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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I've got a video specifically designed for senior golfers or those of you who maybe struggle with some flexibility maybe you've got some knee issues maybe you may be around this area here you don't quite have the flexibility to make a big turn but one way or another you've got injuries or lack of flexibility that preventing you from making what your classes the typical golf swing now a typical golf swing I can I mean if you if you see the guys on tour they're like these massive big massive swings here and these lightning-fast hips and you know as well as I do the chances of the average golfer making those moves is so slim that if they did try you know we're gonna do our back in on the on the way back or gonna pull out a hip on the way through it's just not likely to happen these guys are at the gym nearly every day they've got physio as you name it so as a senior girl for those of you who may be like a little bit of flexibility what I suggest is is that you make some alterations so that you can actually generate extra power in your golf swing but with a few little tweaks all right so that's what we're going to cover in this week train we're gonna help you get more power but in a way that protects your body and give you longevity in this game before we do that if you are new to the channel and this is one of your first videos please consider subscribing I release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game so as I've seen you golfer or someone who likes flexibility what can you do well we've got our first of all get into a position where we store some power yeah we need some power stored we need to make a coordinate its wind so because we want accuracy as well yeah and then once we've stored it and we made some coordinated motion we then need to learn how to release it with a good amount of power that isn't gonna do our bodies any damage at all that is what we're gonna cover so how do we do that so the very first thing how do you store power well you need to make it easier so you'll see with a bit of the guys and talk the big guys are able to make a bigger turn now that most of most people can't right so what you need to do is you need to make storing energy easier so what's going to happen what I want to do is I want to draw your right foot back a little bit here and move out your toe right so you'll trail foot here you're gonna move it back a little bit that innocence clears this trail hit the right hip move your right foot back a little bit here I'll flare it out a little bit there and all that does is provide some space that simply frees up this side if you free up this side what it's going to happen you're gonna now but you're gonna be able to make a bigger move on the way back but it also does another thing a lot of people in terms of accuracy here they generally take the head clubs the club back with their hands and they take you back with their round now the reason why they do that is because they don't move their tour server will so ideally when we take a club back you want to make this lovely coordinated move away this is one of the keys to accuracy in in a golf shot the problem is when that foots there and you struggle with flexibility your body's going I don't want to move I'll just use my hands I'll use my arms and there you go that's enough that's enough of me so you immediately become dis coordinate so what I want you do is to help this process you're going to help you turn now by drawing it back you're going to help you turn by moving the right fullering it out a little bit to the right-hand side and the third thing here is that's going to help this lovely cornet much because now salute you can move your body and your hips in a lovely move away from the ball the next thing I want to look at is this your head you allow your head to move so many golfers I'm finding and particularly some of the senior golfers who have been told to keep their head still you just won't have the flexibility in your neck to keep it still and make your turn so have a look at innocence the ball with your lead a variety go fits their left eye till you head this way and this allows again more mobility in the neck you've got more mobility and your hip your mobility in your knee because your foots flat out and now we can make a much better coordinated Martian simple as that so let's have a look at that to start off with right so I'm drawing that foot back moving my head a flirt might move my hip back of me left toe back and I'm simply gonna now make a big move here I move back into the ball let's have a look at this in action

there we go now then it we need to move on to the release so here's the issue there's one drawback with what we've just done so if you do all those things and you draw this back you move back here you make a wonderful move back you've now stored some energy the downside to it is we've restricted hip rotation on the way through we struggle now to potentially get through because you've blocked this side out it's a lot harder if you move your foot forward it's a lot easier to rotate on the way through move it back it's a lot harder so the difference is is I don't mind that right so for the top players in the world who have a huge amount hit speed and yes we encourage hip rotation because it improves squareness of contact it stops the swing being too handsy well that's great for those guys because they can hunt they can launch it high they can launch it long they can launch it straight but did you know what we have to make some compromises and this I think is one of the best ones to make what we want to do now instead is you need to make a compromise and this time what we're going to do is I want you now to get the sensation now when you've made this big turn here now what you're gonna do is you're gonna practice releasing the club here out in front of you so if you look at my chest here I'm pointing everything out almost to the right hand side not down the line but to the right and I'm actually going to practice getting the toe of the club when I'm doing this starting to point down or the face of club starting to point down to the ground so the visualization you need to impact it you were going to try to visualize a shape a shot that is going to move right to left now for a lot of senior golfers and those flexibility issues they generally cut the ball a lot so this will really really help ulcers to straighten your shots out so let's have a look at this again we've drawn it back we've made a big move here and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna release the club earlier right we're not going to try and get those hips out the way because they're going to be too difficult from here right we're going to encourage club head speed we're going to start to practice in essence from here firing the club down towards the ground notice here as I'm doing this as well I'm letting my right heel come off the ground as I'm releasing this club I'm just practicing this this is what you would do if you threw a ball if this right here stays too still you'll start to look like this because again you won't have the flexibility in the hip so what we need to do it's little practice you've made a big move here we're gonna practice releasing this way face the floor face the floor nice and coordinate it have a look at this in action and then we'll have a look from the reverse side so big move back place it face the floor and I get this lovely movement that is going right to left and it's loads less strain on the body so from this side let's have a look at it from here what I've done here is I've got a an old shaft here I'm just literally sticking it down and I'm gonna point that shaft a little bit to the right but let's have a look at here what have we done this is a normal square stance we need to free up some space where we can store some energy we want to draw the foot back here that releases the hip we're gonna flare the right foot out that releases the knee more rotation yep we're going to move our head we're gonna start looking at the ball with a leader I left I here in for right handers all to provoke providing a sense of mobility in the neck mobility in the tosser mobility in the knees that helps us now to make a lovely move away from the ball but it also look it helps us to make a coordinated move away from the ball stops is just using our hands and our arms so we're making a move away bring it here now and this is the difference between this and a modern rotational swing top coaches here will tell you to go to release those hips get the hips driving through in this position but look this is fine if you have that mobility but a lot of people don't so instead what we're gonna do is this we're going to compromise we're gonna make this Martian here and then what we're going to do that I thought here is this it's to practice here just release in the club which we release in the club and to sort of face goes down here so notice we do this I'm practising here turning I'm pointing my body out there if we look at this angle it's like a triangle I'm practicing returning left face to the ground triangle out in front here so it's ass triangle in order to do this you'll see my right heel is coming naturally off the grounds I want to keep it flowing one two there we go just get that sensation get into a rhythm with it first and then away we go so draw it back flare it out move my head great now big movement back and away we go

maybe I should we should concentrate on my alignment net I set it up a little bit too far to the right attack here I go it's a little bit straighter so we're gonna drive draw that foot back we're gonna flare that foot out we're gonna turn our head but all provide some space then what we're going to do that creates the mobility here and then we're gonna literally practice releasing the face to the ground whilst literally allowing this triangle to point in this way so we're getting that rhythm going released to the ground and visualize that lovely shot that moves right to let big movement and then away we go lovely movement right to left for those of you who in a sense cut the ball as well this could be really really useful so let's summarize if you're singing go for or you struggle with a bit of flexibility you need to in a sense learn to store some power at the top of your backswing position the way you do that you move your right foot back twelve foot for our left foot for left-handers but right foot back provides mobility here you move your right foot out more than built in your knee you move your head this way so you start looking at it with your the ball with your lead I provide mobility in the neck now you can make a much more coordinated motion without that it tends to be very handsy yeah it's a nice good movement here the next thing after that you're going to have to learn to get the club releasing a little bit more here so we're releasing the the innocence of the face to the ground again try to get that sensation just as you would if you're throwing a ball it's a full body motion here you're flowing through you're not just kind of flashing your hands at it here you're getting this whole Martian here the pots come in actually off the ground we just get the rhythm of that it's to complicate to think of all those things so you try to get a feeling of it visualize to shape the shot as you're doing it and it is as simple as that take your time with this start to feel the rotation first on the wrench start with that hit some balls then introduce the release after that I really really hope it helps it certainly adds it helps to add a completely different shape to your shot if you cut the ball and you'll find it so much less a more pain-free on the body as well so I hope you enjoyed it if you do give it a thumbs up and maybe share it with one of your friends who's maybe struggling with a bit of flexibility and of course this is one of your first videos and you want to see me next week with some more advice and click that subscribe button and the bell and I'll see you next week