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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us and in this week's golf lesson I'm going to tackle how to get rid of your slice big question big popular one so near Canterbury here so many people have a slice had many lessons that some people know what they're doing but they just can't get rid of it if this is you here's how we're going to tackle it today we're going to look at what's causes a slice we're going to look at some of the two the biggest problem biggest problems when why people slice and we're going to give you some solutions as to how you can go about making some progress and getting rid of it I promise you every week that what I would do is I would share with some my best practice what's working right now with some of my clients and I've really got something really special for you today which is working so so well I can't wait to show it so let's get cracking so what start what is a slice for right-handed golfers the slices of a ball that obviously sets to the left of the target and slices away to the right now what this what's going on in the golf swing to cause that is if we take this golf ball here what's happening is as opposed to the club working back round here and then back around into impact on the same line what's happening is the club starts to work outside here move out this way and starts to swing across the ball to the left of target so what tends to happen is wider than does end the ball slice well the face is open to this swing path it's actually pointing to the right of the swing path creating side spin that moves the ball out to the right now a lot of people have tried to correct slices by the swing you try to swing into out and stop it there some people even try to get their hands rolling over to try and stop their slice the problem is none of it really works and the reason being is let me go through some of these problems so the first problem I find people when they try to correct a slice is the troubles on the right hand side so the first thing they try to do is they're trying to avoid going out to the right so they swing even more to the left causing even more of a slice so just the fact that they're trying to avoid going over there caused it to go over there even more okay very tricky one to get rid of that because obviously if you're slicing it you don't want to pick a hole the idea right second thing the desk so desperate to close the face or try to hit it straighter that what they tend to do is this they swing back here and they're trying to release the club and almost get the hands turning over the club face turning to the left to try to stop it but you know what what look what this does to the body they start to lean back without realizing swinging even more across a line and again it just creates more of a slice even though they're desperately trying to correct it so two big things I see a lot of people are unconsciously or completely unaware of it but those are two big things I see when people are slicing and how they try to correct it again we're struggling with that so let me share with you what's working with some of my clients right now very very well and it's really really simple what you've got to remember about the golf swing is this when we stand here like this okay what we're trying to do is the shoulders work on a plane they work on a tilting action okay so if we stand like this the shoulders would work like this but we don't play baseball so our shoulders that level we bend forward from the waist okay from here therefore the shoulders work on a gentle arc okay so you'll notice here my left shoulders lower than my right what we want to do on the way through is we want to reverse the ACK where now the less or doesn't work down it starts to work upwards now and the right shoulders down this is a position that you never see slices in by the way okay what slices do is they tend to if they get a decent Beck's and what they're tends to do now is this they'll try and without realizing they'll try and correct their slice and they start to move over the right shoulder goes stays high the left shoulder stays low and they start to flatten and look if you look from behind here can you see how straight that shaft is it hasn't kept the same axis so immediately basic very very simply which switching the axis when we're coming down rather than come up and down here we come as slices we go this way and then we go over as a slicer okay so practicing that and just really understanding that simple action of the body can make a massive difference a massive massive difference so with that in mind what could you take away from this well the first thing to realize is this if we're making a golf swing and we swing back here one great thing you can work on is getting the left shoulder here working up practicing working upwards through impact not backwards or downwards okay so that's just a feeling but it kind of works best if you work it with something else which I'm going to reveal now so I've said to you before one of the biggest problems with slicers is they try to release and there's a big breakdown in their wrists okay now this is going to feel strange very counterintuitive so when we hold the club here I want your left arm and club forming a straight line okay now impact this is the almost the position of impact we want this left arm and club forming a very straight line almost with the hand slightly ahead even with driver okay now I am to avoid two hits glove lis straight shots is to maintain this angle now how do we do this watch this the left shoulder if it works upwards look at this it works upwards it naturally maintains this solid position coming through however if it doesn't move and it moves backwards or doesn't move at all the hands have to come in and that body moves backwards to create room so we end up flicking it to either hit greatly pull or we come across again and hit a slice all right so let me just go through that again because I know there's a bit to take in there so watch this the left shoulder look at this unit it works back here okay now watch most people then try brush and flick it through we're not going to do that we're going to start to move the left shoulder upwards maintaining the angle we've got here notice there's no release and we're going to keep moving the left shoulder upwards here into this position and what I like to practice is almost this so we're finishing much shorter for a second this is the action or like the practice solid here Sall in here okay that's how we get to the slice now it'll feel initially that you're going to hit it to the right but I promise you this is a much stronger position it naturally now coming on the right line so that's immediate going to reduce your slice you're not it's not not two hands you're not flicking it around here so again two things have changed by moving the less hold upwards you naturally bring it down on a better line here by maintaining the angle here so the left shoulder is up maintain this angle you look how solid that is it's really really powerful through impact so you're hitting straighter more powerful shots so how do you go how do you go back practicing this because it's a bit to kind of take in there you do it in stages the first thing to return to work on is go into a mirror and start to kind of practice looking at the angle of your Scholz and practicing this get the ceiling of the left shoulder working upwards through impact get a sensation of that okay the next in what you've done up do that do that with them with a golf club so start to move it back I start to miss really get the lesser the working up with shrimp act here and the right shoulder look stays downwards when you do it don't go to full follow-through positions this is key by the way okay but everyone wants to rush to hit those long tee shots okay start very very small this night and there's a reason for it this position through impact okay will be very alien for if you slice and if you end for that reason if you try to follow through you've got to remember your mind at the moment in order to finish through there it's already disturb leshan or just fit to do a full follow-through for you you've got to use a lot of hands you've got to swing back a lean back and almost swing back here and use a lot hands to finish in that position this new position here is going to be a bit awkward stuff which so you're going to have to feel that Martian there and I would stop initially then once you've learnt now and you got fit and you've start hit a few shots then what I do is I gradually build it up but this is how I was done get yourself set you've done your mirror work you've done some exercise to get a feel for it and then I basically hit a shot do two to one at least two to one ratio maybe even three to one where you're rehearse solid here let your move up go back back here fill the left shoulder going up hold the angle perfect then same thing this time we're going to go to the golf ball it almost feel like it's in the practice swing go back I here left shoulder goes up what's going to happen here is you're going to hit the meat of the club here it's very very solid and it will start to get rid of your slice so let's just summarize main problems with slicing out two wins being across the line with an open face biggest problems almost common where people are trying to get rid of it without realizing they're trying to avoid the trouble on the right so they swing more to the left the next few problem they're almost trying to close their face or even roll their hands over to try and get rid of their slice all that does is staff in the room because it becomes a flick like this the body leans back create more room to swing to the left leaving two slices and even pull shots so how do you get rid of it well you understand that the swing is on an axis here where from this position left shoulders low rachels high and on the way through the letter L start to move upwards and the right shoulder moves downwards rehearse that a few times in R in the mirror then with the golf club again in a mirror check your position right shoulder low less all the high get few sensations with that and also maintain if you can this good solid unit here because this here will give you those lovely solid strikes coming up and down the line I really hope you enjoy this as always leave some comments if you got any questions of the coming weeks I will answer them as quick as I can use within about seven days but I hope you really enjoyed it until next week have a great golfing week if you really like this video and you want to see them on a weekly basis scripts can subscribe to the channel I really appreciate it have a great week.