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Three of the biggest backswing mistakes that could be affecting your ball striking the distance that you hit the shot and your accuracy you know what they do affect every standard of golfer so what i'm going to do is once you've watched all three let me know actually in the comment section which one you might fall into so let's get into it mistake number one and just remember i will put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you won't have to remember a thing so mistake number one let's start with what all great players first of all do in the downswing so we know the purpose of the backswing all great players really simply this they approach this shaft angle they approach the shaft angle at a roughly 45 degree position not here not here why is it there well it allows two things to happen we play a sport on the ground so the first thing it allows us to do is for the club to naturally fall down to the ground whether it's a driver or their irons right the second thing it allows it being at this angle it allows you to rotate the body through the shot so that the body can control the club face and generate power through the shot so achieving this angle on the way down is super super important so you need to make sure your back's being spot on mistake number one stops this from happening excessive rotation of the forearms and the shoulders so your shoulders end up getting way too level in the backswing when you have excessive rotation here your body has to then go well i'm not playing baseball the ball's down there your body reacts and then goes i need to hit down on the golf ball this gets the shaft steepening which fine if you just want to hit down on the golf ball but shocking when we want to get into this position here right so that creates a steepness you end up reaction sometimes standing up when you stand up you get flicky so it affects so many things strike distance you name it so how do we therefore get into a great backswing position well the first thing you're gonna do to stop that just imagine your lead shoulder at the top of your backswing stays lower than your trail shoulder okay you can do this by imagining your eye line staying at 45 degree angles you look back just for a second but just imagine your lead shoulder stays nice and low in your back swing here all the way back and all the way through you could have proved this just a little bit by maybe focusing on your hands sometimes the hands can get kind of moving to the sky like my palm here if you excessively roll it the palm faces the sky so you could if you wanted just to imagine the palms facing the ground in that first section but whatever it takes to get that lead shoulder nice and low in your backswing on the way down from here look well you don't have to do anything it's already there now you can just bring the club down into your impact position and that's going to hugely affect your quality of strike let's have a look at this in action so i'm going to imagine actually my leaf shoulder going down i'm actually going to imagine going up on the way through so we also get both the backswing and the downswing side with us look at this in action

not too bad right so mistake number two number three is the biggest stay tuned for number three but mistake number two involves this see if you can spot what i'm doing

can you see this what's wrong with this too much sway if you want to strike a golf ball you've got to make sure that our impact particularly the irons you want to be stern wants to be over the ball want to strike the ball then the ground if you start to sway off the ball here you're going to potentially start to strike the ground behind the golf ball hitting up on the ball starting to get these kind of buckled chicken wings but it's not just that you may have seen yourself swaying and you try to stay still but that's not the answer too staying still and trying to stay over the golf ball to strike it is not the answer because now there's not enough room you kind of get stuck you start flicking at it what do you need instead you need to make sure that the golf swing acts as almost like two pistons right so linking to mistake number one what happens to this lead shoulder it goes down and the trail shoulder goes up so now look imagine this what we're doing is we're pissed in the swing lead shoulder goes down fire it down here and then look fire this one down one two simple way you can work on this keep it dynamic get a i've got a squeaky here it's like a little toy from a pet shop put it under your trail heel and what you're gonna do here look is this we don't just kind of do this this is static i want the whole body to help you create this piston so your feet your body everything and notice this when i do when i move my body like this it stays very centered watch one two very different to no squeak there why because i'm hanging back if i'm staying dead still no squeak why because i'm just rock solid but when you put like this and now we go one two can you see here my body's working like a piston my shoulders look are staying in their inclination so look we can easily come back down on the line that we want and start to strike those shots if you was practicing this what i probably do is i would start very very small initially so grab a few balls get yourself set and what i do is this i just go up here get feel for it and then fire up to about halfway fire get used to the piston style action here one two very different to rotating off the ball we don't want that just literally one two one two yeah so let's have a shot i'm gonna hit a couple of shots just one little shot just showing you this little piston working i might not reach the green just gonna go up down so just to tap forward right so no big shots won't reach the green but just to tap forward that gets you working this club like a piston right mistake number three and this one is a biggie but before we get into it if you do enjoy the video make sure you give it a thumbs up and come and join the community i press the subscribe button on the bell i release videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game so number three trying to put the club into position in the backswing as opposed to swing the club into position how do you get into all these wonderful positions in the backswing without putting them there well you've we've looked at the first two mistakes well what you want to try is if you want to get your lead shoulder low you don't want to kind of force it down you want to allow it to flow but too often what i'm seeing i don't feel the same but i'm seeing golfers trying to copy the best players by trying to get it there get it into this position get into that position and then they wonder why they can't hit the ball very well because it's not a golf swing the clue's in the name needs to be a swing so that means you have to accept that sometimes you're going to be imperfect during the learning process so let's say we're working on mistake number two i i'll sorry one with the shoulder we're going to allow you to just flow look so i'm going to practice this lead shoulder staying down but i'm not going to practice it by going stiff i'm going to see if i can just add some flow to this backwards and forwards right then you'll start to feel more natural with mistake number two we're going to add some flow to the piston yeah backwards and forwards it might not be perfect but it's as close as you're going to get to start with and then gradually you develop it what i often do for my students i even get them to add flow to the whole motion so that they don't just stay static over the golf or thinking thinking thinking so we do something like this we get into a situation where they pick their target out they walk to the golf ball they get themselves set and they add just flow to this motion right not the final strike in the world but they're adding flow to the whole motion so whatever you're working on make sure it's flowing all right now i've got a more detailed video on rotation that you can access right here but if you enjoyed the video remember to give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look come on to join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell icon already but until next time have a great golfing week