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chip shot chipping Nov 17, 2023



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Full Transcript- so you've just missed the green with your second shot and you now got a Chip Shot do you consider the lie that you're actually chipping on because if you've only got one chipping technique you better hope that that works for that lie the reality is is if you're struggling with chip shots around the green it's because you're not adapting your chipping technique to different lies in this video what I'm going to do I'm going to throw a load of balls around the green so we can play different lies I'm going to show you the basic chipping tonight but I'm also then going to show you what you've got to do with that technique to change it so it works from bare lies deep rough lies all the lies around the green this is how you become an effective chipper now before I get into the video if you're new to the channels from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing are these videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below now let's go and have a look and play all these lies so before I show you how to play all the lies let me just show you what a chipping strike looks like so to do that you're gonna need to understand the bounce a lot of people are aware of that so let's give you a little recap if I put the shaft beautifully vertical here can you see how the Leading Edge here is higher than this bottom bit this angle that you're seeing here this is the bounce if I was to lean the chef forward now all of that bounce has been taken off okay if you fat the golf ball you're taking so much of the bounce off that now the Leading Edge gets stuck into the ground and you fat it if for instance you put too much of the bounce on and now look the Leading Edge is too high you blade it across the back of the green all right so your ability to manage that bounce is crucial in your ability to strike the shot okay so how do you do that let's start look I've got a couple of shots here it's very typical of a you know a shot around the green you've got a good light and then one inside which is an absolute shocker so let's start with a good life first so how do we make sure we get good strike good setup is the foundation of a good strike so ball position if you want it high you move they move the ball forwarding stance mid flight middle back of the stance gives you a low flight so all we do to get the strike is we make sure that we've got nourish Downs here about a club width apart foot pointing out towards a Target now this is one key that everyone misses get your shoulders level okay when you're chipping what that does is it means that you get a downward strike on this golf ball here if your shoulders get too tilted back what that does is it sends the low Point behind the golf ball you start to strike it fat or even thin okay so get your shoulders level now when you put the club in I don't like to have too much shuffling because every time you put the shaft lean in okay this sandwich here has got 12 degrees of Bounce if I as we said if we take too much of that off I'm increasing the likelihood that I'm going to Fat it so I like the shaft look from vertical just slightly further forward okay from here I'm gripping nice and relaxed with my triceps resting beautifully on my chest and you can see from this angle I'm actually stood reasonably close to the golf ball very different to what you would have for a full power shot like this okay I naturally stand closer because I want control and the only thing left now is to make sure that your weight favors the left side or the elite side how much 60 70 on my lead side now in terms of Swing I keep it really really simple most golfers make the mistake have been very stiff and wooden because they want control what I want you to do control actually comes from Freedom so what I like to do is it's I've got my tricep connected I like to get the club fall under Gravity okay I'm letting the club just fall on the ground now what I also do is and you can do this yourself is often scratch a line either side of the golf ball okay I just did when I'm practicing and what that does is it allows me a destination point to land now if I find myself for instance Landing the club here which you might do initially I'll adjust my body I might put more weight on my lead side I might to level my shoulders off this is really important right now look there you go now I'm on the on the line okay now I won't just drop the club I need to make sure that this club works on an arc just like every golf swing if I just swing my arm like this in a straight line I will screw the shot up so the golf swing even chipping is a mini Arc so now what I do is I let the club drop and I get out of the way this Arc is created by my shoulders working up and around the up and around it helps the club drop and swing beautifully through to the Target that is all I'm thinking about so I do that before the shot and now I'm getting an idea of where I'm finishing and that gives me the foundation of a simple Chip Shot okay so let's have a look at this I've got a 56 degree but before we go into this tough one this has options with this shot here I can use 56 I can use 7989 you name it and find your favorite one you have options from here now all I'm doing here balls Ferry I'm actually I've got a lot of green to work I'm going to move the ball back in my stance now all I'm going to do here is focus on letting the club drop and focusing on my finish where the butt here is pointing towards my left hip okay this is a simple Chip Shot I don't want a high finish like this I don't want to be flicking like this with the book pointing over here I'm simply going to finish with the butt pointing towards my lead hip here let's have a look at this in action

you see here look just runs beautifully out to the hull Now we move to this one this one I don't have options okay I can't use an eight on here I'm gonna have to stick to my 56 but I'm gonna make a an adjustment now I want the ball here the balls nestled down I can't play this one here because the grass is going to get stuck and I ended up smothering it so I'm actually going to do something a little bit weird I'm going to take the club from where it will set up address and I'm actually going to raise the heel off the ground so the toe now is on the ground I'm actually going to hit the golf ball more out of the toe of the club and I do this because this has less resistance it's almost like it's going to dig now underneath the golf ball so the feeling that I'm going to get here is I'm going to get a bit closer to the golf ball okay I might just open my stance just a little bit and all I'm going to do is Imagine now letting the club drop again but this time as I Let It Drop I'm going to imagine the toe of the club slipping under the golf ball and what it's going to do is going to give me a little bit elevation I'm probably going to hit it a little bit harder okay but I'm going to focus on the similar finish this time where's my book pointing a little bit more towards my belly button this is the chip towards my left hip now my finish as I'm slipping the club look under the ball is more towards my belly button let's have a look at this in action so a bit closer

this has popped out beautifully but what's happened didn't go very far now why didn't it go very far it didn't go very far because of one thing as I'm talking to you and thinking about these movements I lacked one thing flow Rhythm letting go I see this a lot when people are chipping so the one thing that is Paramount with all the chips I'm going to show you is this you when you focus on your finish it shouldn't be stiff like this it should be committed let the club drop and flow and trust your motion let's have a look at this one in action as a comparison

much more committed look at the difference okay that is what is going to be Paramount to your shots around the green let's go and play some more so this is a lie that most golfers hate you've just had it through the green you've got all this beautiful Lush grass around and your ball has found the only place on the golf course that has absolutely no grass underneath the golf ball how do you play those rock hard lies no grass on the golf ball well you can't play it like the last shot we just played there you need to make some alterations so here's what we're going to do this time the balance of the club is not your friend we don't want to slip the club under the golf ball what we're going to do now look is this we're going to take the bounce off so we're going to make it very neutral right if the too much bounces on what will happen is the great this bit will hit the gr the hard ground and you'll thin the ball over the back of the green so what we're going to take the bounce off so we collect the golf ball more like this all right so what alterations do we make actually in setup all I'm going to do here look I'm going to play a lot more like the first shot I'm going to have a little bit more shuffling than I had on the previous one right I'm going to take the bounce off and the key thing here again like we did on the last one though is commitment I'm going to finish with the book pointing towards my left hip with slightly more lean of the shaft and fully committed to the shot

and they will just let it release oh almost into the hole but what happens if you haven't got as much green as I have to work with and you might need to get that ball stopping up a little bit faster what you could do is try something a little bit more advanced take a look at this so I have got two wedges here both 56 now if you've seen this can you see a difference between these two wedges this here has been grinded off this one's completely straight but this wedge on my caliber jaws has been grinded off now this is really important this can make playing very very tight light really really easy so fine if you can find a wedge that has more what I call heat toe relief here more grinded off because then what you can do is on bare lies you can actually play it a little bit more like the shot we played earlier and we could slip the tone of the box and get the toe on the ground the heel off the ground and what I'm going to do now is it literally bet the balls like for the former stance aim a little bit left and I'm going to imagine the toe literally digging down underneath the golf ball and what I'll do is it'll give me a little bit of a softest light

hey look at that one there look that one's pulled up a lot shorter as a byproduct so great when you don't want that ball to release as much so I've got a super cool shot I'm going to show you in a second but let's cover this one because this is one that everyone misses pay attention it's been just a few seconds of paying attention to the slope that you're on here I'm on a real up slope so the first thing I'm going to do on this up slope is get my shoulders perpendicular to the slop what do you notice about my stance now it's not what it was before a club with the pack it's nice and wide wide because I'm trying to find my balance on a slurp right so from here I've got my shoulders perpendicular I'm actually going to get my the ball favoring more now the higher foot and I'm going to imagine now swinging up the slope now when I do this you'll notice here at the butt of my club now isn't pointing towards my left hip it's more pointing towards my belly button I want to follow through and finish much much more in this position here what I don't want to do here which most people do in on up slopes is have lots of shuffling here lots of weight favoring my front foot because I'm going to dig and fat it my weight is definitely saving more of my back foot because I'm helping my my shoulders get more level and then all I'm going to do here is practice swinging look beautifully up the slop foreign

look at the height on that one now that's come up a little bit shy notice how quickly that stops that is something you have to pay attention to when you're on up slot too strike was perfect but I've got to be a little bit more aggressive let's come play one more shot before we get into this final one that you can absolutely love so let's check this one out downhill lie the opposite's true same principles the ball favors higher foot now we've got to get the shoulders perpendicular this way so now my weight favor is a hell of a lot almost all of it on my lead side here what I'm going to do now is as opposed to letting the club release and face my belly button it's much much more now look facing and finishing at my left hip why because I'm swinging down the slope the ball will come out very low and it'll come out very hot all downhill here so ball back in your stance shoulders level right commit to hitting down the slope knowing you're not going to get a lot of height I've got my 56 degree wedge just literally down the slope let it release and hey Presta no stopping that that'll do now let's get into the fun shot so I titled this video didn't I before you chip do this for five seconds throughout this lesson I've been giving you um all these different shots but I'm getting you to assess the LIE now I've got no green to work with here but I'm assessing the lie and I can see there's a lot of grass underneath this golf ball which allows me to play the lob shot the fun shot and lobster is where a ball goes nice and high lands softly almost like basically it stops dead now to play this shot we play very differently so we've done all the other shots as opposed to standing close we now stand a little bit further away to let the handle drop look so we can start to add more Loft onto the golf club here okay as opposed to setting their hands ahead of the golf ball I'm actually going to set them now more on the golf ball the ball positions forward my toes pointing at 45 degrees and I'm going to put 80 of my weight on this left side but then I'm gonna as opposed to keeping the shoulders level I am now going to literally tilt them a little bit further back because I want to strike the ground behind the golf ball now and slip that toe or the toe the club underneath that golf ball okay because I'm slipping it underneath the butt now starts to point towards my right hip as opposed to with chipping it pointed towards my left hip okay this is what's going to give you the all-important elevation so let's have a look at this in action now remember the LIE has to be good to do you have to have grass underneath the golf ball and you have to be fully committed so I must let that club out as we've done earlier Let It Drop and let myself commit to slipping that Club underneath that golf ball

look at that beautiful shot nice and simple I've struck the ground behind the golf ball there allowed the club to drop and it gives me that lovely floating trajectory that lands and stops nice and softly so I hope you enjoyed this series um of shots all around the green look if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with somebody who know who's struggling with their shotgun do me a favor if you struggle from that 30 to 80 yard pitch shot where you're a bit further away distance control and strike check this one out right here if you want to just be perfect the basic Chip Shot check this video out right here but remember I put a free download practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing until next week have a great golfing week. 


Transcript Summery - 

If you've just missed the green with your second shot and you now got a Chip Shot, considering the lie is crucial. If you only have one chipping technique, you better hope it works for that lie. In this video, I'm going to throw a load of balls around the green to play different lies and show you how to adapt your chipping technique for various situations. Effective chipping involves adjusting for bare lies, deep rough lies, and everything in between.

Now, before we dive into the lies, let me show you the basic chipping technique. To understand the strike, you need to grasp the concept of bounce. The bounce is the angle between the leading edge and the bottom of the club. Managing this bounce is crucial for a good chip. If you fat the ball, you take too much bounce off, leading to a stuck club. Too much bounce, and you blade it across the green. Let's start with a good lie.

For a good lie, the foundation is a solid setup. Ball position depends on the trajectory you want – forward for high, middle for mid-flight, and back for a low flight. The key is to have shoulders level, ensuring a downward strike. Keep the shaft slightly forward to maintain bounce. Stand close to the ball, weight on the lead side, and let the club fall under gravity. The chip is a mini arc; let the club drop and swing through to the target.

Now, let's look at a tougher lie. Maybe you've got deep rough. Adjustments are needed. I might use my 56-degree wedge or others based on preference. Move the ball back, focus on letting the club drop, and finish with the butt pointing towards the lead hip. Commit to the shot, ensuring a flowing motion.

Next up, the dreaded bare lie. No grass under the ball means we need to take bounce off. A wider stance, less bounce, and commitment to the shot are crucial. Finish with the butt pointing towards the lead hip and trust the motion.

For tight lies, consider a ground-off wedge. It allows you to play more like a regular chip, slipping the toe under the ball for a softer landing.

Up slope and down slope lies require adjustments in setup and weight distribution. For an upslope, widen your stance, swing up the slope, and finish towards the belly button. For a downslope, favor the lead side, swing down the slope, and finish towards the left hip.

Finally, let's have some fun with the lob shot. Assess the lie – grass under the ball is essential. Stand further away, add loft, ball forward, weight on the lead side, and finish with the butt pointing towards the right hip. Commit to slipping the club under the ball for a floating trajectory.

I hope you enjoyed this series of shots around the green. Remember, adapt your technique to the lie, commit to the shot, and practice for better results. Until next week, have a great golfing week!