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chipping pete cowen Sep 13, 2022

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so you're trying to do everything perfectly yeah i am yeah yeah walk up to it and just go i'm messing about yeah i'm messing about push the pressure down and just move out the way don't say into everything yeah i got it that's better much much better yeah correct now that's the best striking hit yeah so it worked every single yeah yeah because i wouldn't pass it on if i didn't think it worked all the time yeah yeah again your legs are all over the place and i'm saying my legs would be pressure down yeah so i'm pressing down so i've got the pressure still even on a shot like this yep i've got the pressure down and then i can move out of the way so i might when you see my legs are all over the place they're just too too loose yeah too loose so you've not not really kept the pressure down in your in your thighs and your knees to actually allow that to happen and then yeah because it's there you can come out yeah okay so i'm going to try and feel like you you don't look as though you're gonna you look as though you're gonna hit a full shot right okay relax get your arms in yeah so i feel as though my arms now could stay in your arms are away right from you so you're really struggling to make that contact the lower cut so i'm more in and then i'm making room for myself got it

so basically more chilled there yeah yeah down a bit okay

i could feel that drag in the flick so now all i want you to do now is to walk up to this as though you you're messing about get as close as you can here and just push your arm pressure don't try and get the club out to hit the ball yeah push your arm pressure so the club can bottom out and then keep turning that's all i want you to do okay yeah so it's all you're messing about walk up grip it down yep push it down again your change of direction is what's causing the thing to bottom out so your change of direction is forward right that button's always going forward driving now that for me that button needs to come so you've got to feel as though your arm pressure is getting the toe under the ball as early as you can this way down to stop the butt end traveling and then you're going to get the bounce to work properly that's it so it feels to you like i get that toe to work down under the ball as i'm turning look where the button is yeah not that way i like that image actually yeah yeah yeah so you're walking and you're going push the button and push the toe under the ball as i'm turning because i want to hear that i want to hear the proper noise of the actual bounce working properly that there relax yeah so yeah yeah arms down so your butt ends traveling far too far there okay right yeah so let's let's start with the the hands move in the club head that's it got it yep now we go a bit further now now i'm going to use the pressure all right okay now i'm going to use the pressure so that little bit of it's the more you travel with the butt this way the less control you've got because if it goes that way it's definitely going to come this way so watch if i'm here now i can i can keep the pressure down as i'm that's it that's it now that's a much better action yeah yeah that's it now you look like you're going to hit a pitch there yeah as opposed to where is it yeah yes i'm doing it yeah yeah exactly so i've got this little drag yeah and you're losing total control that's it there and then you push to get that you don't try and hit the ball with the club head you push push the pressure down and move out the way that's it push the pressure down and move out the way

so you feel like you're coming almost across it slightly yeah it does feel like you're coming across yes it does it definitely does yeah because it's moving on the ark good yeah because your hands are working this way yeah okay that's that's yeah that's yeah and then move out the way so just that little bit of finger pressure which is very little buck movement yeah i've almost got the butt almost moving forward not back yes and then pressure down to move out the way because it's only such a short shot correct yeah

that's better that's better yeah very different movement you're tight your timing on that is you're up slightly early which is fine but yeah it's the right movement but it's not timed correctly okay grip it down that's it push that's it that's the proper pitching action for this shot that's it use the bounce better

so now make sure you use the bounce i want you to ground it so you make sure push the bounce under the ball now make try and feel as though you're pushing the bounce under the ball with your arm pressure so i'm pushing so when you say push it so i'm gonna i'm coming down and i'm gonna push push i'm gonna push the bounce under the ball as i'm turning push the bounce under the oh i see yeah i think so yes it's like this that's it that's it now you've got it that's it okay yeah that's it push the bounce down as you're turning that's it

that's all right but you're backed up again yeah i did i feel like hadn't backed up that would have been fine okay if you'd have gone with it i said i almost feel as though your body's helping you to move the club on the ark so i've done this at the end of there yeah what you've done move it come through it and move it that way that's it that's it yeah that's it

relax equal i'll put it push it down under the ball into now you're backing up again yeah i feel like yeah it's really good so my so my interpretation of my body's interpretation of getting out is to lift up isn't it but come this way as opposed to turn you get you get out the way this way so now hit it again yep and uh i'm only going to just i'm going to move you backwards that's fine yeah yep there you go got it that was the strike right that was the strike so you allowed the natural weight of the club to work for you then yeah it feels weird so all i'm doing there is i'm i'm making room for the club to fall back to vertical or as close to vertical as possible which then bottoms out much more consistently yeah i can see that yeah i see that and it's such a different feeling this kind of uh this isn't it yeah that's it that's it now that looks like proper pitching though yeah pop a pitching go hit it correct that's it and you'd have to learn that movement yeah so then you can bottom out so much easier then and i can feel if i got the feel of it in the hands it's a little bit more yeah it's a bit tense there yeah but you'll be able to feel that i can bottom out and i can now allow myself to bottom out and then you'll feel a lot more pressure on the ball and you'll feel the bounce work properly that's it so feel the pressure down and move up and out of the way correct that's it that's it yeah that's it

once you've done that you they can then start putting different pressures on the ball but at least now you've got the pressure going down correct so it's not back it's not bad no sorry yeah it's not it's that way that's it up and out of the way so it's as you're coming watch watch me yeah it's it's up and out and out of the way yeah yeah yeah that's to allow the club to fall yeah because if you didn't it's going to go this way yeah okay push the pressure down move out of the way

it's backed up a bit on that one just a bit a little bit yeah a little bit

but it's just i'm feeling even there less handsy you know so again eventually you push the push the whole face under the ball as you're turning the whole face push down that's it push it down as you turn it's a release yeah you're doing this with your legs as well yeah i'm moving with it right so you're going correct that way that's it and don't be frightened of moving up on it okay

better much better now all of a sudden if you keep doing that you can definitely change you can definitely change the flight pattern of that once you've got that that movement correct because all of a sudden you're producing the proper loft under the ball that's why it's gone up so high right now if you go get set with the hands ahead and do the same thing then it's going to go lower more spinny yeah should we try it yeah yeah so hands ahead just slightly slightly ahead that's it and then this sit so same thing same thing exactly the same thing don't be so harsh with the hands full right just that soft pressure down not a long shot that's it that's it that's it soft pressure down and keep moving

close yeah use this club i want you to use that club from the cat all right see whether the bounce is any different because it sounds as though the bounce is different on this so push down keep turning that's it push down keep turning ah get back to have it so you're trying to do everything perfectly yeah yeah walk up walk up to it and just go i'm messing about yeah i'm messing about push the pressure down and just move out the way don't try and do everything perfectly yeah i got it just move up to it and say right now i'm just messing about push the pressure down and move correct that's it that's it now you're allowing things to actually yeah exactly how much more

correct now you're getting the strike pattern yeah yeah yeah so you're doing that so you're trying to hit it you're trying to get it down and then you're trying to move out yeah you can't you can't so you're just walking up messing around well if i just push the pressure down and move it's going to be it's going to work i'm messing about i'm just messing about push it and turn correct now that's a proper strike pattern yeah isn't it yeah just kind of different different again yeah look they're out the middle as well that's a rarity so you're just messing about and you're walking up like anything you walk you're walking up and you're just going oh if i just push push the pressure down you can hear it i can hear the bounce working properly

i never as a jacket go walk up push and turn

correct correct yeah i feel like you have to get that movement first before you are you know capable of changing flighting it flight in it differently yeah so you've got that movement first that's it i'm messing about right walk up push it down and turn better

just need to shorten it but it doesn't need to be hit that hard does it no it's it's a little cause you've got pressure yeah you've only got pressure down correct now that's the best strike you've hit yeah yeah because that's got check on it yeah i like to say i think there's an element isn't there when you're you're working on things you can start overthinking it but once you get the sense it's time to let go isn't it a little bit i'm missing about push push and turn that's the strike you want that's it that's it and that that three yards shorter would have been a really good nice shot yeah yeah 100 walk up and do that same again you're walking up um allowing natural correct now you're allowing natural forces so now i'm messing about and i'm just getting out the way of it yeah yeah that's still so easy i'm getting out the way of it but you stand over and you're thinking uh what do i do now do i move the fingers here do i move that and then do a change direction instead of saying no let the club have its own natural force yeah allow it yeah so as i'm here i want me to come back because then that's allowing the club to bottom out properly yeah and everybody says well you're lifting your head no you're not no but you're not backing up on it which means i'm hitting behind it which gives you that you're allowing that that's that you're allowing that natural force to work yeah you know so you can hear the noise straight away as soon as you do it properly check and release one bounce check and release so whether you've got the yips most people are hitting at it and then i don't know where because i've got no connection between the shaft and the arm i don't know where my bottom of the arc is whereas when i'm here look i'm a line i've aligned everything and i'm pulling i'm pulling back and pulling back you can see there how that's how soft that shot is yeah easy yeah and it's just flighted and released properly yeah isn't it yeah it's yeah yeah and and it's all central hit yeah so i want you to behave like you were a junior and say well is that all there is to it i've only i've just got to move the club and allow it to create the shot yeah yeah yeah so you're walking up you're playing like you're doing it no overthinking of it just again you the only thing you've backed up i'm feeling it now again yeah you're back you're back you're backing up this way yeah because you think that's the same as going yeah and it's not and it won't bring the club back out front no it won't no

correct that's it yeah and it would have been much better if you haven't had the grass on the face which means that you can't get any spin but that's why i would always practice and i'd always clean the grooves on every shot yeah because then then you'll know if the reaction's correct i see so far too many people playing with clubs trying to practice chipping with a you know grooves full of mud and i said well you're not never going to get the check and the proper reaction so you practice it incorrectly yeah yeah so you've just got to walk up there it's just i'm pressurizing my arms down and moving out the way that's it that's it that's all you got to do that's better much much better yeah yeah yeah it feels good and don't be frightened of going down and coming just this way we're already firing it almost see if i can no back up correct now all of a sudden you're bringing the flight down as well now i fell i felt me on top of that one as well yeah definitely

but you look much like more like a pitcher than a player that's trying to pitch with a normal golf swing yeah yeah yeah it just feels like it just feels very very different i feel like

this it's just i think through impact i just feel like before it felt a little bit like this yeah and it just feels now that it's going to be much much more confident almost like you said i can control the flight pressure yeah yeah so different

so different

i didn't think that one but again from there you've just backed up that little bit instead of going pressure move pressure and move it's pressure and move pressure down that's better much better you can take it but you can hear it yeah and what in terms of like distance control so once you start to i mean i presume that ultimately this is you've got to get the strike before you do anything else well you're not you're not going to get control if you don't get the quality of strike for sure so when when would you advise me moving on to trying to work on distance control how will i know when i've got that kind of strike what am i looking what my what's the sound what you know noise is the key yeah and as i said if you bounce your club and the vibration is there yeah that's using the bounce people don't know how to use the bend the club's got to have that sort of vibration for you to be able to use the bounce so when i can feel that bit of vibration with my pressure on my arms going down and i can feel the bounce actually vibrating slightly up the shaft yeah then i can feel that i've got better mechanics and then obviously if i said to you right i want you to have the softest pressure that doesn't actually reach so you just go soft pressure that doesn't actually reach the green now just walk up to that soft pressure down correct but don't back up again yeah exciting yeah if i can stand there with you yeah right same again back correct yeah you're more likely to hit it slightly thin yeah than fat so you correct that's it that's it yeah yeah so you can almost feel the bounce the bounce we couldn't really feel that bounce working yeah no i'd backed up a bit sorry now i want you to hit this and i want you to go right i want you to pressure and walk after get it push the pressure down and walk after it correct that's the best one you've hit yeah yeah yeah yeah it's just that habit isn't that instant wanting to kind of back out and yeah because we've all you know tried to get the ball airborne in a lot of cases and and the actual it's actually the downforce pressure that's going to elevate the ball that's it

correct that's the noise you can hear it yeah straight away you see look at that then the reaction check and release yeah check and release but you have to work at getting the actual mechanics right so you know the mechanics are pressure the arms down as you're moving pressure there and i'm not trying to manipulate the face there i've got the angle so now i'm pushing the pressure down and now from there you can see how that face is going to square up with the body turn that's the big thing because i it's what i'm feeling with what you're saying here is one i'm not dragging so there's much more here but then it's that sensation at the i'm not doing anything with the club really i'm just i'm just pushing my arm pushing my arms down and then that's it and then just pressurize it as you miss him and walk after it better much better much better yeah you can still check out yeah

walk after it pressure down and walk after not quite no well you lo you lose you lose it's not so much you back up there you lose the wrist angle and i'm saying no you just get the button and you push the pressure and your hand pressure stays constant and i felt that i tried to walk through without putting that pressure down yeah your hand suspect is constant push the pressure down in your hands that's better that's better yeah that's better and just stuff like this you know when you when you work out walk around the greens and from dodgy lies this is these are pretty good lies here when you start to put maybe go out the thick roof is there any change in what you're doing yeah there's but there's in thick rough like you get a uso there's basically four lies the first lie a is when the ball lies on top of the grass well that's what they call that's what we would call if i'm doing it this way if the ball is laying on top of the grass it's collect just collect it just collect the ball with a full face at the top don't try and go under it otherwise the ball drops to the bottom of the grass yeah then the ball is halfway down the grass it's halfway down at the grass and not all the way down sitting there so i call that a half cut and release i open the club face i lower the heel and i go this is in thick rough by way this is just demonstrated yeah so i cut i want to i cut the heel down and i hold it there i hold it under so i cut i cut because the sharpest part of the club is the heel not the leading edge the sharpest part is there so in the thick rough i cut it with the heel and hold the loft under so i cut i half cut and hold yeah but and you but you still feel like you're putting pressure on that shaft yeah i'm still putting and then if it's all the way down and i have to get to the bottom i open it even more and then i have what i call a cult full cut and release so i lay lay it down and i have a full cut and release which just goes basically up and stops but even then still you're you're still doing all we talked about which is pressure and still coming out you're just altering how you yeah deliver interaction yeah that's how it's coming out to that position got it so and then the other one which people hate is when the grass is growing against you like that yeah thick grass it's land and course it's thick grass and most players go straight under it or cut across it and it doesn't get any listen so what you've got to do is almost feel it as though your arm pressure is drawing the grass under under the ball and going this way so it's basically arms down close up and the ball draws and it just gets the grass to push the ball up and it never falls off right it works every time as well and it took me 30 years to develop that one because everybody used to ask me and i said i don't know until i eventually did it yeah well i now know and it worked and i had to do it so it worked every single year yeah because i wouldn't pass it on if i didn't think it worked all the time yeah yeah and you've got would you mind if you've got time would you mind showing us that specialty bunker shot like you talked about earlier yeah if you enjoyed this video and you want to see the unedited version plus more videos that we filmed with pete on the full swing plus some little short chips and some amazing bunker play go and check out my website we've actually got a full short game series over there we'll take you from the small chip shots all the way up to the pit shot plus look he showed me this little tip right here on the chipping amazing works every single time go check it out.