3 Golf Shots You Need to LOWER YOUR SCORES

chipping pitching short game Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week i've got three shots that if you learn them it could save you a load of shots on your round of golf the first one is going to be a chip and run how do you get that ball up onto the green over this little bit of roof and running out and judging that distance each and every single time but sometimes for shot number two you might not have the luxury of chip and run you might need to get some backspin on your shots because the flags really close to the edge of the green need to loft it up and stop it what's the difference in the technique because there is one we'll go through that in shot number two shot number three you don't have the luxury of any backspin you need to lob it maybe over a bunker and you need that ball literally landing and almost stopping dead how do you play that one we call that the lump shot those three shots we're going to cover in this week's golf lesson now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one and you never have to remember a thing i always put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you can just take away and enjoy okay shot number one the chip and run now trip and run why are we chipping and running well look if we were closer to the green we might even use our putter but we've got a decent amount of grass rough grass to grow over here if we do if we use our putter it could bounce off in any direction costing us direction and distance control so all we do is we take a club that's going to loft over this grass and then release beautifully out to the hull we don't need a high shot we just need enough height to get over this rough ground to do that i've got an a-time here the second thing once you've chosen your club is you we realized look you don't need loads of power in this shot we don't need lots of rotation because only a gentle shot so we can take advantage of that and we can almost make this chipping action almost like a pendulum pendulum means it's very very accurate so what i want you to do is you take your right time put it nice and vertical here put the ball position towards the back of your stance and then just allow your arms just to hang now what this does is when your arm's hanging here we can now simply swing backwards and through a little bit like putting but it's slightly different i'm going to go into that a second a little bit like your putting action here backwards and forwards backwards and forwards a little bit of weight on the lead side now i'm allowing my arms to hang because i see one of the problems golfers make here is that they have a lot of flex in their arms now the problem is if that flex comes out during the swing you can end up fatting it so simply allow the arms to hang nice tall motion here so that when your abs are hanging you're only just brushing the ground once you've done that the one little ingredient i want you to get for now is this bringing some feel listen for the sound of the ground but i want to see not this long slow motion because if i was going to throw a ball to you now now and i was just going to do this i wouldn't go like this there would be a rhythm to this wouldn't they right so look at this here there'd be a rhythm to this now from here i want you to have that rhythm too one two okay so nice and vertical hang let the arms hang ball back in the stance

and let it just release outlook to the hull right so that's your chip and run now let's have a look at what you need if you need some spin get some backspin on the shots okay right shot number two requires backspin we've got a lot of rough ground to go over and then the problem with this screen it all slopes away from us so if i did try and play a chip and run it could bounce off this rough ground but more importantly it's going to release too far away from this uh the hull so i want the ball to loft up so the first thing i've done is i've chosen a 60 degree lob wedge now once i've done that i then need to realize that it's a different type of shot we actually need more power in this shot because to get spin we need a bit of club head speed this club needs to slide under the ball with some speed so i can't have this vertical shaft position now i need to have it a little bit more angled the next thing we need to realize is we need to make sure that the type of ground contact that we've got we want to keep the loft on the club through impact and we need to glide through the ground so we need to set up to help that the ball position therefore gets put forward in our stance and as opposed to getting a shaft lean at the start we want to now get the shaft very very neutral very straight because if we can do that we've got the maximum amount of loft on plus we get to use the all-important bounce of the club here this section here if we can use that we get simply glide through the shot we don't get that horrible fat shot and thin shot so once you've done that and you've got the idea of setup and what we're trying to do we want to return the shaft to neutral quest is how do you do it well this is what i want to do good image here take your trail arm your bicep just simply rest it on your chest and all you're going to do now is this you're not going to move the arm back by swinging the arm back because that is going to swing the club out of control what i want you to do is you want to have some way of guiding this momentum so it doesn't go all over the place so keep your uh trail arm just connected to your body that's if you start to pivot your body backwards and forwards like this and like this so basically as you pivot your body your arms simply following now put your trail arm on on the club as a single motion one two nothing more complicated than that problem is that a lot it looks a bit wooden so now you've got the guide and the arc beautifully all you do now is you start to feel that guiding the momentum of the club very very important because a lot of people when you're developing your chipping action or pitching action you do it like we said before you are throwing like this that will never get the ball up to the hole we want to create look some pop some rhythm that's going to get the ball up the length of the action hasn't changed look just the rhythm so yes we want this guiding but that won't lead to just a perfect perfect pitch shot we need to make sure that we add some momentum to this motion backwards and forwards do now apply your lead hand do exactly the same thing i've got it controlled here grip to pocket grip to pocket and it's all under control with some momentum that means we're going to be hopefully a lot more consistent let's look at this in action so get myself set let's see if we can get a little bit of spin

a little bit long but see how that one just stopped up beautifully it didn't release it's probably released maybe a couple of feet really really nice so we've done the actual chip shot we've done the picture we've managed to get now look a little bit of backspin let's now move on to step number three or shot number three the most difficult one out of all of them okay shot number three look at this we've got no green to work we've got to get this ball up high landing soft barely any at all to get this ball anywhere near the flag now here's the alteration i want you to make from uh the standard uh pitch shot uh number two i want you to we've got a 60 degree lob wedge i want to open the club face then i want you to grip it i then want you to we want to somehow keep the loft on this face i want you to now lower the handle and widen your stance by getting low it enables us look to work through the shot and almost slide it underneath right we're gonna have the ball position forward now we're in the rough here we get different types of lights when the ball's perched up i want you to feel like you're swinging quite level with the ground if the ball is nestled down all you do with this is you make sure that you put a bit more pressure on your lead side so that the club naturally kind of enters the ground a bit steeper that's the only thing now when you swing him i want you to imagine this if i take my trail hand here we're keeping the loft on the face on the way back look we're keeping the loft on the way through and all the way through now i'm going to do it first of all the simple way which is just going to maybe pop it up and then i'll show you how phil mickelson plays it to get the really high lob shot so balls forward nice low hands and i've just got to be confident with this just literally slide it to here slide it to there allow the bounce still to work backwards and forwards

okay so a little bit left but you know what it stopped it's on the green i've got now a chance to make my par now let's show you how phil mickelson would play so he would be a little bit more bolder than this he would play a little bit more aggressive and this basically gives you more elevation and more stoppage same principle applies so we're going to lower our hands still change take the 60 degree wave in fact i'm looking i'm actually using phil's 60 degree wedge here actually it's a pm grind and all i'm going to do here is make a fuller motion so i'm literally going to go fuller in the swing now people get scared of this you might get scared because it's going to go too far but as long as you throw the bounce into the ground the ball will bounce and sorry hit the ball bounce the coil bounce and pop the ball airborne nice and committed all right really commit to this shot nice and simple

watch this look at the difference now that one there literally has rolled one foot two feet maybe that and look at that we've now got a really good chance again to make power now it's entirely up to you which one you go for try the easy one maybe to start off with just to develop the sense of using this bounce then move on to obviously maybe the filmic or someone to show off to all your mates so i really hope you enjoyed this little kind of three three shot series here so chip and run we can take advantage of a nice vertical shaft let your arms hang down into position here just swing the club backwards and forwards make sure you've got a popping action with the pitching motion same similar principles make sure you've got some kind of rotation back rotation through you're controlling this motion hand to pocket on the on the backswing hand to pocket on the thrusting just simply take your time and finally the phil mickelson love shot lower your hands for loft get the ball forward here keep the loft on here keep the loft on here fire feel that momentum of the club going backwards and forwards backwards and forwards and if you really want to be brave just make sure you fully commit and you'll get more height and the ball will stop much much quicker so i really hope you enjoyed this training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who could do is also saving a few extra shots around the golf course but remember if you're new to the channel there's a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and of course look come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button if you haven't already but until next week have a great golfing week