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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I want to share with you some of my coaching experiences I've been coaching a lot of clients this week and they've come to me with a number of different thoughts they may be Hawking the ball slicing the ball not striking their irons particularly good or wanting some more power and throughout the entire week there was a common theme of a lot of the causes of each one of those faults came down to three things which I'm calling the three killer moves killer because they were literally killing their golf swings and they're pretty pretty simple and I want to share with you and hopefully you can benefit this week from it so the first one is really really basic and it's kind of less of a move but it really creates a cascade of problems and it's unlined them and i want to check your understanding of alignment now you might be thinking alignment moments absolutely fine but when did you last check it so I've had golfers who've been playing golf for years and did you know what because of poor alignment they have built poor swings alignment poor alignment has actually created their poor swing so let me give you an example if you aim to the right of target you're gonna have to swing over the top now most people try and fix the over the top by trying to come back inside and do all these kind of things but acted you know what the cause of it was the fact that they were aiming to the right of target as an example and vice versa if you get people there mean left as well but the most common thing I see is people them into the right so I want to check your understanding first of all with just simply alignment how do you line up to the target so this is what should happen in alignment alignment is like two train tracks all right two train tracks imagine the struts coming across here you have an outside rail and you have an inside rail the only thing that should be lining up to your target is the target line here which is what your balls on your this line here roughly where we're standing for look at this I'm standing here this line here which is my foot line is parallel left of target right so the feet the knees the hips the shoulders are all well left so they're not actually aiming at the target in any shape or form they're actually aiming left of it the only thing that's actually aiming at the target is the clubface I cannot tell you how many golfers I see lining their feet then needs their body and they're trying to get their body lined up to their target that is not alignment in golf okay we want to stand power allel to the target line we don't want to create this we don't want to have both the body and the club lining up to the target we want to create two parallel lines so the very very first thing I want you to go away and check now is go and check your alignment start to line up correctly and you will you may find that when you check it your aim you too far right or too far left but go and check it out and then we'll move on to death kill and move number two killer move number two this was a real common one throughout the entire week so a lot of golfers obviously then sometimes people said to me ah I'm not too worried about getting extra distance Danny but I just want to be more accurate and if you want to be more accurate we wanted to live the clubface square to the golf ball more often what Mears if you this is what I was fighting with so many in the clients what they were doing is is when they were swinging back they were rolling the face of the golf club a lot right so look at the first faces are kind of wide open here and if you roll on the way back you then give it a reason to roll on the way through right so you're making the face really open and closed way too much it's so unstable it's very hard then to square the club face up at impact on a regular basis so what we did was just give them I get a really simple first bit of the movement first bit of take away to straighten their shots they'll be really very simple and all I did was this when you when you set up to the golf ball what I want to do is just get the face in the first move here keep it looking at the golf ball for longer so if you look at this here the face is angled it's looking at the golf ball for longer as opposed to rolling right so we want the club face looking at that golf ball for longer compared to rolling if it looks at the golf ball for longer we can keep the club back it's much square on the way back as I'm coming through I'm not having to roll my wrist at all I can deliver that club back into the golf ball

wonderful it's a different strike all together much much straighter ball flight straight back into the and into the ball there and through really easy one to work on and again it sounds simple but you know what just a couple of minutes exercise was making a big big difference to the quality of the strike and the accuracy of each shot get that clock face working back facing the golf ball as opposed to rolling and you'll have more consistent and straighter shots let's have a look at killer move number three killer move number three hip slide oh hi so so many golfers doing that this week and again it just kills the golfing it kills power and again what it does is it stops rotation so if you if you move your hip side to side right then your body can't rotate watch this if my hips are moving side to side then the body tends to move side to side if the bodies move side to side it can't really rotate very well so the only thing that you've got left if your body's moving side to side it's just hand and eye coordination and as we know if the hands are if you have to rely on your hands to hit a golf ball too much two things one the club's waving around all over the place it's going to be inconsistent if you're a senior golfer who struggles with a little bit of you're losing a bit of muscle and a bit of strength that all you have is hand and arm power you can't really generate enough power so we need some form of rotation so we've got to get the legs as opposed to moving side to side we've got to get them rotating much much better here now there's a couple of exercises that you can do the first one involves a club so the first thing we can do to improve the quality of your rotation is simply to put a club so you're going to stand on the outs and get your foot on the outside the outside of your right foot on the golf club here so it puts the weight on the instep of your right foot and then all we're gonna do now is we're going to make a turn and you'll see here look at my left hip here it's not sliding the weights on the instep here and I'm rotating if you find that this is a little bit tight and it's uncomfortable then what you want to do is just raise your left heel a little bit off the ground as you're doing it it'll just help you particularly still with them back back I'll just help you create a little bit more rotation but you're still keeping your weight on the inside of your right foot as soon as the way it moves to the outside which this club's stopping you soon you create this way right so really really simple but great exercise to create that Martian once you've done it a few times you're going to hit golf balls with it but then what I would do is is kind of get the feel at the instep there the weights on the instep is you're rotating back and then hit a couple of shots

okay and you'll see over there my hip here doesn't really move too much it's turning really nicely and allows my body to rotate much better I can get more rotation through the impact area and therefore the club is more face is more stable I'm having to write a lesson hands another old fashioned drill which really improves this which is again a great way for you to get the feeling is feet together putting the feet together here right really kind of give you the feeling of swaying and stopping it so watch this when the feet are together we can now rotate around after you sweaty you'll feel this kind of body moving all over the place we want to keep that body as best as we can in line if we if we rotate nicely like this we create an arc around the body and then we hit some nice general shots with an app beautifully around the body and again helps you get rotation around here back through increases power and definitely increases accuracy because you're not having to rely too much on your hands and your arms okay let's summarize so what have we done today so that we came up with three killer moves three killer moves first killer move was a lineman going check make sure that you're lining up correctly remember there are two lines you need to focus on we need a target line and a body line they never aim at the same thing the target line which is what your balls don't aims towards your target your body line these power left to that target make sure when you check your alignment that is exactly what you're doing you're not lining one bit your body up to that tiger that's the first thing you would be surprised that how many people out there will be getting this bit wrong please do that it will save you so much effort trying to solve problems in your golf swing later right number two second killer move make sure the face doesn't wave around too much so many of the my clients were when they're swinging back they were open up their face right if you open up the face you give it a reason to wave and close down on the way through right so and it also hugely unstable what we want to be able to do is keep the face and much squarer so what do we focus on keep the face looking at the golf ball staring at the golf ball for longer look at that that it's staring at the golf ball now here it's not rolled right stare it the golf ball here you'll start to see straighter shots and it will give you also a better strike that was really really good third and final killer move swaying this one is again a major one I see it a lot a lot people particularly if you've got a letter struggle with flexibility because it's sometimes easier to slide your hips if you struggle with flexibility to get up to the top of the backswing so we said look make sure we create more of a rotational motion with the hips now there's a couple of ways you said you can do this one is just put a golf club under on the outside of your right fit so you look at that there it's pushing my weight on the instep of my right foot now and make getting the sensation out of making a swing without the weight moving here in fact the club will stop that right so you're rotating here hit some shots with that under your foot I'll make a big big difference in and you kind of generate the feeling if you feel it's a little bit tight because you like a little bit of flexibility not a problem keep that under your right foot but what you want to do is then just raise your heel off the ground a little bit it's great for senior golfers so if you get the heel off the ground a little bit you can still create lovely amount of rotation but you're keeping the weight on the instep of that right foot and a second drill is a bit of bonus really is the feet together drill this is a wonderful way for you to be able to feel the motion now if this is feels a bit uncomfortable you struggle with this that's because you've been swaying quite a lot and you've got to get that sensation of the body working around here look at my belt book it's working here it's not working side to side all right so they are the three killer moves that were so prominent with many my clients this week I hope it really benefits you and you get some practicing if you've got any questions at all don't forget to leave them in the comments box below or head over on to my Instagram channel where we're going to put loads more content over the over the coming weeks and if you enjoying the content and you wanna receive it in your inbox every week every week don't forget to press the subscribe button and the Bell and of course look help your friends out make sure you share this content and until next week have a great golfing week