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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I've got a question for you are you a senior golfer that would love to generate a lot more power with every single part of your game particular that driver but you don't have the inclination to get into the gym maybe you don't have the money to be able to turn like a top professional maybe you don't have a personal trainer that these top players have daily to help them build these athletic swings but you would still love to have 20 30 40 adds on to your drives and obviously hit your irons a lot further well in this week's training I'm going to share with you my three-step process I've just literally given to a recent client of mine to make a massive difference to the where they were hitting the golf ball and possibly just like you they don't have the time to go to the gym every single day and build their bodies in a way that swings like a tour pro so let's get straight into the training and let's go to step number one if you don't want to generate power you're gonna have to generate club head speed so what you're gonna have to do is you're going to need to let go of this club what do I mean by that well once you grab a golf club right now to experience this take a golf club hold it like you're holding a tube of toothpaste firm enough for the toothpaste just to trickle out but not firm enough like you're squeezing it's gonna shoot out at the bottle that's the type of pressure that you want now without moving your body what I'm going to do is just start to swing the wrists and the arms freely now when you do this it should feel like the club is head is very much out of control but that is speed that's Club speed this is what you see with all the best players they've got club head speed now at this stage yes it'd be classed as a little bit too risky and we're going to get to that it won't be received by the time we get to step three but you need this feeling at this stage we don't want people it's late too they're holding on too tightly they're stiff as a board there's no way of creating any effortless power if you start with this affect your foundation so you're swinging your arms and your club if you're at home and you don't have space to do this simply yet your arms hang that right down like this nice and soft and just swing them backwards and forwards out of control simple as that get your grip pressure and get the flow the eyes Dave's number one stage number two is now you got to introduce your body and this is where if you've struggle with a bit of flexibility things can start to go awry a little bit all right but let's start with this so we want to get our bodies moving why because you need to get into a position to store power if you don't make a decent amount of shoulder turn it's almost impossible once hit balls accurately and to to generate any real form of power so we need to get you into as big or full of bacteria as we possibly can and the way we're gonna do that is is I'm gonna try a couple things the first thing we want to do watch this we're letting the wrists and the arms flow freely and now what we're going to do if you struggle with flexibility we're going to let your lead he'll come off the ground so from this position here your lead heels coming off of that ground that releases up the lead hip it provides mobility for you to turn back here I'm also turning my head as well all this is helping me get more of a body turn on the way back hugely important now you might find that actually lifting your left heel out you tried this before and you loose your balance a little bit and it's maybe not for you that's fine what you can do is use this one this one has been really popular to where you simply draw your trail for about my kids my right foot and again that it releases your right hip a little bit and again helps you to turn and get a much fuller Marsh in here some people really love that so whatever it is you've got your flow of your wrist your flow of your arms and now you've got a flow of the body so you make your biggest turn possible so now that is step number two finished once you've done that it to be fair you could just sit for let's just start without before we move on to step three just hit a few shots just doing that so you've got the sensation here and I'm going to do the one where I draw my foot back a little bit here so I'm going to hit a few shots literally allow these club to flow freely and I've made a nice big turn and let's see what happens

there we go so that would be a really good start but for some of you and you might then definitely you might be happy with just those first two steps and think god I've good I'm happy with those two the third step is the thing what I believe really is the glue it holds it all together he adds more distance but it also helps the distance it helps you maintain accuracy at the same time and that is learning to organize the body so what do I mean by this both the backswing and the downswing need to be started from the ground up what do I mean by this well here's the problem with huge losses of accuracy and poor distance most people start the backswing Tim which with their hands and then the lower part follows they then start the downswing with the the top half which is and then the lower half followers these are all causing problems like over the top slices you near me so we need to reverse this process what we want to do here is this we want to get the sensation that the lower part starts the backswing and the lower part starts the downswing so it's a step to the right and then look on the way down look I'm not kind of in a sense doing this I'm the lower part it's coming here and then look for this and then firing through all this you can't think about its way to congregate so how do you learn to feel this happening well I've got a couple of things I'm going to introduce this in a second I've got an orange whip here which makes this kind of helps you feel this a little bit easier but if you're at home right now what you can do is just simply take your round put them on your shoulders like this keep yourself set and what I want you to do is this you're gonna make a nice backswing here as much as you can again if you feel like I want to try and get your back fist in your tag if you can't do that maybe release your heel or draw the trail heel back just so you can get a nice big turn then what you're doing is almost like feeling your back to your target watch this we're gonna start we're gonna almost there and then when we get to about impact area we're gonna fire the top hat it kind of looks like this I'm starting there look I'm starting the ground and then going I'm starting down then I'm going he just feel like that basic separation but some of you you might be just doing this okay that's something you can do indoors you can do this with a golf club or you can learn the feel of this so watch this I'm swinging backwards now watch this if I swing with my arms like this there's no power but if I imagine you could do this imagine this I've got this big lump of weight at the end I'm gonna toss it as far as I can out there watch this this is lagging behind isn't it and I'm gonna throw it out there I want to get the relationship of where that is and where my body is my body is opening and that's firing afterwards it isn't doing this you see a difference yeah so you're learning to sense where that head is in space then you grab your golf club okay so there's a club there's a weight where's the most powerful place to to toss this look at this I'm opening my lower body's opening and I'm firing learning to feel that motion then we get to the golf club you're gonna have to really let go with this this is the hardest bit I believe in any golfer is is you've got to let go if you try to control this you've trying to get to stiffly and control it all it's going to happen your log section is going to freeze and you're going to hit with your perception so watch this I'm swinging and I'm committing and I'm committing to that follow-through trying to organize that body and the best way I can i strong my right foot back - so nice illustration so I'm opening up here and all I'm doing is getting a feeling neck this comes in a little bit later let's have a look at this in action

and for me gives me a nice little draw if you slice a golf ball it's going to really have helped you to reduce that slice so that's of three steps process let's just go through that just in summary there so what have we done three simple steps you've got to get a soft enough grip to allow the wrists and the arms to flow you've then going to get the body working so you can store some energy at the top make sure maybe you'll leave the lift your left heel to this or draw your trail foot back if you're really struggle to to get that turn and then you've got to learn to kind of organize the the coordination so ultimately you're turning back here the lower section leads then you go out there so this is something you can do indoors just to kind of get that sensation or again one of my favorite training aids I'll put a link in the description below you can get a discount off this one is you feel the weight here your body's really really smart if you've got a big weight here and you're thinking about tossing it out there your body by the way naturally does this it naturally organizes itself to kind of create this mortise it's it's just natural it's not natural to stand over a golf ball freeze as you like and do this if you do that yes you're not going to generate power so just imagine for a second just tossing this out into the into the distance there I'm tossing it out there and as I do this every single person I've done this with everybody opens up the lower body starts low board it and then then then this whip comes in afterwards that's the cattle it's a slinging style of effect once you've got that feeling you clearly pick up the driver and this is possibly a bit of a bonus tip don't waste too much time if you hover up the golf ball too long get too static you're going to get stiffed on this will work so you get yourself set here take that sensation and literally go for it as simple as that build it up you're gonna have all these things crop up like this feels out of control there's no way I'm gonna be a hit it straight with this etc those are things that crop up nearly every time I coach and every time I catch and give a lesson it surprises people 1 how effortless this swing can be how much forever they started hit it but more importantly they cannot believe the accuracy for something that really feels for them very much out control so I really hope you try this and if you know anybody else who could really benefit maybe it struggle some flexibility just like you then please share it and of course looking for you're new to the channel baby press that subscribe button and a notification bell so that can notify you every time release a video just like this one but until next week have a great golfing week