BIGGEST PAR 3 MISTAKES Every Golfer Makes - & How to Avoid them with DANNY MAUDE

course management golf basics irons Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're at a beautiful par three how do you play your part threes better how do you score better on power threes well you need to avoid these three major mistakes now i brought on brought in brian right brian mr matt fryer to help us help you stop making these three major mistakes in past three so you can start lowering your scores looking forward to it good gonna be you know it's a real honor oh it's gonna be fun so before i get into the video look if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus remember i put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so whatever me and matt discuss you don't have to remember a thing and of course look head over to matt's channel do some amazing stuff over there i'll put all the links in the description box below let's get started okay so let's help you now go through a simple process that will help you shoot lower scores on the par threes now stage number we're going to be i'm going to be matt's caddy today right we're going to start start with step number one so the first thing is to assess the whole now what conditions do you need to assess well we've got look we've got the wind yeah big factor might be up there one day might not be i think it's never going to be the same is it no we never play in the same condition so assess the wind right so where is it coming from here we've got the wind coming off the left hand side here and that's the first factor the second factor is where's the pin yeah you know right now we've got the pin look tucked right next to that bunker now if we laser that mic yeah i've got my laser on hand a couple of distances we've got 133 to cover this front bunker then the flags at 147 and then the back of the green wow we've got another 30 yards back there it's 177 back there so you've got between the flag and the back of the green 30 yards from the flag to the bunker we've got what do we got 12 uh yeah 12 yards right so when you look at a flag you think oh well there's a flag it's at 147 you might think oh let's go and pick out my 147 club right but the problem is if you don't strike that where's it gonna end up there's going to be a lot of trouble and then the next thing is the trouble as well because where that flag is placed there's a big slope off down to the right hand side and there's a lateral water hazard running all the way up so yeah if i don't take that into account as well and just leak it a couple of yards i'm not gonna be good looking at five six maybe absolutely so the first thing from this exercise you've got the wind you've got to take in consideration the wind you've got to look at the pin position now look there's 30 yards from the pin to the back of the green so you have so much room beyond the flag so thinking about the yardages here if you go for something that's maybe like 155 yeah yeah then you cover it if you don't quite strike it you're going to be naturally close to the closest to the flag but you're never going to be over the back of the green so taking that into consideration is a major major factor yeah there's one other thing here isn't that which is elevation yeah we've got slope on that that's it was 147 but it's actually playing 140 on the my slope for me so exactly so getting maybe make sure you've got a rangefinder if you get range finders like the position pro here with the slope on there it will actually tell you that this hole is playing maybe five to six yards lower that can you can take that into consideration two so with that in mind yeah how do we then choose your club well like you say you you gathered the information haven't you which a lot of people don't do they walk straight up onto the tail it's the eighth hole here at dumbarni i always hit seven iron seven irons out of the bag that's it but we've just gone through the process we've assessed what's actually happened we know that that's 147. we know that there's trouble right we know that we've got loads of room back i'm now going to make that choice of the club that's actually going to get me a little bit further but i've also got to bring into the factor how am i playing how am i swinging i've had seven holes to figure out is it am i flushing it am i not and that's mistake number two you gotta find out look are you playing your a game your b game your c game no i don't care if you played amazing yesterday and last time you're on this hull you're seven one yeah yeah your seven nine kind of nailed and ended up next to the flag sometimes you know if you're anything like me and probably matt as well you're like we don't always play our best so if you're playing your a game you know what distance would you be hitting it now in this situation here all the trouble i can say short the green a little bit right so you'll have i want to find out your yardages for your a b and c game matt when you're playing your best what club would you take to so one one five five is gonna be my nine-iron yep yeah if i absolutely flush it today and how you so right now how are you playing uh still working on a few things in the swing not feeling 100 with it yep so i'd probably prefer to hit my a tie knowing that i've got that buffer of the uh extra yardage beyond the flag as well i can if i if i catch one yep it's going to be on the green anyway it'd just be 165 at the back so it's not the end of the world so what we've got yeah i getting a little bit older and one of the things is like we're learning to swallow our egos a little bit now right because normally when i was a bit younger like i'm taking pitching wedge yeah and and even the flag going at it yeah there's nothing wrong with playing a little bit left here i'd rather make a scrappy three hitting a little bit of an eight iron instead of a you know flushing a nine-nine and leaking it yep instead of making five going dead at the flag trying to cover it don't get it most of the time on most greens anything in the middle of the green is your surface options so mistake number three come so you've selected you've assessed the situation you've selected your club the third and final thing is you need to what you need to execute you execute it so how did they go about executing and actually putting all this into practice yeah so if i just get rid of this for a moment we've got the the two clubs here i've got nine iron and i've got 18 so we've we know that we're going to go with eight now we've chosen that club i've gotta commit to this there's no point me going through my routine now picking my target i think a lot of people still wouldn't pick a target yep they would look you know at the hollow flags over there i'll just aim out over there getting quite mechanical still yeah just have to forget about all that stuff thinking about their swings exactly yeah you know that you're not hitting it your best but you've just got to pick a spot that you're going at it and as you then come over into the shot you know for me picking an intermediate target it's a big one seeing that i would have something i can just see a little old divot here for me that i'm going to align my club at and then i'm just going to concentrate as i'm over it thinking of you know a good ball flight in my mind seeing the shot and then just pull the trigger also don't stood over it thinking is it the right club should i hit nine well we've done the talk yeah he's assessed he's ready he's picked his club show the guys are we going for it go for it

oh and it's the worst shot come back it's actually okay just slowly he caught the trap well beyond the flag but so didn't absolutely crush that one but yeah he chose enough club yeah because all the trouble is short and right now he turns the eight iron which carried into the bunker so he's in the safest spot anything short of that would have been down into the into the water yeah it would have been dead nine-nine so in summary you have three things assess your environment look at the wind look at how you're playing look at the elevation look at where the flag is on the green you know look at the get the at the back of the green to the front of the green and the middle find out what is the safest way for you to play once you've done that ask yourself this are you playing your a game your b game and your c game if you're anything like me do your best to swallow that ego right and choose the club that is gonna be the best club for you for a part three like this and third and finally as matt was saying brilliantly well there learn to commit to the shot cut out some of those swing thoughts commit to picking your spot where you want to go you know you won't get it there all the time but fully commit to it and you're going to start to see those scores tumbling down on par threes so i just want to say a massive thanks yeah thanks for having me on on the channel really appreciate it i remember looking you never have to remember a thing i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below covering all of these points and of course look if this was one of your first videos consider joining the community by by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week