3 things that DESTROY your golf game [EASY TO FIX]

3 swing faults irons Sep 13, 2022

Full Transcript - so if you've ever struggled with the consistency of your ball strike you know you strike the ground one minute behind the ball or you're thin the ball the next one of the things you must know by now that if you've played golf long enough that to strike a great shot off the ground you may need to make sure that you've got a decent amount of shaft lean at the moment of impact here leaning forward not leaning backwards this will cause you fats you need your weight over onto this left side you need this kind of hip open up most people know this but they're still struggling now the reason why i see so many golfers struggling is because they're trying too hard to force this position when it should be happening naturally in this video i want to share with you a simple process on how you can make this happen much easier than you realize now before i get into lessons if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you won't have to remember a thing i'll always put a free download or practice guide in the description box below great so the purpose of this session is to get you striking your shots and we know now we've got to get this shuffling here we've got to get the pressure over here and get you in a great place but do it naturally the first stage in this process is you need to get into a great position at the top now the way to do this is you've got to get the wrists naturally cocking and flexing all the way to the top of the backswing here the simplest way to imagine this is if you i'll give you a couple of ways imagine you have a dumbbell in your hand here and all you're gonna do is lift the dumbbell and literally lift it and hold it above here now if this was a dumbbell in my hand here i'm lifting the dumbbell up and that part the butt end here is pointing over there the club head is pointing over here and i've got a great amount of support here in my back swing okay very very important if it was my left hand here on my lead hand what i'm doing is i'm making sure i'm constantly setting the wrist here look so this butt is moving away from me now pointing at you this is very important i am using wrist set okay wrist set this is vital important this is the first mistake i see i don't see golfers doing this enough what i see golfers doing is is they don't set their wrists what they do is is they set their elbows so what they're doing is they either they trail elbow drifts behind them to get the club behind or their lead elbow bends to get the club behind them when you do this you are when from here you're not in a position to get that shaft lane what's going to happen from here is you're going to throw the head very quickly and you're going to be in this position straight away it's almost impossible to get shaft lean another great way of looking at this is if i was this was me pulling an arrow out of my quiver if i was a you know imagine the archery tree guys if i was kind of pulling an arrow out of my quiver here notice this i would have to get my wrist set to pull the arrow out and what do you notice straight away i've already got the angle set which i'm now look going to be able to use on the way down to get that compression so there's the first stage make sure that you're using a progressive wrist set okay one thing just to watch out for with this lead wrist i've seen this a little bit when you take this back okay a lot of people try to bend their wrists this way don't get the cap all we're doing is keep this nice and flat as you're doing it just bend the wrist here and try to get that butt as far away as you can if your flexibility will not allow the club to go back here doesn't matter don't stop don't cheat by bending here that's your full backswing position once you've got that set now you're in a great place to work on stage two stage number two so once you've got that those wrist angles in place you're ready to pull the arrow out of the quiver you've now got all the angles you need i want you to let them go yes let them go don't hang on to them actually let them go this is the biggest misinterpretation people get they're trying so hard to hang on to those angles you've got no speed there yeah we need to let them go what's going to make sure that you don't end up like this is correct body motion so there's two little things in here i want you to first of all get the sensation whether it's the quiver out of the um the arrow out the quiver or whether it's a dumbbell exercise get the sensation here that you're gonna literally release those angles let them just fall down let gravity fall down to the ground that's the first thing i want to feel in your swing whether it's the dumbbell exercise here put a weight in your hand here i'm supporting it and then look i'm going to let it fall down whatever it is but what's going to help you not just let the gravity fall down but fall down in the right way so you end up here is the way you move the body if my body doesn't move and i stay back here which a lot of people do and then i let the gravity fall yes by the time he gets to impact i am going to be here but if i move my body in such a way when i'm letting the gravity fall now look the shafting will happen and i'll strike the ball perfectly okay here's how i want to play with this this is your dumbbell lift the dumbbell up now this is how the body's going to work i'm going to let look the gravity fall here but as that's gravity's falling i'm going to literally my hands here i'm going to move the dumbbell or the path here my hand path left here and that allows the gravity to fall on the club face look to square up what i'm doing is i'm not driving my body one way that's going to leave the face wide open i'm not static which is going to get me flicking i am literally blending look the falling of the club and the really uncocking or unrelated releasing the club with look a bit of control this is a little secret what we're doing here is we're literally letting it fall and we're picking it up look with correct hand path motion through the impacts area here and but i'm never trying to hold those angles i'm just got correct body motions that make sure they happen if you do this then achieving great solid strikes

is so much easier to achieve okay now one final thing okay you see that beautiful ball turf strike there one final thing that could prevent this from working it's just your setup so once you've got those two things in place this is really really important it needs to really be put in first but i left it till last okay set up make sure when you're hitting the ball off the ground that your pressure or weight here is very evenly distributed sometimes even maybe sometimes favor that lead side what i do what i want you to do is have a shoulder till that's over here or your weight back i see this a lot if you think of it here if you set up too far behind the ball here we have too much weight here when you let that club go that's going to get you potentially flicking if pressure's already over the ball here like this it's a lot easier to stay over that golf ball so then when i do let gravity fall and i move out of the way i'm more likely to get that kind of shaft lean all right so three things get the sets of those wrists there both trail handle lee hand pull that arrow out of the quiver let gravity fall use a dumbbell exercise here get the hand path working left of target this means that the body now will direct the gravity of this club in the correct way to get shaft lean and square up the club face at exactly the same time marry that up with a great setup position where you're more even you're not back here right over the top of the ball and you'll be there and ready to start striking yours irons or any ball off the ground absolutely spot on okay so i hope you enjoyed this video if you want to see actually a live lesson of me going through this dumbbell with an actual student to receive amazing amazing results check this video out right here and of course look if you enjoyed this video i want to join the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button right here but until next week have a great golfing week.