Always Start With Your Right Arm in This Position

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Unlock All Practice PlansTranscript Summary- if you're struggling to get consistency with both your driver and your irons maybe you're struggling with distance accuracy consistency of strike have you ever considered what your right arm is doing through the impact area so so important and actually focusing on the ram is actually really very simple and it can make a massive difference to your game now what a lot of people do we'll go into irons in a second what a lot of players are doing is you're struggling with distance and strike it's often because the right arm here is starting to straighten very very early often gets you swinging over the top but from this camera angle you'll also see look it's very it's a very weak position so you're going to lose distance when this starts to kind of lose control with your irons it really affects your level of compression and ball striking so in this video I'm going to give you something super super simple so that you can control this right arm and hopefully increase your distance and the quality of your strike now before I get into the video if you're new to a challenge from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing I release lessons just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember the thing I always I download or practice guide in the description box below so what does the right am do what do the best players do well it's really simply look if I was to throw a ball like this you'll see here what do you notice about my right elbow here it's got flexion in it it's heading it's almost leading the wrist here through the impact area this gives me a hugely powerful strike it only then straightens look after the golf ball okay this is what gives you the strike and the power amateur golfers don't do this as opposed to getting into this position here where we then release after the golf ball what's happening is you are probably releasing very very early so your right arm is straight in early and this causes the whole host of problems to get this right we've got to start right so we'll start we set up first and then we'll do the backswing the downswing first thing in setup I'm Gonna Roll Up that's leave for this one when you grip the club when you're right hand what I want you to do is this most people grip it and just do this and here at my right shoulder and my right forearm are all turned inwards look towards this club I don't want that to happen what I want you to do is sit it down here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to literally place my right forearm facing you then I'm going to turn my wrist here to grip the golf club I have now set my right elbow here my right arm in a position which is almost look open the door so that I can now make a beautiful turn simple as that you might with some of my students I'll just set them doing this that alone in a sense gives them that sensation of okay this is where I want to be fantastic that'll be enough right but for most golfers they need a little bit extra so grab yourself some form you don't need a dumbbell let's just an exercise so look at this here this is your backswing element of this right here I am doing a bicep curl okay now watch this I'm gonna start from this angle this way this is the bicep curl now your back swing is basically look you've set your elbow in position I'm now going to do a bicep curl look at the difference most people don't do this most people who are swinging backwards move their right arm in all kinds of weird motions don't need to do that keep it simple set the arm in position and then simply look do a bicep curl my arm's in position here we go roll that back and here look when we're swinging that is your backswing I've set myself up I've done my bicep curl here I'm ready to go so we set ourselves up in a perfect place we've now done the bicep curl now we're in a great place we're setting ourselves up to use that right arm effectively on the way down okay so learn those two things first get yourself in place and then we're going to start to add some flow to this the downswing takes what half a second probably maximum so if the downstairs takes half a second how much time you really got to think you haven't right so I want you to imagine this have you ever been in a pool with your kids or or friends and you've played Splash okay I do this with my kids all the time I want you to imagine uh you're in the pool you're stood in the pool and I'm gonna create a wave of water and my kids are over there and I am going to create this wave of water literally and flood them like this what am I doing here I'm using my right arm look for Power I would never do this okay so these are simple simple visual images that I hope will really really help you start to generate and use this right arm effectively so I'm setting it up in position like this I'm now getting that sense of that the bicep curl here I'm not letting me arm do this or lift up in the air I've got the bicep curl here and now I'm from here just getting a sense of this position here creating a wave of water with my right arm no there's the wave look the whole right side flooding my children let's have a look at this in action and then we'll show you the subtle differences that you're going to make with the irons

so that's a pretty decent drive you know 490 yards here at the 18th at Canterbury Golf Club got 150 yards left now controlling your right arm with your irons is probably more important than it is with a driver because we're driving with the bolts heat up if you did straighten your right arm you'll lose distance yes but you could probably still get no care straight because the ball speed up with an iron if you straighten your right arm with the iron now look your right hand the club's going to get very long here you're going to start striking the ground behind the golf ball leading to fats and thin shots the best ball Strikers strike the ball then the ground they do that look by their right elbow naturally staying flexed and the right Ammon Club don't line up until there we after impact okay not before impact look after impact super super important so this is so important with your irons now how do we then transfer this to actually striking a shot very similar to driver all I'm going to do is swing back okay I've set myself in position got my bicep curl and I'm going to imagine creating this wave of water over my kids one final bit that I didn't mention on the T but I will mention here sometimes when people are focusing on trying to get this elbow in position they leave the face wide open okay what you have to do and this is a skill right it's not a quick fix it's a skill you have to develop you've got to get used to look closing the face with the forearms and wrists but not the whole right arm so look at this as I'm creating the wave of water I'm flowing over but I'm not doing this I am rotating it's like firing that water over here look at this firing the water this is so important so yes it's a skill not a quick fix it's a skill we've got to develop so let's have a look at this in action pretty straightforward shot part five actually here like Canary Golf Club so got a great chance to make an eagle

pretty damn good you can see here look where the ball was and now I've taken a different after the golf ball I can only do that if I've got that right arm in position so do me a favor really start to work on this right arm set it up in position get your bicep curl and throw that water over those kids now go if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and do me a favor check this video out right here if you struggle particularly driving and slicing this is the one to watch next if you're struggled with your ball striking with your irons maybe check this one out too until next week have a wonderful golfing week. 


Transcript Summary- 

If you're struggling to find consistency with both your driver and irons, it might be related to issues with distance, accuracy, and strike consistency. Often, the problem lies with what your right arm is doing through the impact area. Focusing on the right arm can be straightforward but can make a massive difference in your game.

Now, let's talk about the right arm in the context of irons. Many players face challenges with distance and strike because the right arm tends to straighten too early, leading to a weak position. This can result in a loss of control and affect compression and ball striking. In this video, I'll share a simple technique to help you control your right arm, potentially increasing your distance and the quality of your strike.

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So, what does the right arm do, and what do the best players do? It's quite simple. Imagine throwing a ball - notice the flexion in my right elbow; it's almost leading the wrist through the impact area. This position generates a powerful strike, and the arm only straightens after the golf ball.

To get this right, let's start with the setup and then move through the backswing and downswing. In the setup, pay attention to how you grip the club with your right hand. Instead of turning the shoulder and forearm inward, position your right forearm facing outward, creating an open-door effect. This sets the stage for a beautiful turn.

Now, let's add an exercise. You don't need a dumbbell; it's just for illustration. Mimic a bicep curl, representing the backswing. Keep it simple and avoid unnecessary movements. Set your arm in position and do a bicep curl. This sets you up for a great backswing.

Moving into the downswing, realize it takes a fraction of a second. Think of creating a wave of water with your right arm, as if you're playing Splash in a pool. This visualization helps you generate and use your right arm effectively. Remember, the downswing happens quickly, so keep it simple and powerful.

Now, let's apply this to irons, where controlling the right arm is crucial. Unlike with a driver, if you straighten your right arm with irons, you risk striking the ground behind the ball. Ball strikers ensure the right elbow stays flexed, with the right arm and club aligning after impact, not before.

To transfer this to iron shots, swing back, maintain the bicep curl position, and imagine creating a wave of water over your kids. Closing the face with the forearms and wrists is a skill to develop, ensuring a proper release.

In summary, work on setting up your right arm, focus on the bicep curl, and visualize the wave of water during the downswing. Developing this skill can significantly improve your golf game. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up, share it with friends, and check out related videos for more tips. Until next week, have a wonderful golfing week!