BEST CHIPPING TIP EVER - Master Your Short Game Technique & Stop CHUNKING your chip and pitch shots

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I was just leaving the driving range and I saw one like a good friends Paul on the chipping area and he was Duffing his chip shots leaving him basically almost like this he's kind of in this chunk in front of his face and then just after that you'd then see him kind of obviously trying to get away from the chunky then blade it almost start to thin it onto the green so what we're going to come in this week I'm going to show you what we did only about 10 or 15 minutes we've got him swinging beauty through his chip shots so we're striking it more consistently now I can't be at the moment we've got some very muddy horrible light so chipping and striking the chip shot is really at a premium so I'm going to show you the basic technique that we get Paul to the only about 10 or 15 minutes to get really striking it well I'm also going to go into a difficult just like really muddy lies and I'm gonna go to a chipping over a bunker to just as a a little bit of a bonus so let's get started let's have a look at this so what Paul's doing is he was literally going at the ball and when he goes at the ball he said we saw this dip in his body the front part of the golf club this leading-edge that's digging into the turf now why is he going after that at the bar well I wanna ask him a few questions I started to get some insights he was kind of focused only on this area he was hey Danny where should I have the golf the ball position sorry back in my stance fall in my stance should have the handle here I should have have the handle here where should I grip it now I said those things are important Paul and we're gonna get to them just as the a for you we're gonna get to them in a second but the most important thing first is just assume the most simplicity of lick if I'm gonna if you're there and I'm here I'm gonna throw a ball to you look and I'm throwing the ball to you my arm goes back here and it goes true I don't have to think about the action it just goes back and through well the same here is a barrier with chipping Paul had made that ball the target and because of that he was literally making a swing that did exactly what really he didn't realize he would tell himself to do this but it was going after the ball if we were to help him change the target for a second and make the actual target their target look what happens I said start to swing forget about this for a second just focus on swinging to or geo-target like this now suddenly rather than an action that goes this way it goes where this way so let me show you how we built that up so it became more natural I said look to start with take a few ball so you can learn the feel of this you get yourself set and what we're going to do look at this as I throw the ball towards a target look at how my body naturally moves it doesn't moves like Paul was doing when this becomes too when we're concerned about strike and all that kind of stuff we end up kind of going like this but when we forget about strike for a moment and we just think about throwing toward that target look how our bodies naturally move then what we do is it what we need to learn the feel of this with the golf club I love the one handed exercise in fact I'm gonna I've got a detailed video on this I'm gonna put up in this top right hand corner where I go into this in more detail but one hand they're a really great way it's just like throwing if you if you're right-handed to left-handed playing golf right-handed I've got something for you coming soon so watch this as I'm swinging here I'm just swinging towards my target and make a few shots backwards and forwards only concentrating on literally hitting towards my target notice now everything flows I'm putting the butt in my pocket I'm not throwing the head down so we went that is the stage number one and then the second home comes up so we're getting a feel for this take some time is then we move on to stage number two which is we bring the second hand in and off we go again swinging to water target not towards the ball very different towards a target

not towards the ball look at how it naturally flows there is a dabbing a stabbing motion at this now now we can work on strike now you've got the natural motion of the body and it's flowing we said to Paul one of the things is you've got to stay relaxed with this the arm when you throw is soft yeah it's not stiff so you've got to allow this to flow this is scary for some people particularly if you heard an adult you don't want to kind of in a sense let go of this you can concerned of a strike allow this to flow now I see what's doing this his strike was still a little bit inconsistent but now he had flow so I said and said to him right now you've got to flow towards the target what I wanted to do is I want to notice how you're striking the ground we want to be gliding this club through the ground like this not we're not putting too much emphasis on the strike widget we're still flowing there but what I'm doing is I'm noticing what's my strike like him what are we trying how he's trying to strike the ground we want the bottom part of this golf club here to be gliding across the turf just like this what we do want to be doing here is getting the leading edge digging in so you need to be able to basically almost kind of visualize two things I need to be swinging towards my target whilst at the same time paying attention so am I getting the glide watch this I'm throwing for towards my target but I didn't get the glide I dug in I could feel that so if we go again Oh Doug in again so we keep going I'm still swinging towards my target until I start to get the glider you learn this feel off we go again backwards and forwards gliding through and you'll notice no max no divots at all okay so we're flowing through to the target that's the target there and as well we're kind of picturing the flight we're noticing how that Club is interacting with the ground and at the same time we're allowing it to flow just like the relaxed down here we're just flowing through to the target and away we go okay now now we go into the third and final station now Paul is literally flowing he's been able to be aware of what's happening at impact did he hit it all the time did he actually strike that and ground sometimes of course he did but now the difference was he had the flowing motion he was able to kind of get to grips with oh I know I'm trying to do I want to be gliding me through the surface then what we said right now we get onto some mechanics as to where the ball should be etc but I said look we're not going to talk too much about it I said look what I want to do now is is just like football just like tennis just like many sports when you I want to now think about our experimenting with different heights so I'm using a 52-degree wedge here but you know what what I'm gonna do now is this I'm not gonna worry about Bob positions or anything like that I'm gonna allow my body to naturally do this I'm gonna try and hit a couple of shots one low and one high doing the same thing so I'm gonna visualize it lower flight like this let's see what did we Paul I said Paul just like football play a lower shot and then just imagine you're gonna play a higher shot so now we're going to try and do one a bit higher and he goes well how do I do that Danny I said don't think about it for a second just if you just imagine the ball going a little bit higher look up a little behind you start to experiment just flowing through the shot i fatted that one there there Mike let's do that again one more time so I'm gonna hit this with a little bit higher there we go it just floats up just a little bit higher and that grabs a little bit more so I got him to experiment now but he's actually playing he's not kind of going ball back he's not making it artificial you know one of the one of the problems I think is is people have so much to remember when they track play golf they saw I've got to move the ball back I've got to move the ball forward etc etc and I think it's just way way too complicated so now look at this I've brought you to Phase II double whammy muddy lye and going over a bunker so let's deal with going over a bunker so going over a bunker to start with should never ever be a problem I think the this is more psychological than anything else everything we've just done is exactly the same thing you just need to continue to flow as normal the loft of the golf club we'll get it over the bunker everyone a lot of people I find when they try get out of a bunker they're trying to make the [ __ ] almost try to please log shots and make you more complicated you really don't need to do that the bunkers most of that could be really deep but they're not that high you don't need to hit a high shot so the first thing you've got to get over the psychology and that's just about just trusting visualizing this shot you want to play now playing muddy lies there is a premium on strike but we've just talked about using the bounds getting this gliding effect I hear a lot of people say no money lies you've got to get the ball back in your stance hands forward look guys a really risky shot strategy particular when you try to get it over a bunker you know if you're if you're getting up the shaft leaning forward that leading edge the sharp bit is going to be digging into that turf you've got to make sure you hit that ball you don't you're fating it so what i'm doing here is is zak what we've just been doing i'm really resting the bounce of the flat bit the golf club on the mud and what i'm practicing here i'm gonna flow through and I'm going to practice just gliding that base or the sole of the club through the mud see if one gets over the bunker no wonderful it's a tricky shot some another crack at that one okay one more time so nice and easy nice and smooth there we go much more confident now and I'd be more aggressive now that's a completely different one so even the pros find this a little bit tricky sometimes but you can see here the margin of error is so so small but it's just about getting a feel for what you're doing having that confidence to go through it and and commit to the shot so in summary what have we done we said look the ball is not the target striking the ball is not what we're aiming for here what we're doing first of all is this we are flowing towards the target you do this with a relaxed flowing motion of the arm you allow the boy to flow with the am just like if you were just rolling off throwing the ball under and you can do one-handed exercises like this I told you I put a video in the top right hand corner which we can really help you feel this for some of you it's going to feel out of control and you won't like that but this is how you generate feel you don't throw a ball with a stiff arm you have to be relaxed and then the second point here was notice how you're striking the ground this is how you improve the quality of your strike we want to strike the ground with a soleplate the flatbed the golf club gliding through so when you're swinging backwards and forwards like this the soleplate is gliding through I remember something similar this which you may relate I remember skiing once and the ski instructor saying to me Danny look at the view and I'm like I don't look at the view I want to look at my skis I don't know what they're doing and I do everyone crashes when you do that you know one of the things you've got to do is is I looked at the view whilst listening and feeling for my skis and what they were doing the same is true in golf look at where you're going feel where you're going this what's worth fly and then just in their periphery or kind of senses feel how that Club is interacting with the ground it makes a technique that doesn't go at the ball but actually through the ball and then the third and final thing remember this isn't just a bog-standard just hit it towards a target think about experimenting with the flight that you want you know that all this does is it improves your feel more feel about what you can do hope you really enjoy this video again check out a couple of more videos on the Shogun now putting this top right hand corner if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up and share with some of your friends who are struggling with their short game but until next week have a great golfing week