagine now do another rehearsal just imagine we're throwing that ball we get ourselves set nice and slow

and away we go just getting that Martian here now things that prevent this from happening quite a lot for the people is it feels much much freer you might even feel like your heads moving through the shot and all those things are absolutely fine for this you've got to learn the correct sequence when you throw a ball yeah when you throw a ball here these things happen naturally nobody comes over the top and it looks much much silky smooth some of you may be playing golf right-handed but are left-handed people so throwing is possibly not the best analogy and that's fine too so what you can do is use this one now this is for both sides as well so you could anyone could do this but what I want you to do instead is you could take your driver and you can start to practice

stepping and going so watch this swing back step and go step and go just get the sensation now again this can take a bit of coordinating but let's have a look at this what I'm going to do now is I'm going to walk to this driver I'm gonna step and go yeah so you just practice generating and doing exercises that basically exaggerate the motion if you try to do this subtly and you rush to a golf course and you're trying to kind of push down and stuff these are too subtle it's very difficult to learn like that you know you've really got to kind of feel this is like an exaggerated motion it won't feel comfortable something for some of you it feels a bit out of control if you're losing control the golf ball sometimes the last thing you probably want to do is create all this freedom it feels completely counterintuitive but do you know what it's the control for most of you out there it's the control that is basically getting you doing this getting you swinging over the top the people that can list out to learn let go and allow more natural motions to happen the faster they will be getting the club into the slot watch this position here that when I swing here back look at how naturally it starts to go into the slot now some another look at this so we'll do the step exercise again so I'm going to put the ball in front of me here I don't care where it is there's no accuracy I'm literally just stepping to get that feeling here then I'm gonna notice how this bit lags behind then comes in some another look at that step

go okay let's go back to the throwing action just one more time because I love this motion here so throwing action you don't have to it says throw balls actually when you're in round but this could be part of your in a sense your pre-shot routine you getting yourself set here stepping throw learn to feel what it's like my dad said he felt as though he was really it was much freer and he was actually letting go that's another thing not hanging on step let go step let go get yourself set try to replicate that sensation maybe then do two or three swings imagine look I'm just throwing this have another go at that mush in there watch this back throw watch Keith going up excuse me so what do we try to get we want to get that silky smooth swing every single one of you out there has that swing inside you you do it because you can throw right you do it because if you're if you're playing golf right-handed but you're left-handed you do it because actually to know what when you step and go off on if you're playing tennis or something it would be natural what stop people having this silky smooth swing is concern over results concern whether they're gonna strike it putting their feet in cement so the like they're rooted to the deck there's static Ness the no business to the need to our control can I keeps people frozen we want to break out of that to allow more natural motions to happen okay so what have we done we said look imagine that you're gonna throw let your throwing action be your coach in this situation step go learn to feel what's happening for you it's going to be different like the feelings I get are getting different to yours and that's absolutely fine my dad like I said he really felt as though exaggerated this was these hits were turning it was like by my dad's coming up 275 this year I think it is now so he was really kind of and he had loads of mobility you know he's more than he realized so he got that sensation and immediately I don't know how much he added to be added but it was a ton then that's a great action I love that one the second one is simply the step exercise this one that people don't like because it kind of feels way out of control they don't hit good shots to start off with but again it's an exaggerated feeling for you to get the step and the motion that pressure going into the ground so step and then go really give it a go it's one of one of my favorites this one to try and get that natural Martian and also natural effortless power into your swing look if you've know some of your friends who are struggling with the driver and you know they're trying really really hard share this video with them and of course if you enjoying the training give it a thumbs up and maybe come and join us next week if you haven't subscribed already but at all this week have a great golfing week