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hey everybody have you ever wanted to know how to hit your drives 2030 adds further it's a silly question isn't it we all want to hit it further as long as we can keep the ball straight at the same time well as you can imagine this is a very popular topic for a number of my clients every single week and this week was no exception I had a client Peter sixty-nine years old comes to see me he's got a big booming slice and at the same time he's not hitting me anywhere either and by the end of the session all right we actually had two sessions by the end of two sessions we managed to add a stack of this and 20 plus years onto his driver and almost eliminate the slice completely in this week's training I'm gonna show you exactly what we did step by step so you might benefit too because it's a very common problem what he was doing look if you're new to the channel my name is Danny Maude and I really content every single week to help you improve your game so if you know if this is the kind of thing that Matt me might be interested in consider subscribing so let's get cracking what did we do we Peter this week well Peter garety me and he wants to have more distance so one of the main source is a distance with a driver we clearly need clubhead speed right we clubhead speed and we need a consistency of strike one with swinging driver one of the things that I saw with Peter was this very common problems this is problem number one Peter was stood to the golf ball and one thing we drive is because it's a long Golf Club we tend to sit back away from our shoulders tend to sit back when we're hitting our Ryan's and short clubs we're more like to sit over the golf ball and this over the bob promotes more of an upward motion and a downward motion which is what actually what we want with the driver as well but the people don't people tend to sit bend their knees too much they sit their shoulders back and what they end up getting is a much more rounded margin here where they then either swing over the top like this all what they do is they get dragged across the ball right so think it's very much drag and not just so you can see here just cutting and there's no real force to get the ball up in the air which is where power comes from a driver we just simply get a draw across so what we firstly need to do with the period is in order to get this drive up into the shot so we can get some power we needed to get Peter sitting much much more over the golf ball right so what we did was from this position here rather than bit over flexing these knees and sit the shoulders back we've started to sit what he probably felt a little bit more this way so when you do this you may feel this too if your posture is used to being back there so do this in a mirror so we're sitting initially shoulders more over they go over the top of the golf ball right when the gravity of his body now or Center moves this way he's in a better position to start to move the club much much more up I'm much much more down so that was step number one get yourself in a position that allows you to bring the club up and down problem was Peter had the feeling that actually you should take the club just around and around and I said well if you could go around and around how do you how do you launch the ball up in the air we driver right if you want to get the ball a long way you want to smash it up in the air to get the carry so what we did was say like ever we then stairs are written from this position we changed his mental picture we say look you got to get the club working now back here and you got to get it working up into the sky here and down towards the golf ball right so we started to change the shape of his driver when we did that we did it like this we kept his bicep reasonably connective initially to his chest we didn't want them just to pick up the pub with the arms that's not what we're after here what we did here is this we kept his bicep and fairly connected to his chest and we worked the club away nice and wide but we got the sense that was working more up here right now your checkpoint if you do this in a mirror is this when you're swinging back here you do not want the left arm lower than your shoulder line and one of people tend to get when the swing back here they can see the top part of their shoulders if you look in the mirror you want the arm level with your shoulder line excuse me so when we swing back here that's what we're going for a nice high Martian because what this does then it promotes emotion that's going down towards the golf ball here now why is that important well in order to hit the ball up we need to first get the club going down that's how we generate the power right so number two was get the movement of the club working more up into position and your checkpoint now is much about level with the shoulders one of the best ways to work on this if you're used to going around is first of all go around get what I feels like then go up go around then go up okay that then is a great way then to get yourself set work it around you know it's wrong bit wrong do it right feel that mushroom then when you've got that sensation this up and down then we can really start to launch it so that's a there's a come first couple of phases and that was really session one was getting him set into position initially so he's what is more over get him work in the club much more up into precision here so he was in a more loaded position to strike the golf ball and he went way and practice that so that's what I would like to do to suggest first before you jump into this next phase he then came back and some real progress however as he was coming down on the golf ball he wasn't releasing the golf club so what we then had to do is to look I'm not asking you to chop down on it what a mashing to do here is this as he worked the club up in position one of them I want you to do is you're going to get the club releasing through he then said to me look I is supposed to create lag in the golf swing down a you know I thought that you had to keep the club like this and so that's where you generate the power and I said well the problem is if you hold onto this lag position where's the club head speed there isn't any clue you're holding on to it every position you see by the top players is a static position but that's not really what's happening they're generating 120 + miles an hour club at speed so this club is moving fast so when you've got this club working up now then I want me to do is this practice releasing the club into this position here I'm gonna put a video in my top left hand corner here which I want to talk about the how to release the golf club it'll really help in a compliment this video but what I want you do is is you work the club up into position now I want to fire it down here but I'm too warmed in here I'm releasing the club now down now what's going to happen here is there's a release to come down and then what happens the club now it works upwards so it works down but because I'm releasing it the club bottoms out behind the golf ball and releases upwards now and this is what's going to give me the launch cut no it's a difference it's completely different to somebody who's working around and around how do you get the ball flying and getting those wonderful carries that you see now with the guys on TV you don't so you must go down first and as you're going down you're also releasing the club through and this is what gives you the uplift does that make sense so let's just summarize those three things that we did with Peter makes such a big difference to his drives step number one you need to understand that in order hit a very powerful Drive that's going to go further you cannot have a swing that drags around the body here that just doesn't work there's it leads to a very flat trajectories along low trajectories with no real power we want to get the ball launching up in the air we never have to worry about height because we've got low spinning drivers with low loft so what do we do what things do we put in play we got our shoulders moreover we didn't get them sat back Peter was sat back here that just promoted this rounded motion we got our shoulders set more of the golf ball that was the first thing second thing we made him aware that he had to swing more up and down we were swinging so his left down was too low right so we got him aware of that so we got him swinging low first he could feel it and then high we got to check in the mirror a couple of times that could review this then he got and then I get it right now work it back down underneath here not out in front right so up and down that was session one when we when he came back he was hanging on to the club wished it was chopping it a little bit so session three it was really about teaching him the release so once you've got this Marsh in here for sure from this angle this motion here we then start to work on the release of the golf club now look as he's coming downwards we've released in the club and neljä the club automatically starts to hit up on the golf ball that was enough to sound gay launching their shots twenty plus yards further and you know why it got rid of the slice there was no more drag across the golf ball now so there's no more sites been what we ended up creating if you look at this now is a movement it goes up come straight back down towards the golf ball so it's just there's no way you can slice it on a consistent basis from there that was it look if you've got any questions on this matter or you enjoyed this video let ask him in the comment box below and if you know anybody of your friends that may be struggling with slicing or start with your mob bit of power in a consider sharing this and if you want to receive this content in your inbox every single week don't forget to press the subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week