CHIP SHOTS Around the Green are MUCH EASIER with this Short Game Technique

chipping pitching short game simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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how often do you find yourself stood over a chip shot you've got a great opportunity to get up and down for a power but you're fat in front of your nose or you thin it over the back of the green so frustrating isn't it well this week's golfers what we're going to do is we're going to cover the number one chipping action that you're going to need for 70 to 80 percent of your shots around the green it's going to help you strike the ball consistently every single time i'm also going to go through what clubs you should be taking from because from this position it's going to be different to maybe a shot on the edge of the green over there we're going to cover that as well and also we're going to cover that horrible thick stuff when you're on the edge of the green how do you play that too so before i get into the video look if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing okay look how important is chipping it is super super important isn't to keep your round going we're all gonna miss green so you need to get up and down now chipping is simply a shot where we get over rough ground the ball lands on the green and then rolls beautifully out to the hole it sounds simple doesn't it well to do this consistently you need to have a consistent strike you need to be able to learn distance control you also need to be able to learn when you're around the edge of the green and you've got some maybe dodgy lights whether it's muddy lights or some rough light you need to know how to play them that's what we're going to cover step by step today so let's get started well one of the advantages with chipping is it doesn't require any real power so because of that we can take advantage of that the first thing i want to realize is this we could get chipping just from the edge of the green here almost like a pendulum style motion right now what does this enable you to do well if it's pendulum it's a lot easier to hit the ball online and very very straight so that's what we're going to start with get the club very vertical so that the heel slightly off the ground feet together and allow your arms just to hang down and you'll notice that the grip is going to feel very different in your hands to a standard shot a standard shot the shaft would be much more angled here and we'd have much more of a rotational motion that's when we wanted to try to loft the ball high up in the air but most of the time we have chips around the green you just do not need to do that okay so this is a simple shot arms hanging down here ball goes towards the back of my stance here my weight's on my front foot and all i'm going to do here is this i want to somehow create an action where it's almost like a pendulum where my back of my wrist kind of goes back here and then i simply release the club a little bit like an underarm throw right an underarm throw so we start off like that and i'll show you some of the common mistakes that i see people make so so nothing complicated simple little chip just a simple like almost like an underground throne look at how accurate that is right so where do some of the pitfalls happen why how do you strike it consistently from there why do people sometimes you might find that you're fatting it or thinning it well what i often see is a misconception of how we're supposed to strike this golf ball what i want to do now is look i want to look at the butt end of the golf club here if you find that you're thinning it often it's because the butt end is waving around too much and starts to go quite a lot backwards and when that happens look you start to strike the leading edge of the golf club here all right with the butt look flying backwards now i don't know about you but i certainly was taught many years ago that okay well the way to get over that is to then keep your hands forward and drive them forward so if we do that this is what then i see happens we get the leading edge stuck into the ground because suddenly now look when the book goes forward like this that gets that's very sharp and gets stuck into the ground and then we fat it so what's the answer well you've got to just appreciate how this book works what it does it works in like an l-shaped fashion so it doesn't work that's your fat that's your fin it goes like this okay so it's rising almost through impact and when that rises that then releases the golf club and releases the bounce so the way you work on this look is this look at this motion we don't drive we don't flick we do this bang can you see how the butt now is almost going upwards and this as this goes upwards the club gets released like this right so you just get the sense of the difference and if you do if you're if you're a handle dragger feel it and then do the opposite there you go the club's going down the bus going upwards as i release this club all right let's have a look at this in action so get myself set

release a club okay look how accurate that is each and every single time so you've got it now you've started to understand it your weights forward all the setups in position here but you still mess it up now why is it or one of the biggest mistakes i see in fact my wife was doing this she was still fatting even after understanding this and the reason being was she had two long and careful emotion versus what i call a more of a pop motion now imagine this if i threw a ball to you and i was too careful the ball would never get to you but if i have to have some form of pop some relief some confidence in this motion now that clearly is going to come from in a sense letting go and and and just trusting i've been prepared to mess up but what i want to see with your chipping action is watch this pop pop look at how short my finish is almost versus long and loose yeah so when i get myself set up here this is going to hugely help you by the way when we go to rough in a second and we need to get through that rough so we get ourselves set here and all we're going to do is just pop this ball okay again simple simple action that just releases up up to the flag now i'm using a 99 here because i've got a lot of green to work with um and therefore all i want to do is get the ball on the green and releasing out what we're going to do now we're going to move up to the edge of the green bit further up and show you a slight alteration in this particular shot come on come with me so i've got my 56 degree wedge here now i've gone from 9 iron to 56. and in doing so what you see now look i'm on the edge of the green so you can see it here i've got a little bit of rough ground that i've got to get over now it's not thick rough we're going to go into that in a second um but we need now the ball to be stopping up if i took my nine on here it would roll too far past the hole so i'm not going to change my technique all i've done is got my 56 balls back in my stance that's normal and all i'm going to do nook is just pop this ball onto the green in exactly the same way we've just been hitting that nine-nine now watch this land and stop much shorter okay super super simple to get accurate now the question is is i i have to get asked on the channel well that's okay danny you're on a reasonable lies here but what happens if i'm on a bear lie i get loads of bare lies like muddy light so look at this let's put it on this mud look how awful that mud is here right so move these balls out of the way i'm going to put this on pure mud now if you've got great mechanics and great technique everything works exactly the same you don't have to worry about any light you get yourself set here and you just simply pop it if you're too careful yes you're going to mess up but just same principle back and pop now watch this i've actually struck it okay but can you see how that ball's drifted out to the right it had left to right sides been on now that's one of my personal problems and what i've done there see it's a lot with anyone who struggles to strike it sometimes or struggles direction i dragged the handle across the ball wiping the almost putting too much sidespin on it now when that happens i will become inaccurate but for the average amateurs to see this a lot they lose their strike so what i've got for you now is an awesome drill using the callaway triple strike you don't have to use this but it's a great great tool i basically put the ball and i light this for practice and align the triple stripe up to the hole now what this does is it gives me a wonderful way to kind of visualize how that club needs to attack straight pop straight into the back of that golf ball here if i wipe across it as i've just done there i'll put left to right side spin up and i'll see that triple track spinning away to the right hand side so all i'm going to do now is this go for the exact same process i'm going to use the triple stripe as a visual to pop that club beautifully square through that ball there

still a bit out to the right so i'll go okay let's work on it again i'm happy to add the dodgy one here just to show you back again

there we go beautiful right so that's what i would work on just improving that ability and that consistency of strike okay so let's just see now what you do if you're in just a little bit of thick rough so here you can see the ball's just nestled down now remember this is a chip shot this this action is going to be working all around the edge of the green when you want the ball to just chip up and release we're not play it's not the action by the way which you're going to go uh much higher then we'll go much lower in the shaft this is for i would say 80 percent of all your chip shots is going to save you a stack so same princess same position here and i'm going to ball back in my stance hands forward and all i'm going to do look with my 56 is again just pop that ball out of this rough and allow it to release

just as simple as that all we're doing is i'm not driving that handle forward i'm not trying to lift it out i'm literally allowing the gravity here to fall look on that golf ball here if i'm doing one-handed exercise is a great thing to do here to get the sensation of this so let's summarize okay so what have we done we started off with your nine-nine your chip and run here no difference in the action whatsoever all we do is we get the ball back in our stance we get the chef very vertical and take advantage of this pendulum style action here we get our weight forward with alarms just hanging here with our sternum of the ball that's your setup done from here look we want a pop action where the butt by the way goes upwards like the letter l here l it doesn't drive down in a parallel line here that gets your lineage stuck in it doesn't wave around here that gets your leading edge blading all we're doing here is getting that lovely popping motion here bang right this is going to give you the accuracy each and every single time what do you change for the um the kind of shorter shots or diff how do you control your distance control same principle here change control your distance control with changing your clubs that was a nine-nine because i've got a chance to roll it when you're on the edge of the green go to a 56 remember some of the issues even i have sometimes when i open up my body i drag my handle i wipe across it use maybe put a line on your golf ball i use a triple track callaways just to kind of help myself visualize a very square contact because that's the pendulum motion that we're after be confident with this you're gonna you're gonna mess up sometimes absolutely fine but do me a favor go and master this one simple shot i've got a full short game series coming soon where i cover all the shots around the green but this one action will cover 80 of your shots it really really will get stuck into it um be prepared to mess up because you will now and then but really master the shot hope you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up maybe share it one of your friends if you think they could benefit remember you never have to remember a thing i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below and of course look if this was one of your first videos consider subscribing to the channel it's completely free to do so but until next week have a great golfing week