Before Striking Your Irons Do This For 5 Seconds

irons Nov 20, 2023



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Full Transcript- so you found yourself in the Fairway now I've got an iron here you might have an iron a hybrid or even a fairy wood and you want to guarantee a more consistent strike well there's something that very few people seem to be aware of when it comes to striking the ball off the Fairway consistently and by the way it isn't the low point it's something else and I gave this to a recent student of mine who Mark actually who would really inconsistent with his ball striking now by the time we've finished we made a massive difference to the quality of his strike and the distance late hits the shots off the Fairway I'm going to share with you exactly what we did because very few people seem to be aware of it now before I get into that video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing all these videos are just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download or practice guide in the description box below

now if you want to learn how to strike a ball like that come and have a quick look at this now there's a few things that you need to notice here then the first thing clearly look my ball was positioned in the middle of these two T's the divot look happens look afterwards the lowest point I did is after the golf ball now you may have heard this before but there's also one aspect here as well this diva is quite shallow and this is really really important this is something that nobody really pays attention to but it's key if you want to start to strike any shot including your hybrids in your Woods off the Fairway so what I'm going to do today I'm going to show you how to control not only just get this diff at this beautiful strike here after the golf ball but how you control one of the most important things which is the depth of the divot that could be the thing that's ruining your boss tracking let's have a look so getting you to start striking needs more consistently isn't as difficult as you might think but you need a very simple and logical approach now stay tuned to the end because I've got a just a a routine that will just take a few seconds before each shot that I want you to do on the golf course it will take what we're going to do now and make it so much easier to apply on the course so let's start with step number one and this is what I actually gave Mark when he was struggling with strike he was really really consistent one minute topic next minute thin it then he'd hit a good one now what was happening was ultimately when you swing a golf club here if you look at this here I am creating a circle with this Golf Club yeah and it has a low point to that Circle but not just that the circle okay the depth of that Circle can move up and down okay and this is super super important but nobody pays attention to it now what Mark was doing was he was moving up and down a huge amount and what that was doing is the circle therefore was literally going up and down with his swing so one minute to top it next minute it fatter it was too too inconsistent I've had other students who have their arms moving up and down too much like this and one minute they start like this and as they come through impact they end up like this okay so they're again they're changing look the depth that this circle comes through this is one depth and now this is another debt because I'm now starting to bend my arms and they wonder why they're topping it so the very first thing I want you to do when you get to a golf ball is to pay attention simply to the depth of your eye try and control it now the different ways you can do this but the simplest way is this this is what I give Mark to give him two things I got him to get his posture in play and I got him to maintain his height through the shot said Matt please make a few swings just getting your Club to bruise the ground if you suddenly start to feel like one minute is skimming the ground next minute it's going into the ground pay attention to the height don't let your body drop down okay so make some swings going backwards and forwards maintaining look you're high and just swing back because it falls in a very relaxed way bruising the ground the second thing I give him I said look I'm seeing when you're swinging back here that these arms are starting to spread apart well if they stay spread apart you're now above the ground you might even have to dip into the shot I want you to imagine that these arms as you're swinging are kind of almost the same distance apart all the time look and when we're doing this this is going to help you create and maintain look the radius of this circle if they start to bend up the radius is going to come in and we're going to top the ball okay if you then drop your height you're going to Fat it so focus on those two things here backwards and forwards maintaining height and keeping equidistant and then I got him to hit a couple of shots foreign just hitting a few simple shots like that over and over again now it didn't take long for Matt to get great contact very very quickly that's all he needed it all he needed was pure depth control and the strike was there but not everyone is that simple so once you've if you know once you've identified okay I'm now controlling your depth there's the next thing you've got to control which is where's the low point of the divot itself where's the low point of this circle because like every single Circle here all right here there's a lowest point now luckily Mark all we did by raising the depth up his low point was in already in a great place but yours might be a bit behind the golf ball so even though you're controlling the depth now you're bruising the ground you're bruising it a little bit behind the golf ball this will still lead to a fat shot okay but depth is what you control first and now look you do the exercises and you think oh look I'm look I can see my club striking the ground behind the golf ball so what could we do to get that club bruising the ground but bruising ahead of the golf ball well it's just some simple things you can just do as setup and the first thing I would do is take your golf club hang it from your sternum and ask yourself where is it hanging if it's hanging behind the golf ball the chances of you hitting the ground behind the golf ball thinning it on top of it are pretty likely get the club hang it directly over the top of the golf ball you might be asking well if I was hitting a hybrid or a long hand the ball's further forward where does that sternum hang well ultimately it's still hanging it's not now it's hanging a bit more over the back of the golf ball here as opposed to maybe a driver where you want to hit the baller on the way up we hang it way behind but to strike a ball off the Fairway we really want to strike the ball in the grounds we want to try and get it somewhere in the vicinity of that golf ball super important the next thing I would do is once I'm there and I put the club down I want the handle opposite inside the thigh and then I grip it so my hands are slightly ahead because where the club is lowest point of exact is directly when this lead Ammon Club line up underneath this lead shoulder so if we've got already set the angle we're increasing the likelihood that we're going to start the ball then the ground some people set up like this with a candle in the middle and they're already into what I call flicking territory now one funny thing I went for a lesson recently with a friend of mine Huma who give me the simplest tip you know although maybe it was my strike was a majorly inconsistent it was could be better and he gave me a tip to help my ball striking by narrowing my stance because when you have a wide stance as he did with me it got me actually leaning back and catching a little bit heavy sometimes by narrowing it it really helped me stay over the top of the golf ball so you see set up the can make a real difference so once you've got set up and you've got an idea yeah what about the swing well I promise you I'd give you something to do for five seconds before each and every shot of the Fairway well here's something that is really really simple all I want you to do is this it's logical approach to striking better before each shot I wanted to do is this I like to make some swings based on what we've talked about controlling your depth paying attention so I there hit the top Blades of the grass I haven't hit the base of any soil yet there we go now I've got my depth now what I'm going to do is I'm going to look at now I've got my depth where's the location of where the club is striking the ground relative to my ball if I start seeing grass popping up behind the golf ball here I'm going to start moving my body forwards to start striking that ball then the ground if I start moving forward to start to go deep again I know I've done something wrong so I'm just spending a few seconds look paying attention to the depth and the location of that club grounding that is it I promise that is it now once I've got that feeling I simply just walk to the golf ball won't waste any time and just rip it just like that ball Turf strike get that simple sensation into your game okay keep those arms close together can I focus on controlling your height and then pay attention to where that club is not only grounding but how it's grounding relative to that golf ball I promise you this will really really help it's super super simple so if you enjoyed the video make sure you give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends you're struggling with shots off the Fairway and do me a favor look if you want a video specifically on this with the hybrids and the woods please check this one out right here I've also put a free download practice guide in the description box below here and of course look if you're new to the channels on your first videos please consider subscribing it's completely free to do sir but until next week have a wonderful golfing week. 


Transcript Summary- 

Hey there, golfers! Danny Maude here, and I've got some fantastic tips for you today, especially if you find yourself struggling with inconsistent ball striking off the fairway. It's not just about the low point; there's something else crucial that many people overlook.

Before we dive in, if you're new to the channel, welcome! I've got videos like this coming your way every week to help you improve your game. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, and I always throw in a free download or practice guide in the description box below, so check that out.

Now, let's talk about striking the ball consistently off the fairway. Notice in the video, my ball position is between these two tees, and the divot happens after the golf ball. What's essential, and often neglected, is the depth of the divot. It's not just about where it starts, but how shallow or deep it is.

So, to get that beautiful strike, you want to control the depth of your divot. It's a game-changer, and I'm going to share exactly how to do it. First things first, when you're at the ball, pay attention to the depth you're creating with your swing. I had a student, Mark, who was all over the place with his striking. One minute topping it, the next fatting it. We fixed it by working on the depth.

Imagine you're creating a circle with your golf club during the swing. The depth of that circle can move up and down. Mark was moving up and down too much, creating inconsistency. So, step one is to control the depth by maintaining your height through the swing. Keep those arms equidistant and swing back, letting the club brush the ground. This helps you maintain a consistent radius.

Once you've got a handle on controlling the depth, the next thing is to look at where the low point of the divot is. If it's behind the ball, you're in danger of hitting it fat. Check your setup – hang the club from your sternum directly over the ball. Ensure the handle is opposite the inside of your thigh and slightly ahead. This sets up the angle for the lowest point to be under your lead shoulder.

Now, let's talk about a quick routine before each shot on the fairway. Narrow your stance to avoid leaning back. Make some swings to control your depth, then pay attention to where the club is grounding relative to the ball. Adjust your body forward or backward accordingly.

And that's it! A logical approach to better ball striking off the fairway. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, share it with your golf buddies, and if you want more on hybrids and woods, check out this video here. Don't forget the free practice guide in the description below. And if you're new, hit that subscribe button for more golf tips. Until next week, have a wonderful golfing week!