Before Hitting Bunker Shots Do This For 5 Seconds

bunker May 14, 2024

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Transcript Summary-

Hey everyone, in this video, I'm thrilled to share some absolute gold on getting out of bunkers flawlessly every single time. And not just that, we're talking about controlling your distance too. You know, those bunkers with a ton of sand and even the ones with barely any. I've got some insider insights from my buddy Graham Walker, who coaches Tommy Fleetwood himself. Now, Tommy wasn't always the bunker master he is today, but with Graham's help, he's become one of the finest.

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So, every swing of your golf club follows an arc, right? It's crucial to control that arc, and I'll show you how. But first, let's talk about how that arc interacts with the ball in bunkers. Picture this arc with a low point just ahead and slightly under the ball. That's where we want to be striking, just after the ball. Too far behind, and you're thinning it. Too far ahead, and you're chunking it.

Now, here's the game-changer. Before every bunker shot, take a cue from the pros and spend a few seconds nailing your setup. This is where most amateurs go wrong. A solid setup is key to killer bunker play. So, step one: grab your sand wedge and hook it around the ball. Now, draw a line with the club's end and align your heels with it. You might feel like you're further away, but trust me, it's all about getting lower to the ground for that sweet loft.

Next up, draw another line straight back from the ball and press a second ball into the sand. Your lead foot goes on the front line, pointed out 45 degrees. That second line is where you'll land your club. Oh, and notice how my club face is slightly open? That's intentional. Align the leading edge with your toe. Grip it, and you're set.

Now, you might feel a bit distant from the ball, but that's perfect. It allows you to get low, which is crucial for loft. Now, onto mastering that arc. Start with individual arm swings. Let the club fall naturally, aiming to land it consistently on that line. Practice with both hands, focusing on that smooth, rhythmic arc. Stay balanced, no need to rush.

Alright, setup locked in, arc dialed, now it's showtime. Swing back, let that club drop on the line behind the ball. No jerky movements, just smooth, controlled action. And hey, don't forget the "fishy tail" move, that little flick of the wrist helps create that perfect arc.

Now, controlling distance? Easy. Just switch clubs or adjust your swing speed. Need it shorter? Soften that swing. Want more carry? Add a bit more juice. And for those compact sand bunkers, just lean in a bit more and let that club do the work.

So there you have it, folks. Master your setup, nail that arc, and you'll be popping out of bunkers like a pro every single time. If you found this helpful, give it a thumbs up and share it with a buddy who needs it. Until next time, have a fantastic week on the course!

Full Transcript- so in this video I'm going to show you how to get out of bunkers every single time but not just that I'm going to show you how to control your distance I'm going to show you how to play from you know the type of bunkers where there's a lot of sand and also type of bunkers where there's not a lot of sand I know a lot of my followers watching often mention that so in this video I'm going to show you some insights from a friend of mine gram Walker who basically coaches Tommy Fleetwood and Tommy Fleetwood when he started playing golf wasn't the best bunker player in the world and now he's one of the finest now he does something for a few seconds before every single bunker shot he players and apparently con the gra it makes a huge difference I'm going to share with you what that is because it will really really help your play too now before I get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing at least videos like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so let's start with this really simple concept every time you swing a golf club it swings on an ark okay now all we got to do is two things we obviously have to control the arc I'm going to show you how to do that in second but you also have to understand how the arc interacts with the golf ball now in bunkers what we do is is the ark looks like this there's a low point to this Ark okay and we put that low Point slightly look ahead of the golf ball and slightly look under the ground now you'll notice here the club would be coming into the ground about a ball behind this one and then coming out of the ground just afterwards okay this is what we want to create too many people if you're thin in the golf ball you're Bas either two high you're not hitting any sand at tall so you're hitting the ball and you're blading it across uh the green sometimes your low point is so far behind that you're topping the ball and again hitting the face sometimes your low Point's so far ahead of the golf ball like you're firing that kind of ball into the sand you're hitting those little fat shots okay so there's loads of things that could be going on I'm going to show you really simply what you need to do before you hit the shot and during the shot that's going to get you out every single time how nice is this the sun has come to join us to hopefully help you play some better bunker shots so you know one of the things that you'll find with great players okay and you could become a great Bunger player it requires no strength right is they spend a few seconds making sure that they get the setup absolutely perfect what I find with a lot of amateur golfers the setup is so kind of varied and it's one of the major causes of thinning it into the face of the bunker fatting it leaving it in there okay so great Bunker play starts with a great setup so here's the first step I want you to do take your um sandwich I've got a 60° sandwich here and what I'm going to do I'm going to take the club I'm going to hook it around the ball this is a great tip I got from grey Walker absolutely brilliant now here I just want you to draw a line of the end of your Club put your heels on the end of that line this is your distance from the golf ball now if you like many of my students here they'll immediately feel like they're a lot further away from the golf ball why do we stand further away from the golf ball when we're playing bunkers because it helps us to get lower to the ground the lower you get to the ground the more Loft you can add to the club and that's going to get your height when you stand Too Close you just can't get enough height to get out of the bunker okay so that's the first stage get the right distance from the golf ball next stage is this I want you then simply just to take your Club draw a line make sure I get this level draw a line straight back from the golf ball here then what I'm going to do is take a second ball press it into the sand here okay and this is your second line okay now all you do is is we've got our line distance from the golf ball here I want you to put your lead foot on your front line and point it out 45° this is your ball position the second line is the line that you are going to land your golf club on and it's as simple as that right this is your part I'll show you how to do that proper in a second right now one final thing what do you notice about my club face my club face looking slightly open now all you have to do is the Leading Edge Look he pointing towards my toe so I've opened it up so it's pointing directly towards my toe then I take my grip okay now I'm set up now a lot of people from here like I said they'll feel quite a lot long way away from the ball you're going to have to get lower down look almost towards like my hands are almost reaching knee height okay this is the foundation of brilliant Bunker play so now you've got setup you're halfway there to making great bunker shots now we've got the two lines in the sand what I want you to do now is simply figure out how do we create a beautifully consistent Ark The Arc has to have two properties it you need to be able to control the ark and the low point I hit the line every single time and you also need to control How deep the club goes you don't want to be going deep into the sound and hitting those big horrible fat shots so you got to control the arc itself and the depth of the arc okay really simple so what we've got our setup the way we learn this is by doing individual arms first so I take my trail hand here okay now all I'm going to do is I'm going to make some swings and I'm going to visualize look at this I'm just creating an a how do you think I'm creating it am I creating it with letting this arm go no I'm letting the arm just naturally fold here and then here look letting the club just fall back down to the to the ground and I'm landing it ideally on this line here now here as I practiced that I landed it where too far behind this would be a fat shot so I practice there we go just gently dropping it on that line every single time train that motion okay I might even from their look walk to a golf barall after a few uh practices and just get sense of just dropping that club beautifully look at this just drop it on that line and look you can play great bunker shots just with one arm all I'm doing here is practicing I'm swinging the club on an KN and letting it drop on that line but it started with a great setup position okay now slightly harder but if you're you know for me I'm right-handed but you know I um try to do it with my left hand it's going to be a bit trickier so I TI my left hand here left hand this is putting the Loft on the golf club here all I'm going to do now is practice the same thing get myself set swing the club up and practice dropping it on that line notice it's a little bit harder for me but I'm going to practice it cuz I'm training how there you go now I'm getting it right so I'm practicing keeping that left on and then I'm going to go in get myself set I'm going to see how this Left Hand Works back here that's worked pretty pretty good too right so I'm training how both lead hand and Trail hand create the Arc of this club now most of notice this I'm not moving around all over the players this is where key I've set my body up in a really stable balanced position and I'm simply swinging and creating in an arc with the golf club here and letting the club go I'm not snatching at it because that wouldn't create an ark I'm letting it go so once I've got that feeling all I do get myself set and here's what I want to do you take your Club here jump on the heel line perfect got my line there put my uh foot out 45° Club pointing Leading Edge pointing at the front Club lower myself into the sand and I'm ready to go now here look yes in practice you can't have lo you can't do all this on on a golf course but this is how you kind of build the systems in place so you can do it very quickly on a course now I get myself set here and I'm going to swing back and I'm going to practice just with both hands now striking that line behind look the golf ball and I'm there's no snatching here one of say where my problem sometimes I might drive the club here that's not going to help create the a most amate golfers flick it here move out of position I'm staying in position here nice and St a and relax just letting the club look release through this

shot simple as that a little bit to the right that one but it popped out there beautifully and stopped okay now one thing I love the feeling of this and this is what Graham really gave me in my bunker play which is brilliant is he really gave me what he liked to call the kind of the fishy tail for so someone like me who would often Drive the club here the fishy tail is this look at my right wrist it's just releasing this is helping create look the ark to the shot here I'm allowing the club to swing back and then as I'm coming through I'm letting the AR just beautifully fall down to the ground and come through there's a lovely Rhythm to this motion and it starts again with great setup lower myself into the ground and then people ask me how do you control distance well you can control it by simply changing your club I'm using 60 here if I want to hit a bit further I might use like a a 52 and you can control it with speed okay so if I want to hit this further or shorter I would simply just change the length of my swing and the speed that I hit it so look at this here look nice and soft there you go barely touched that one landed really really short comes up a bit shorter but it's that's just a very smooth one here if I wanted to hit it a little bit further and Beyond the flag again same principle I'm not going to hit it really hard I'm just going to swing add a bit more energy to this and this will carry that little bit further here back look at that now let's Carri that a little bit further and it comes out with spin okay so great Bunker play starts with great setup and then understanding how to create the ark okay every time now one final thing different compact Sands well look I've just taken out loads of sand there if I move this into that area there there's not a lot of sand underneath that golf ball so when that happens you've got to get the club working slightly deeper into the sand and all you do to kind of change that is just think about it if you're creating an arc and I lean backwards I'm going to be coming out the sand very quickly if I just lean in a little bit I'm going to be bringing the as I naturally swing beautifully rhythmically downwards I'm going to go into the sand just a little bit more so that's all I want you to do is just simply get yourself into your setup position here and then move a little bit more downwards into your kind of lead side here but then the same principle all I'm going to do is let the club again just fall as we're doing here into the ground how am I doing this I'm using my fish's tail look I'm literally allowing the club to release through still I'm still creating Arc I'm just going to catch that sand on a slightly more descending

blow there you go pop tub is going to release a little bit more it's quite compact but it's acceptable and you can see here I'm just dropping that club beautifully down on that s so get great setup to start with then simply start to get the Arc of the golf club here Trail hand get a feeling of this get the club landing on the same spot every time if you cannot do that please don't try and hit golf bolts uh at bunkers that with get the club landing at the same spot every time with both hands and you're going to be well on your way to playing great bunker shots every single time so I hope you enjoy the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who might be struggling with us bunker shots around the green but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.