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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I'm gonna give you three of my biggest mistakes I personally see when people are chipping now it's pretty cold at the moment still the ground is very very soft and striking your chip shots now is an absolute paramount and this time of year when the ground gets very very soft a lot of golfers struggle they often catch it fat a little bit heavy behind the ball or in try definitely trying to strike it they thin it over the back of the green now I found that often the reason for those things fall into one of these three things we're going to give you in this week's training so before we do if you're new to channel and this is one of your first video it's called sitter subscribing I cannot release content like this every single week to try not you improve your game so before we get into the three biggest mistakes let's just cover some real basics of chipping first just how you set up to it these are kind of really very important so before I get to the the main bits let's go through how we set up to the ball now often people ask you about where do you put the golf ball all I would say look is if you want the ball to be go a little bit higher move it more closer to you towards your left foot if you want it to go towards a little bit lower move it towards your back foot if you don't really care very much little bit keep it very central right now I find personally for a lot of golfers that I'm coaching as well you know particularly average member they often having some way too far back in their stance that sometimes actually is the hardest position to have it in it creates too much jabbing action at the golf ball and often leads to the loss in in fact shot so I'm gonna discuss like one of my biggest mistakes but for now keep the ball position very central the width of your stance is about two Club heads width apart and I like to have the shaft fairly neutral don't want to have too much shaft lean here often a lot of people bent all that so I have the like the chef's very vertical here and one final thing here nice tall posture the club shaft is quite vertical it's not kind of angled this way we're quite close to the golf both little bit almost like we're crowding it and one final ingredient which is very very important it's set up is this drop the left shoulder okay keep that left shoulder down so many golfers have this type of angle here and all it does is it leads to this leaning back effect almost gets them thinning the golf ball Fatiha so in the setup keep that left shoulder lower you're leveling off the shoulders it'll probably feel like you're actually dipping the shoulder quite a long way but all you're doing here is leveling it off and you're putting that a little bit of weight on that left side so now we've gone through the setup and some of the basics let's go through the first biggest mistake I see so once you've got a set up in play the next thing here is this see this a lot we'll put a club down just as a reference point here so what I find when people are swinging back is they get this upset and they simply take the club way too far around the corner with their hands and often this is a result of them trying to literally help the ball up in there they're trying to get underneath the golf ball so they tend to swing a little bit what we call in to out now the problem is what that does is it creates this shape with the body also we kind of get a little bit in and as we go up here the body starts to go backwards and as we do that okay look at left shoulder left shoulder got high we've been sending the setup low we don't want that I shoulder going high at all we want to keep it nice and low but when you swing in here you see you go from a low to high swing and that raises the body Linsey bat catching fats and thins so what we want to do instead is start to work on the path of the golf club so you can put online a club along the line it would be a Lima stick or in this situation a club and just start to get the club much more on line here back and you can just test that position and then back down on the same line so let's have a look at that nice and simple exercise up on that line here back down on that line and as you can see almost perfectly on line so that is a very first thing I would work on or just double check you're not doing so once you've got the set up it set up in place just double check that what are you doing online is your club online or are you sticking it around the corner right mistake number one let's go to number two mistake number two is kind of a misinterpretation of what we're trying to do with the strike of the golf ball so if you've been struggling to strike the golf ball you may have been striking the ball B ground behind the golf ball and because of that you're now thinking I don't want to strike the ground behind the golf I can't catch any fat I've got to try and strike the golf ball first so the problem with that what tends to happen is you see golf of doing this they start going at the golf ball now the problem is that going at the golf ball you they start to get a lot of what we call this shuffling now the problem you get a lot of shaft lean is the leading edge this sharp bit the front of the golf club starts to kind of dig into the ground so the problem is is that if you catch the golf ball first that's fine you may be okay a ball will scoot off a little bit it'll go quite low and you think okay that's not too bad but if you're finding that you're doing that then it's a pretty very inconsistent here's the reason why because if you just are a few millimeters behind the golf ball and you catch it with too much shaft lean here you simply the club digs and you'll catch it fat so we're gonna do something that might seem a little bit strange and what I'm gonna show you here I put a a 20-pound note on the ground and I have ruined it with two tea bags just kind of holding it still and what I'm doing here is I've basically put the ball one-third of the way to the board's the back of the 20-pound now what we're gonna do here is we're actually going to look at catching the ground slightly behind the golf ball but in doing so what we're doing is if we have a very neutral shaft or when I'm swinging here I'm literally bruising the ground behind the golf ball I'm actually going to release the club now the difference is is because I'm releasing it now as opposed to going at the ground because I'm releasing it the flat bit of the of the golf club which is which we we call the bounce glides through so it doesn't dig now the back of the golf club is starting to bruise the ground so have a look at this and we're going to try and take out almost the full width of that twenty pound notice I'm gonna go in now trying to hit a few shots just gliding through the bar let's have a look at this

lovely then what's happened there is I've literally caught the ground a fraction behind the golf ball there its glided through there's barely any divot have been taken with the wedge because simply the balance has been activated I haven't gone at the golf ball in any shape or form now one bonus tip here when you're doing this one of the key aspects to avoid shuffling is actually pace try to keep the pace of the swing nice and smooth - after what I'm finding with a lot of golfers is they may try and do what we said here and take out this whole 20 pound note where we just catch the ground slightly behind the golf ball but the problem is if you rush and accelerate the club too much just a mere form of accelerating at the ball creates the shuffling here and get the leading edge digging in so when you're doing this motion try and keep it really smooth really smooth as you're doing it all right let's move on now to mistake number three some of saint number three I think it is possibly the one of the hardest ones to get over because here's what it is basically why fine when people actually people have been struggling with chipping they're trying to do too much too soon what I mean by that is this if you are struggling to strike your chip shots then the last thing you should be worrying about doing is trying to get the ball near the hole what I'm finding is is everyone it's a lot of guys I'm teaching is they tends to want to not only want to learn to strike the chip shot but they also want to get it they want to learn this is control really quick as well now I think what you got do in the game is is you've got to learn one thing at a time the first two mistakes are geared around strike work on those first this is control comes second so one of me it's a lot willing to do simple this I've given you a couple of exercises there where you can work on the line of your swing if that's the problem of one of the biggest mistakes we've talked about for instance not getting too much shuffling to work on the pace and just this 20 pound no exercise and the way you'd work on it is something like this you get yourself set here yes you pick out your target and the flag here but what we're gonna do is this I'm going to hit a couple of shots and I'm going to focus on the 20 pound note gliding and hitting that ground slightly behind the golf ball but almost like gliding it through so try and take the whole 20 pound note out and hit a shot here and as you can see for me that's actually not particularly good it's finished about a 10 feet short and about 4 feet to the right foot right the flag okay why because what I'm doing this is all I'm doing right now so I want to try to perfect my chipping action I want to try and perfect that the the type of strike that I'm getting on the ground I'm in this situation I'm trying to do the 20 pound drill that's all I'm focused on this stage I need to improve my strike this is control will come later you can't learn distance control until you have a consistent strike so look work on your strike drills first once you've done that and you start to build some consistency so watch this one here there's another good example got a little bit too long all these here are good examples of not quite get it right but you know what I'm happy why cause I did what I wanted to do I'm starting to get the strike Australia is strike the ground a little bit more behind the golf ball and that it needs to be your intention in the early days now that's very tricky when you're playing like you wanted to play loads of competitions etc but it's the stage of the learning process you try and rush in to get this as control right away what I tend to see too many times is this people are so desperate they go and it's I need to accelerate to get it I'm always short the hole so they rush up you know it increases speed or oh this is a delicate one and they they start to decelerate into the shop because it's a delicate shot you need to learn a sense to learn the strike first I promise you disses control will come once you get that confidence that you know you can strike the golf ball so I really hope you enjoy these three these three big mistakes if you know some of your friends who could do with a little bit of help with that short game please share it it kind of course it really really helps and of course if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos give it a subscribe and until next week have a great golfing week