Best ROTATION DRILL for your Backswing and Downswing - It's super SIMPLE!

backswing and downswing iron tips rotation drill Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining is wouldn't it be nice to have a drill or an exercise that improves your backswing in your downswing and leads to much much more accurate shots something that doesn't require too much thoughts and confusion well to do this you're probably gonna have to eliminate one of the biggest misconceptions in golf is hash one of the biggest mistakes I see in the golf swing we do this and it can make a huge difference to your overall consistency that's what we're gonna work on in this week's training before I get into it if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little Bell button next to subscribe button you get notified every time release a video just like this one so what is what I believe is the biggest mistake or misinterpretation in the golf swing the word turn or rotate a lot of people misinterpret this and it has a huge detriment to both their backswing and the Douma I don't know where you're trying to do this yourself but if you're feeling that you're not completing your backswing you're struggling to make a turn you're struggling with distance this could be one of the main reasons why now what I see a lot of people doing is when they're trying to make a turn they're often trying to rotate their shoulders now what this leads to is is almost a rolling of their shoulders where the club starts to go around the body way too much here and this if you like really tight they're struggling to rotate the other thing I see is people trying to rotate their hips here well that just kind of gets us moving off send too too much and again it's make it makes it very difficult to get back to the golf ball for consistency let's have a look at it from this angle so from this position what I'm seeing is this they're turning like this get some stat standing up sometimes but they're really struggling to complete their backswing on the downswing I see I don't feel the same but I see but we're trying to rotate their hips that's not one of the best players do they do look like the rotor in their hips but they're doing it often a different way to what most people are interpreting what we want to do is in golf we work on very much straight-line motions here watch this when I tip my backswing here that right foot goes straight back the weight goes straight back into the heel as that happens here it will give you I'm sure watching the interpretation that I'm actually rutter him my hip on the way through watch this I say come through as I push this straight back here what happens it looks like I've actually rotated my hip doesn't it but there's no rotation at all all I'm doing is the forces are being pushed straight back what we don't want to be doing is moving this gets the body moving around and it's really uncomfortable so watch this let's start with the backswing first and then we'll work on the downswing what I want you to try and look at here is this when you take the club back I want to practice just simply get in the weight moving straight back into that trail for my right foot here that's how I make it straight back here then on the way through there's a gentle push at this stage at the backswing there's weight on the heel and it's weight on the front foot just watch out some people make this mistake as they're pushing the weight into this heel this knee can go and don't let that they'll let that happen that would be this type of force we're doing this yeah this motion here so pushing back into the front part the lead foot heel oh right now from this position yes there's a gentle force here going forward you can add that another bit of the middle stage but then watch this there's no what we call rotation here it literally is that force going straight back as that push you straight about what happens to this this goes here so if you're at home now and you can all jump out in your garden just have a go at this have a feel of this take a couple of swings maybe even without a golf course that or maybe with one hand and just practice the weight going straight back into that heel here and straight into the front part of your lead foot and then as you come down look simply just simply push that straight back here there and you're just trying to get this timing look at how that starts to coordinate now why is this important well let's so look it from two perspectives let's look at start with the hook is if you hook the golf ball I hook the ball now and then this is what tends to happen we get a bit here and what we do is is we start to slide now the problem is when we slide our we start to and then we start to rotate the club gets stuck behind we haven't we've gone too laterally now what happens the club Stoke we're gonna have to catch up this club gets flippy and unstable out of control would creates big big curves you know on that if you slice a golf ball you do the reverse rather than slide your legs you slide the body so what happens is this you get back here and then you rotate your body this way so you're actually getting rotation this way again we're not creating these straight lines so how do you work on this well the first thing I would do is I won't work on it with a golf ball whatsoever what I do is I just simply practice first of all feeling this the weights going straight now watch it straight back here move then diagonally across and then straight back through you see that there one through nice and slow just fine to get it out if I get stuck in here I'm starting to have to flip it now but I don't want to do that so I'm getting those lines working one step here straight back through just practice getting that timing

it will feel quite strange I remember when I first learned this or quite a while ago now I was always taught to slide across and get this kind of moving too much and then what that does is it kind of that's what's me it's worth power feels like it's coming from so when I start to do these straight lines it felt I wasn't generating any speed but actually it's not about that when you get over to this golf ball here you're staying over there it's about how you put pressure on that golf ball and stabilize that club so we can hit it straight so I'm going to push straight back here straight back there and it's just a lovely little draw the left side of that green okay so it's such a simple Martian but the great thing about when you stack to this brush these straight lines look at how naturally centered I stay so you find yourself moving around that's a huge cause of inconsistency so you're straight back here coming back in straight back down much much more centered


so let's have a look at it just from this angle just to finish off and give you some specific things and how you should work on this I would work on it in stages first of all just get the sensation of how you're going to create our backs and get the weight going straight back into that trail for my right hand for just feel it's going back not moving to the side it's a straight line motion feel that there then watch this then from here just maybe you hit some shot just maybe do some swings just like that initially maybe straight back and through once you get that sensation here well then start to perfect the down swings are straight back as swing straight back and swing we haven't cracked it yet so now you've got a sense of how that's working then add the middle bit in so it's straight back here now watch this all I'm going to do now is I'm going to feel like I'm moving this way front to my front part the toe and leave them awaiting my heel here and there and then this is the key bit the down swing then comes and this is the accelerator pedal you're gonna push down really hard with your heel here that gets the right and and your toe goes this way so your weight is going from heel to the left toe the right these are at your accelerator pedals so the looking a bit like this back here now watch this a practice your accelerator pedal you could do this quite simply by doing some again some demo swings straight back here now watch there from here practise the accelerator pedal here practice the accelerator pedal we don't have been here we don't to be going there we don't we try to turn our hips straight back here watch this practice that accelerator try and get the timing the more you get this the more it will just feel correct as ever look at this in action

absolutely love it it really does help to one improve your ball striking with both your irons and your woods really stabilizes this head if your head gets behind here and it's out of sync with the body you're gonna have to catch it up with your hands likewise if it's our sync here you're gonna have to do weird stuff which is why you slice it we want to keep this coordination going this motion here keeps you centered but it's also a great way of delivering and keeping that clubface nice and stable and square and timed through the hitting area I hope you really enjoyed this do this in phases work on the back swings this is summary to work on the backswing first feel the straight-line force going here then from this position just really feel that you're enhancing the weight in the toe keeping the weight in the heel and then finally from here put on that acceleration like accelerator pedal here by just going straight back there and then deliver that Golf Club clearly this is a great thing that you can do in your garden first no golf balls just practice getting that timing no no there you go wouldn't get it and just feels right away we go hope you enjoy this training if you do give it a thumbs up and maybe show if you one of your friends who can maybe do a bit of work on this again don't this doesn't require any golf balls initially just helps you to get a feel for the golf swing course if you to channel don't forget to press that subscribe button and the notification bell so you get to see me hopefully next week but until next week stay safe have a great week