CHIPPING around the green is MUCH EASIER with this Short Game Technique

chipping Mar 29, 2022

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hey everybody danny ward here thanks for joining us how often do you find yourself around the green like this and you know you should be getting up and down or at least close to the hole but you end up duffing it in front of your nose or you thin it over the back of the green how do you get distance control how do you get that consistent strike well i've got this one thing that i share with most of my students actually who are struggling with their chipping and it seems to work nearly every single time so i want to share with you exactly what that is because it's really really simple and i know that you could do it okay now before i get into the lesson though if you're new to the channel some of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing i release videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below okay great so i think you're going to really love this because it is super super simple and even surprisingly so so we're going to cover this in three stages but first of all i'm going to show you how the body moves how the body and the arms simply move um to kind of get the club swinging freely the second thing we're going to talk about is how you strike you know what happens to the golf club through the impact area and third and finally we'll then look at different lies around the green so how you apply this very simple system to chipping from dodgy lies hard lies you name it okay now the first thing to realize is this it's a lot easier than you're probably making it if you're struggling with your chipping okay most of the time it comes into a couple of buckets either you're rock solid in your legs like this and you're relying too much on your arms and like this and you end up jabbing it into the ground okay or your body's moving all over the place but now you're stiff with the arms it's one or the other what we want to have in the body action is this lovely flowing motion of the arms and also a kind of synchronization of the body but how do you go about achieving it well it's super super simple and i know that you can do it now i'm going to cover both right and left-handers because some people might be playing golf right-handed but are actually left-handed same principle look at this all i'm going to do is going to throw some balls underarm to this hole now what i want you to notice is watch how my arm swings freely and my body look naturally turns slightly towards a target okay it does not do this i'm not rigid and neither am i stiff like this there's always a lovely flow to the motion so that's the very first thing i just want you to do you just get a sense of a few under around first towards the hull now you might be playing golf left-handed but right-handed no problem so take the ball it's a little bit trickier but it's the same principle out of your left hand okay i'm gonna literally gonna throw this bottle now i wouldn't throw it like this and stay rigid and either i would have a stiff arm there would be a rhythm okay to this motion yeah so just imagine that get that sense of how the body and the arms are syncing up now what i do is once you've got this rough idea is we don't worry about strike to start off with but what i do is i get people to get themselves set up now i've got a 56 degree wedge here okay i get the ball you can have it back east and middle he stands forward he stands we'll cover that in a second but middle's fine for now hold the club just in your trail arm and what we're going to do is i want you to make some swings and i don't want to focus on trying to strike a specific spot i actually want you to do what you've just been doing just imagine you're throwing them a ball onto the green and you're matching everything up notice where the button's finishing here for me i am not driving it here with my handle i'm not jabbing it down there's a flow my body's not rigid it's a flow to the target okay so we spend a bit of time and then i would actually hit a few shots put my left arm behind my back i'm going to hit a few shots just one-handed okay just getting a sense of that motion there now see my ball's gonna slide to the right there why because i did not release the club i didn't throw the ball i literally held onto it too much so what i'm gonna do here is release it like i'm throwing and look at the difference in accuracy so this is really good for you to practice because even my dodgy shot there that's me i went through a ball like this i got maybe i'm on camera got a little bit nervous there i went like this yeah as opposed to just throwing it so that's the first thing i want you to do try the zaka sim with your lead hand no difference whatsoever you get yourself set here lead hand and literally just let it throw towards your target okay now let's add now the all-important club so when you're doing this motion you'll probably notice that your hands fairly loose are just throwing the ball you're not gripping on for dear life well that's the same when you're chipping two i want you to ask yourself as you're swinging backwards and forwards how tight are you gripping it first and secondly is that grip pressure actually tightening or even loosening too much when he gets the gopher because one of the things i'm seeing a lot is if you're duffing it it's often because there's some sudden tightness through the impact area or you kind of then jerk it through impact yep so check your grip pressure out super super important yeah try to keep it a nice even pressure all the way through the shot okay that's one of the secrets to getting to get that lovely soft contact where the ball gets a little bit of spin okay now questions like where does my weight distribution where's the ball position all those things where should the shaft be well let's cover that so weight position well look when you're throwing a ball where is it i don't know about you but when i'm throwing the ball forward it's on my left foot my lead foot so that's what i want you to be feel the similar sensations where's the shaft well look do i want it back here do i want it here no i want it neutral right fairly straight if i get the shaft too lean forward the danger here is i might get the leading edge digging in the ground we don't really want that at all that's the often causes the fat so we want this club to naturally turn to neutral how do you do that well look if you are truly swinging the arm the club will automatically look fall down to neutral what stops the club falling down to neutral is when you hang on for dear life drive the handle that's going to stop it what else does this do well look whether if you drive the handle the clubs up here ever felt this where your knees start to go sometimes as well again all things by hanging on driving that handle so now you've got the flowing arm allow the club also look to flow through the motion don't be worried about hitting the ground allow the club to hit the ground because as it hits as it drops out it's going to drop like this and the bounce is going to hit the ground that's absolutely fine okay now spend some time getting that sensation nice loose grip but how do you change the ball flight let's go into that in a second okay so it's nice and smooth

popped out to the right for me there why did it pop out to the right well let's now explain so one of the things is this when you're swinging one of what you're going to be able to do here is you've got to be able to control the club face so if i want to now swing and keep this club flowing but actually have a nice low trajectory then what would you do if you threw a ball well just imagine throwing a ball low to the ground if you did that where's my tosser over the top look at this i feel i'm throwing it this way yeah so if i want to hit a slightly lower chip shot what i'm going to do is i'm going to feel the same thing as i would do if i was going to throw a ball low okay watch this there's a lower flight look at it release a little bit more okay now what would i want you to do if you were going to throw a higher shot hit a higher shot well same principle look at this what am i going to do now what do you notice with my body what's my body doing it's working where upwards a little bit more okay so i take the same same sensation whether it's left-handed or right-handed i'm taking the same sensation it is pretty straightforward yeah so then what we'll do is apply exactly the same thing now taking those feelings and go right okay i'm going to imagine look throwing a ball a little bit higher notice the difference in that motion to my low one there's my low one there's my slightly higher one yeah the body's matching just a simple throw now i may even move the ball forward in my stance just to help a fraction but all i'm going to do here is keep that motion swinging back and i'm going to go up and he goes a little bit higher yeah now with all this you just start to practice getting the sensational body going up for high staying low for low so why is it important to know these shots because when you get difficulties like we're going to see in a second super super important so here we've got a ball that's kind of nestled in the rough okay and what we're going to need here is a little bit height if you look at this hole here we're going to need the ball stopping fairly quickly so we don't change a lot i mean what i'm gonna do here the ball's gonna be fairly forward i am still gonna have um the same i've got 56 degree wedge i could go to a 60 if i wanted but i don't really need to and then all i'm going to do is look i'm going to finish i'm going to imagine getting the club swinging through and i'm going to finish nice and high now what i will be doing is i'll be getting a sense of the grass how much grab is in this grass can i still keep flowing because if the grass is quite thick then i might need a little bit more kind of speed to go through it but everything else remains the same okay i'm actually going to be looking at trying to strike the ground a little bit behind the ball but finish look at this nice and high as i finish high the ball goes high okay now when would i want or what would i do if i wanted to play a low let's say the grit of the ball is at the back of the green all i do is i might not want a high shot i might want to choose a slightly easier one if the ball's nestled down a little bit more i may even get the ball more central in my stance i might even go for a lower fly okay but the same principle as applies if i wanted to go lower i just imagine throwing lower finishing lower and look at this i'm going to now go beyond the flag to the back right of the green and now i've got a lower flight look which is coming there you can see i've chopped down into this and that's going to release beautifully out to the back of the green so it gives you options when you're playing okay so when you're playing these shots remember get the body and the arms synced up look at my arm here it's connected to my body and it's working with my body not independently my body's not stiff trying to strike it or stay still keep the body flowing allow the body to move up when you're throwing higher shots okay stay maybe a bit lower okay when you're throwing lower shots okay change your clubs this is control a lot of people ask me about distance control how do i get it so i can actually land near the uh near the hull look apart from practice well how did you learn how to throw it near the hull you through with kind of practice but what we didn't do was this when i throw a ball to you i'm throwing it what i'm not doing it's not a stiff arm so this is where ultimately the more rhythm you can create in this the more distance control you will also get okay now i've got another video which you're going to be able to access right here now which is all about shipping right next to the edge of the green right it's a cool little chip just for chip and run it's not about getting high or anything but it will help you with your trip and run shots but if you do enjoy this video make sure make sure to give it a like and share it with a friend who's maybe struggling with their chipping and remember look if you're new to the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and of course there's a free download practice guide in the description box below but until next week have a great golfing week