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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I bring you to the 15th puting green to teach you how to chip why would I do that well here at Canterbury at the moment and in England we're getting a lot of beautiful dry weather and there's not a lot of grass around it's time to burn off a little bit which is making a lot of chipping for a lot of members very tricky because without a lot of grass that balls lying very close to the surface and people are struggling to strike it they're thinning the ball through the back of the Greens they're fating it so I want to show you why I mean a lot of golfers they just don't have a good enough technique to cope with all sorts of conditions around the green and what I want to do with you this week you show you exactly what you should be doing with chipping that will work on all shots all chipping shots around the green we're going to cover the basic setup that you need to do with this the basic action and some of the pitfalls up most of them clients that I'm coaching keep falling into so let's get cracking so what is chipping chipping all we're doing with chipping we want the ball to be popped up in the air and then we want it to be released down towards the home and the biggest problem to start off with what I see is like again it's a bit maybe a bit of a misconception in order to strike a golf ball a lot of people are trying to keep their hands way ahead of the golf ball now what that does is it promotes of shaft lean a big shaft lean with a big shuffling we get the leading edge cutting down into the ground too much now you imagine I'm gonna play green here if that leading edge is leant forward what's that going to do to this point green we're going to be taking some divots and we don't want me to take your divots on playing greens right so one of the reasons why I want to bring you here is I believe that this surface if I asked a member to put off this surface who's been struggling they're chipping they will be like there's no grass of diseases golf ball I'm gonna just kind of thin it I want to show you that it's actually a lot more straightforward than it actually looks so what we want to do is there's no grass in this golf ball so we need to use something else we need to use the bounce of the golf club right we don't want the leading edge cutting in here with lots of shuffling we want the back part here the flat bit here completely just bruising the ground and the way we do this to start with start off with a shaft that is much much more vertical at address that's the first thing we're going to stand reason to be tall and I'll explain that in a second we're going to turn our left toe out just slightly so it's only very square and then turn your left here out now from this position you can have your hand the ball position is very central directly under the sternum now what we're aiming at doing here is the base that the almost allowing this club to work similar to a pendulum this club swings back and it swings through and it arrived back with a nice vertical shaft angle and then gradually works its way through again so something like this it's just simply swinging backwards and forwards you've got let the way to that club just swing backwards and forwards and the way to practice this when you're doing this is to just swing backwards and forwards allowing the bounds here just to bruise directly underneath your sternum now if you keep your hands ahead the club head won't drop at all if anything you might get the leading edge cutting it I don't want to show you that because that will take a divot out the green and if you then start to flick it then we're not going to get the the flat bit touching the ground whatsoever and you're gonna get the leading edge just striking the golf ball so nice and simple we want the cuff nice and vertical and we're going to swing backwards and forwards just letting the base of the club just bruise the ground let me show you what it looks like from this angle so this is a very very difficult chip big left to right down the hill it runs away so what we're going to show you here is from this position we're going to get the pressure shaft nice and vertical left toe pointing outwards and I'm and I'm nice tall posture why because I we're chipping I don't want to have too much arc around my body right excuse me I want the club to be swinging straight back and straight through as much as it possibly can be the wrist action here is simply just a hinge back and a hinge through nothing more than that just letting the way to that Club swing backwards and forward let me show you a couple of chip shots in action here so

now watch this a little bit of check their release down to the hole not bad for the first one now from here notice it's absolutely no kind of mark on the ground whatsoever nice is simple just letting the club just bruise the ground backwards and forwards so again you can see check the pre checked up a little bit too much that's the other thing if you're wondering how to get backspin on any of your chip shots this is exactly how you do it because what's happening here as the club is simply swinging through like you almost like a pendulum it's swinging through and it's coming in very very quick I'm not getting back to chopping down on the golf ball I'm getting back swing by the club sliding and bruising the ground and sliding through and basically the club's rolling up the face and create in the spin let's have another look at that so all we're doing really simple here is this we're setting ourselves up nice and tall nice and vertical the shafts fit really vertical as well the left toe is pointed outwards and what I'm doing here is I'm are letting the weight of the club just swing backwards and forth and letting that the feeling I'm getting here is that the the weight is dropping right underneath my sternum it's like the bottom of the pendulum at no stage at am i rushing this if you're a bit nervous with tripping you've been struggling there may be a bit of tension in that grip loosen that tension just a little bit to allow the club just to swing back and through right 7-under get this not my best one that when I kind of I open up her so this is let me explain what I did wrong there so this is again a common problem I see you again with some of the golfers I opened up my body way way too quickly there and what I did then it was I sliced across the golf ball it drifted out to the right it's okay it's a makeable putt but it wasn't it wasn't great so what you want to try and do it here is this is we could be very very careful that we don't do this when we're chipping right cheek stick on the shot which we don't want to be moving too much if you move too much on these on these short ones you're going to end up glancing the ball and you're not going to get this wonderful simple pendulum style action all right let's have another look at this so again nice and vertical nice and tall shaft very vertical here backwards and forwards lovely going nice to check now look watch this come down brilliant

so just have a look at this as I strike the golf ball so what I'm doing is shaft a nice and vertical feet very square then I turn my left toe out and then all I'm doing here is very important I'm simply allowing the way to the club litter swing back and it's drops now look at this is dropping at the base all right underneath my sternum flowing through right don't be frightened if there becomes a little bit of a wrist hinge on the way through as well so they start a couple little bits not a problem all right we're just letting the club bounce there let the bounce of the club drop or underneath my balance points of my sternum here let's have a look at this in action so nice simple backwards and forwards nothing more complicated than that I'm swinging back just let in the club look just drop backwards and forwards let me show you what's happening here just with the wrists there's very little wrist action but if there is one right there's a gentle hinging back here and when you're coming through and on the hinging and maybe a hinging forward but very little at no stage is there a [ __ ] or a rolling in the wrist we do not want that on this one we're just simply swinging the club back here dropping the club back under the balance point and through and at no stage as you can see here I've made no damage what to the green whatsoever absolutely clean contact and the balls popping up with a wonderful match so let's summarize what are we done well we brought you to what I think is probably the toughest surface here we've got you to the there's no grass underneath the golf ball here it's incredibly firm and I want to deal with how do you consistently strike your chip shots so what have we done we've simply said look use the balance of the club not the leading edge to chip how do you do that we want the shaft much more vertical it the chasis leaning forward you're going to get the shatter the leading edge cutting into the turf from here we want this position here we want to have nice vertical want a stance no more than a couple of Club heads width away and then we're going to turn our left her out that is it we've done nice and tall and then the real aim here is when we're doing this we're simply swing backwards and forwards and we're letting the way to the club literally swing and drop under a sternum here I'm a main balance point and when this happens the better they bounce the Club naturally bruises the ground and we chip if you're anxious and you start to kind of want to only going to strike it that's going to change quite considerably you might move your balance points you might lean the shaft forward and that's what creates that dinging effect and often if you get to bet here you might react to it and then flick and then the ball goes flying through the green we do we do not want that so it's very very basic but from this angle you can see here I'm nice and vertical here and all I'm doing is letting the club swing backwards as softness in the wrists here letting the curve fall down to my balance point under my sternum and let it naturally release and at no stage here is where any mark on on the green that's how you create consistent contact every single time and if you're looking for backspin that is how you create the spin and the check on those shots look I really really hope you enjoyed the search training if you do and you know some of your friends might benefit from a little bit of help with a shot game please share it of course if you're enjoying the content and you want to see it in your inbox every week don't forget to subscribe to the channel and press the bell and if you have any questions you know put them in the pom is comments box below or head over on to my Instagram channel and ask them over there but until next week have a great golfing week