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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week yes we are still in lockdown here that's why I'm filming in my home but to cheer you up I've got a little giveaway for you courtesy of our friends at Scottsdale golf you are gonna have the opportunity to win three of the most popular training aids on tall when it comes to cutting yes we're going to talk about your chipping today as well as your planning but I'm gonna give away just today three of the most popular training is one being the laser used on top fantastic for making sure you lined up one of the biggest faults most people is putting the reason why doughnut hole enough cuts is their alignment unbeknown to them is not great lasers really really help that secondly these are like gold dust the putout wonderful for training clearly giving you a target to aim at but more importantly this is control I'll show you how that works soon and my favorite the mi putting template these are all over toys so many of the guys are using these actually on the putting greens before they go out in their practice you're gonna get a chance to win all these just as a way of saying thank you so how do you win it you're gonna do four things for me to give yourself a chance for winning this you got to be a subscriber of the channel so if you're not already just press that subscribe button and the Bell it's completely free secondly you're gonna like the video thirdly you have to comment down below just hash stay safe cuz you should all be staying safe right now and forth and finally just subscribe to my weekly newsletter all you got to do there's a link in the description below showing you exactly how to do that all it is is they released free content every single week to try and help you improve your game so do those four things you got a chance of winning all these things so let's now get into the training right and let's get stuck into the training you and I both know that puttting is probably one of the most important parts of the game and you've got to be consistent to go to be consistent you want your scores to drop you on your handicap struggle you've got to be consistent so coming up a look over my shoulder I'm going to show you a couple of real real secret to becoming really consistent in passing so I've got the mi putting template here and what I'm going to show you here is how this truly trains a really simple and wonderful stroller look at the arc here this black line represents the arc of the Pauline straight how many times are done about you but do you ever find that you're often trying to get the pod of going straight back and straight through because a lot of people do and this is kind of manipulating the pada we don't want that what we want is we want this putter to be flowing back on a simple art going back and through like this so I would initially stand over the ball and just imagine an arc going back and through it's like a little mini turn or little rotation in the body here back and through okay the next thing once you've done that is is we have the template here as you'll see three holes normally you put tee pegs in there right now these represent almost what we call a gate a gate for the ball to go through now this is the advance gate because it's very narrow and they're slightly wider get cut a bit why it makes it a little bit easier I love this because it does two things the great thing about the arc is to give you a visual kind of representation you can take to a golf course the great thing about the game it does that too sometimes it's hard to visualize a ball going into a hole out there but actually looking at a gate and picking a spot in front of you and visualizing the ball going through a little gate really really helps well you can imagine that on a golf course once you practice this and nothing doors so you get yourself set you've now got a feel of the arc I'm simply going to go through that gate now you can make this a little bit tougher so we don't have T pays again put t peg in the carpet but I've got my I've got my children's DVDs I've got Pinocchio here and we're gonna act that's gonna act as a little gate and I've got Alice in Wonderland for my next the other side of the gate so let's have a quick look at this I get a self set here and then what we're gonna do Potter selves in we've got my arc I'm going to simply swing through and I hit it through that gay I'm happy with that so we've got the arc going we've now got the visualization in the gate and then all we do if you really want to ramp it up well should I yes let's do it we bring in the pot out this could drive you bonkers but let's introduce it because it's a bit of fun and it could keep you occupied for hours so this obviously represents a whole but there's a little haul up here which means the only way you can get in that hole is if you get the perfect distance so we have a couple attempts of this before we get out and show you a real simple chipping tip so let's have a look at this got to get the perfect distance Oh almost okay I'm not gonna waste your time I go for this but you got a chance to win this again follow those instructions down below you can do that so go ahead a little tool keep you busy let's head out now and look at some shipping right you practice your putting let's now work on your chipping I'm gonna give you one of my favorite exercises which my reverse engineering process what does it basically mean start with you start with the end in mind if I'm going to toss a ball to you right now and I want to toss it like say a new trajectory watch this look at it some wrote to you that's my finished position and we're trying to achieve that so the backswing the down since it takes care of itself am I going to swing around the corner and we were transferring to you of course not this is a natural motion in order to get a ball to you the other thing about reverse engineering is not just about direction and finish position rhythm because you're there am I going to do this now that wouldn't be reverse engineering the process would it starting with you you're only there I find a rhythm you can do this thing with chipping watch this I'm gonna keep a ball beyond you I might have that style of rhythm a little bit firmer I also if I wanted to ball high I might finish high so much Fox I'm finishing up here but if I start with rhythm and where I'm finishing is kind of my primary objectives the back to him the down stream can not you start taking care of yourself so watch this I'm gonna finish high this is gonna prevent me from just chopping down on the back of the golf ball creating a school shot along the ground so start with the end in mind so how do you practice in the garden so we're gonna literally get ourselves set up I put a Lima trod here which I'll throw that in as well into part of this giveaway and what we're gonna do is we're gonna focus on setting the ball off on line but I'm ultimately finished trying to finish here what's finished position is going to give me a ball that's going to flight into that paddling pool on over that green state so I'm just focusing on my finished position

okay didn't get the rhythm got the height and but no not the distance okay some another crack at that so money focusing just for now on that finished position they're pretty good online but again all I'm focusing on here this will stops those of you who get a little bit stuck in here that's not going to get you into that position is it or the guys were chopping down you're never going to get into here so again simple that exercise here but just focusing on your finish position reverse engineering process you'd be amazed at how good your backswing and your downswing starts to become remember we want to use the balance this golf club by literally allowing the golf club to finish like this the club naturally does this and the bounce gets used as a post to a lot of spins and chunk shots or where the leading edge is coming in this is this kind of finished position we don't want that okay we want to get ourselves set here focus on that reverse engineering position there that's where I'm going and away we go so I hope you enjoy this training if you do give it a thumbs up and remember if you want to be part of the giveaway you've got four things you just need to do like the video comment down below saying hash stay safe subscribe to the channel it's completely free and fourth of finally come and subscribe to my free weekly newsletter all the day the diesels are in the description down below do those four things and in six days time we're going to release the winner good luck thank you for Scott stuff for providing as all the bits and pieces until next week everybody have a great golfing week