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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we've got three power moves that you can use to increase more distance with your iron play and your driver and as you can see we've got the very own Peter Finch just come down to Canterbury to come and give us a helping hand well thank you very much for having me ooh don't need my helping hand there by the way I want that intro I want that power and that is Suzie Azamat the star of our videos ah this is a whole new whole for me now so peanuts coming give us a helping hand - power moves he did some fantastic stuff on his channel and we're gonna put all the links in the description down below but Peter Tommy there's a lot of people out there in the world of golf glamour to golf is looking for a few extra yards give us a couple of your your best okay I think the first thing you've gotta say is the certainly with the advent of strokes gained and exactly what that means for most golfers it's shown that while spotting is important actually distance and a little bit of accuracy off the tee is for a lot of golfers even maybe more more important yes actually they butcher really well I mean this that show it obviously you still got to be a good putter but it's the case that if you're hitting it down there 10 20 30 yards further and even if it's not on the fair or even if it's just in the semi or the light rough that statistically will give you actually an advantage over the field generally so these are gonna be power movements to generate more speed but please bear in mind if you are very very inaccurate obviously there's a you know there's a cut-off point where you can to be smashing yards but if it is in the trees that isn't gonna be doing you any favors at all so I think the first one for me certainly some of them certainly something that I see is that a lot of people are far too restricted with their movement so a lot of the most powerful hitters in the game and not only in golf but even at the sports their movements are free they are flowing and something which I see so many people do is get quite restricted on the way back because they try and turn they know they've got to build up power they know they've got to rotate but if you rotate and you can't fully get those shoulders turned that's going to rob you of potential speed absolutely so it's not about kind of restriction between the lower and per body this is all about building up power now one way to build up power and to generate that actually a little bit of turn is to allow that left he'll allow that left knee to actually move up because what that will do it will free the right hip up and it's that right hip begins to rotate that a little bit more that allows you to then turn and get that extra little bit of rotation could that be good for anybody of any edge yeah I mean the thing is I think we now know that if you can keep the lower half a little bit more stable so there's a little bit less movement with the feet going back that could be an advantage however you've got a look at the fact that Nicholas Snead you know you're looking at the play is the great players of the past in these are plays who Francesco Molinari you know he's having more speed by doing that little lifters what Padraig Harrington you know this is this is not something which has gone by the wayside you know this is something which is still very relevant to a lot of people so to actually get that extra little bit of turn by lifting that heel or by letting that right hit rotate that then allows that body to turn a little bit more and it adds a potential speed again this is potential speed still going to deliver the club in a way that's not gonna send it off the planet but if you can get control great absolutely and one of the things I've noticed with some of the guys and I've been coaching from all different ages that you know there's some of them said well I can't make that turn they sometimes struggle to make make the proper turn and they they are almost they often say well should I move this up every time and as you just mentioned it's it's advisable for some people but maybe not for others because when she starts to prove that you can keep the stability you'll generate more consistency in terms of your striking so those of you in a sense who who who benefit from this particular action is fantastic for from all that for all the edges but there's another way you can do it as well so based on what Peter's saying we want to get a much much better turn in the backswing and great exercise here is food to test your flexibility out it's to kind of get yourself set turn your head as if you're looking at someone behind you here now as I'm doing this I'm not kind of turning like this I'm staying fairly central but what it enables me to do is I turn here and then move my hand up into position I'll be able to see how flexible I am they can see here I can't quite reach my right hand so I'm going to have to bring that right on the trail arm back to me now a lot of you'll find that when you're trying to work on this backswing you're going to be trying to have his big big turn and one of the downsides to try and make a big turn is as you start to cheat a little bit either you're swaying to try and get complete the backswing here or you start to bend your left elbow so one of the things you can do is to kind of figure out what's your flexibility like how far how much turn can you actually get on this exercise I've certainly found pity is that it's a great way to establish where you are and if somebody in a sense can only get to here then that needs to be basically your full backswing if it's if you found it you're only down to here great you can start to maybe even use that lead he'll get up to go a little bit further but whatever you do you don't want to make those compensations by raising the left bending left down or starting to sway to complete you know see I like that that kind of feeling that you just described there about not swaying as well because that is certainly something that I see so many people struggle with as they try and go back to get turn that right hip getting quite high that spine tilting a little bit more towards a target because when you do that type of movement if you then try and transfer your way and then you then trying out to that left side all of a sudden your spine angles in a position where you come through and it's going to reverse itself and that's going to lead to a lot of inconsistency with with many many golfers so another drill that I do like to get people doing is when they get themselves set up just pop that Club this especially worked with a driver I love this for the driver and of course that's the one everyone's not really that bothered about slashing the 780th with you all like you drive a 300 yards huh solutely lovely so get it set up with a club basically on the spine angle getting a little bit of tilt away so the club just pushes onto the inside of the lead leg and then getting the feeling that on the way back that angle is then maintained so that spine angle is tilted away from the target at the top of the swing ball position forward here for the driver and then actually coming through the ball getting a little bit of weight transfer onto left side but actually trying to maintain that same spine angle now what that's gonna allow you to do is actually rotate around that spine angle going back rotate the body around that spine angle coming through and be in a position where you can actually deliver an upward angle of attack on to that driver which is going to help you know with that spin laughs it's going to help you deliver the club and actually send that ball with a higher launch and lower spit so so in summary guys we can I give you like three three things there that you can need to focus on it I thought it'd be quite nice for Peter Marie to demonstrate in summary here those a couple of tips that you do because I think they'll be very very useful so okay shows it in action okay fantastic so which one do you want this is great as well with the cameras face on I did on there otherwise shots of God so whatever happens here my reaction is gonna just be well that was a fantastic shot so first one getting that left heel lifted up and I think the first thing to say with this is kind of take your time with it don't go crazy with it because if you do lift it off and then you try and just generate maximum species right away that what kind of speed would you recommend 60 70 percent to begin with literally nothing too crazy just while you're actually getting used to the movement so a couple of practice swings just lifting it up just letting it go learning that hip turn letting those shoulders rotate down as well so just a nice soft swing to begin with so let me drive a stunt so a lift in that here look allowing that body to turn back in through and actually no joke that's actually a really good shot I do surprise myself everything yeah I think we do notice this by the way when you're doing videos and when you're talking that when you talk through a shot I said that's all how pre shot routine right talking yourself through it so the second one as far as that spine angle goes gonna be difficult to do with it with an eye and so off I might just do a bit of a fresh error on this one is getting used to that movement of going there and then keeping that spine angle as you move through so one of those little drill swings and then just imagining that spine tilt it away again or to the top keep that tilt move through keep that tilt and then be accelerating through and actually allow yourself to move upwards just try and push that ball forward fantastic Peter absolutely brilliant I think you'll all agree it's great to have Peter here on the channel like I said if if you haven't seen much of peanuts work he did some fantastic stuff over there I'm gonna put all the links in the description below but of course guides if you've got any questions over the coming days leave them in the comments box below and as you know I'll answer them every single day so until next week have a great golfing week