Before Chipping Onto The Green Do This Simple Drill

chipping live student lessons Nov 21, 2023


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Full Transcript - so I've just come off a chipping lesson with my dad he's been really struggling around the greens it's been really getting him down he's been thinning him along the ground he's in fact him he's been even shanking them and his scores have been going up and up and up now probably just like you he doesn't have loads of time at practice he finally doesn't really want to practice I generally go straight on the golf course so I needed to give him something that he can do in the garden first okay to improve his strike and then one simple thing I actually gave him to take to the golf course the results have been amazing and he's so nice to put a beautiful smile on his face I'm going to bring you in on that live lesson very very shortly because I think it could help you particularly if you've been struggling around the green now before I do get in the lesson if you're new to the channels when your first videos of mine please consider subscribing I release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll put everything I talk about in this video into a free download practice guide in the description box below so my dad began to strike shots just like that on a consistent basis now I didn't plan on filming this session so I didn't get loads of the footage but we started off in the garden first to improve the quality of strike and just like probably 90 of golfers he was basically making this mistake he wasn't controlling two things the low point of his ark and the depth of his act what do I mean by that well look at this your golf club just like my dad's whether it's chipping or your full swing is always creating a circle like this okay now what my dad was doing he was he was creating the circle but this low point of the circle was too far behind the golf ball now this did a couple of things he would hit the ground where behind that would be his fat shot he would then sometimes hit the ground and the ball would come the club would come up like this and thin the ball along the ground okay he did one other thing and I'm going to show you when he shanked it in a second now I want your low point to be just ahead of the golf ball and that one of the easiest things I did with my dad to achieve this was really improve his setup first I then wanted to make him really really consistent with his ball Striker by changing one in-swing thing which he took him we took to the golf course okay so let me show you what we did so my dad doesn't practice as much as he used to do and and I needed to give him something that was really really simple that he could take straight to a golf course I didn't want to give him a lot of checkpoints to to work on so we started off by helping him improve the quality of his strike first and then we were we worked on the distance control and kind of like the consistency for the golf course in in part two so the first thing to get is uh the consistency of strike was basically set up his setup was really really bad he's it less shoulders were too high I see this a lot you've been trying to get his weight forward but in doing so he pushed his weight forward and all this did was create even more angle with his shoulders what this does is it basically sends the low Point behind the golf ball your right shoulder's too low you're almost in scoop territory fat territory here behind the golf ball hitting up thin territory and the dreaded shank where my dad was which was this he was so far behind the ball that he had to reach for the ball that pushed the neck to the ball and he did some shocking Shanks so I knew he didn't have I couldn't give him loads of things to work on so how do I in a sense get him set up perfectly every time without a lot of checkpoints well I needed him look to get his hips and his shoulders right stacked on top of one another I needed his shoulders to be nice and level how do we do it with this simple exercise all I did got him to set up to the golf ball okay and I want you to do the same it's a real simple exercise and I got him to move his Mass his torso over this side of the golf ball here and then move the club behind and that was it okay

that's it now the math is going ahead right now we're talking now you play the shot

you follow that immediately put his uh his body in a place where the low point now will be slightly just after the golf ball now yes if he really exaggerated it he'll be come down too Steep and the ball would come off very very low if you did that he could just reduce it slightly okay but because he had been so much over here this really really works as a great exercise to steep in his angle of attack and improve the quality of his strike the other thing that we did and this was all done in the garden I'm going to actually bring you in on what we did on the golf course in a second because there's one final piece of the jigsaw but we just did this in the garden to an instantly improve his strike I actually used a garden cam I put it about a club and a bit a little bit more than that a little bit of a club and a bit distance behind the golf ball and then all we did from here is get him to kind of what I like about this is before if he's back here would hit the garden cane but by putting it back there and getting his mask now more over the top of the golf ball now he could create a slightly better angle of attack into that golf ball that low point of the hour look is much much more where the golf ball could be it's felt a bit strange for him but immediately the strike was so much better

however however he was still a little bit what I call hamsi now when you get very risky and handsy sometimes what happens is you are in a sense destroying potentially the depth that the ACT goes imagine here look okay we're creating a circle now if I keep this angle in my right arm here like this I'm able to control the depth of this Arc I'm able to kind of control how much this club just bruises the ground but if you get very risky suddenly now that club is going into the ground it's going too deep and that creates horrible fat shots so I gave him this simple simple exercise I'll bring you on the lesson right now where we did it actually at the golf course to really improve the consistency so it's right side helped him come through the shop beautifully well and he didn't get too risky this gave him immense amount of consistency let's go and check it out now this is my uh this is my Achilles heel is at the moment right I get to hear in one shot and contact the or four more shots to get in the hole okay I'll shank it and then shank it again okay so hopefully now with this new stands uh it's certainly going to help hopefully what club you got I've got my 60 degree okay so I would say here right so a 60 degrees a club that is is quite risky to play a lot of the time right you don't you know use it for really emergencies only right right so grab yourself a 56 for now right okay um particularly struggling with your chipping you don't want to be going to bags and bags of Loft right so 56 is more than enough for this type of shot okay done it yep um now you've chosen your club right did you have you chosen the shot you're going to play that's well my intention is to go for the flag okay so if you take 50 so you're gonna you're gonna go for height yeah okay I'm gonna go for height okay come on let's show me the shot okay yeah

and just do everything we worked on in the garden yeah okay do that same thing here yeah yep okay damn it

just where I didn't want to go so a bit like that yeah yeah

so so if you look at this here from this angle even from even from behind here right look at look at how your body has completely stopped and I didn't follow through that if you look at your body here yes all you've done is your body is completely Frozen yep I'm just gone well yeah there's even no moving there so what you do your body's just done this bang stop and then if you if everything stops you've only got one thing left that's it for this yeah if you've stopped you've only got this yeah right so what we need to do is we need to get this right side this whole right side of yours look continuing to go through the shot so the right wrist doesn't break down because as soon as the bricks come on anywhere here like if I put a bricks on here what's gonna happen yeah flick that gets fried yeah right and that's when the fats and things and all kinds of stuff come on right yeah so what we want to do is get you you set up really good that much better than before but now I want to continue that right side going through the shot okay and I'm going to give you a little drill for this one actually this is kind of simple so I'm going to grab like um let's grab a seven iron watch this pause there pause just put your foot underneath this for a second oh good don't it yeah you put yeah yes so that's it underneath it now when you what I won't do now is so when you've got a lot of weight on this right side that stairs up in the air right what I want to do now let's go through the shot so that that's it so it comes down follow it's a great way of getting that right side through that shot keep going to have another practice

and again

right good so what I'm going to do now is if you've got the golf ball you get you get that feeling yes okay yeah so if we get off that again okay put that underneath for a second okay you can move the ball around if you like move it whilst there it is that better yeah feel comfortable there a bit further back further back yeah okay cool so when you're ready hang on a second


now that's better that's a bit different isn't it yeah that was wonderful yeah yeah just that little moment yeah well because oh yeah guys the club through yeah what you want to do is you in order to be consistent you need the body to help you with it and keep moving otherwise you become risky and handsy yeah so just a little simple exercise like this it just gives you feedback yeah as to are you actually getting through that shot yeah all right yeah

you imagine that Dad how many shots you'll serve when that's right you kind of like you could get up and down like that yeah you know a good ship there so I get it a good ship there yeah and you've just made that felt so nice having that weight and just keep moving just keep moving just keep moving all the time and even on the smallest of chips obviously on the full swing you move even more you keep moving but and even the smallest chips look we're still moving gently through yes but when people start getting smaller and smaller because they get nervous they start to that was me yeah that's me there you go so as you can see chipping doesn't have to be too complicated control the depth of the eye control where that low point is and have a technique that kind of does this on a consistent basis and do a little bit of practice and I promise you you too will start to improve the consistency of your chipping I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who's maybe strugging with that shot again of course look if you want to see a video where we actually talk about pitching that's like my 30 to 80 yard shot there is some big differences there check this video out right here and of course look if you're new to the channel press that subscribe button it's completely free to do sir but until next week have a wonderful golfing week,

Transcript Summary- 

So, I've just come off a chipping lesson with my dad. He's been really struggling around the greens, and it's been getting him down. Thinning shots along the ground, even shanking them, and his scores have been going up. Just like many of you, he doesn't have loads of time for practice, and he doesn't really want to practice. I generally go straight onto the golf course, so I needed to give him something that he can do in the garden first to improve his strike.

Now, I didn't plan on filming this session, so I didn't get loads of footage. We started off in the garden to improve the quality of the strike. Like 90% of golfers, he was making a common mistake, not controlling the low point of his arc and the depth of his swing. The golf club, whether chipping or in a full swing, is always creating a circle. My dad was creating the circle, but the low point was too far behind the golf ball, leading to fat shots, thin shots, and even shanks.

I wanted the low point to be just ahead of the golf ball. One of the easiest things I did was improve his setup. We worked on getting his hips and shoulders stacked on top of one another, making his shoulders nice and level. A simple exercise in the garden involved having him move his torso over one side of the ball and then moving the club behind. This set his body in a position where the low point would be just after the golf ball.

Now, he didn't have to reach for the ball, and it immediately improved the strike. We used a garden cane placed behind the ball for feedback. By having his mass more over the top of the golf ball, he could create a better angle of attack. It felt a bit strange at first, but the strike improved significantly.

However, he was still a bit "hamsi" or handsy. Being handsy can destroy the depth of the swing arc. So, I gave him a simple exercise to improve consistency. I'll bring you into the lesson where we did this at the golf course to enhance the consistency.

My dad doesn't practice as much as he used to, so I needed to give him something simple to take straight to the golf course. We worked on the consistency of the strike by starting with improving his setup. His shoulders were too high, and we addressed that issue. I wanted to make him consistent with his ball striking by changing one in-swing thing.

The setup was crucial because pushing the weight forward without proper shoulder alignment sent the low point behind the ball, resulting in various issues. We worked on a simple exercise to get his hips and shoulders stacked correctly, providing a consistent setup.

In the garden, we used a cane to help with strike consistency. Placing it a bit behind the ball, he learned to move his torso over the ball, improving the angle of attack. It might have felt strange initially, but the strike immediately improved.

Moving to the golf course, we addressed the right side. Getting too handsy can destroy the depth of the swing arc. I introduced a simple exercise with a 7-iron to ensure the right side kept moving through the shot. This feedback helped him avoid becoming too risky and handsy in his chipping.

Chipping doesn't have to be complicated. Control the depth of the arc, control the low point, and have a technique that does this consistently. With a bit of practice, you can improve the consistency of your chipping. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, give it a thumbs up. Share it with someone struggling with their chipping. Until next week, have a wonderful golfing week!