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3 wood stop topping woods woods tips Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks to for us this week we're talking fairy woods maybe a 3-wood your firewood or even your seven wood how do you set up to a fairway wood how do you strike it consistently why is it that sometimes you are topping your fairway woods when it seems like exactly the same swing well I had a couple of students come and see me this week with probably similar problems that you have you know they weren't hitting F air was very far sometimes they were topping it and they certainly couldn't get up in the air to get the maximum distance and we they had a couple of common problems I see when you try to strike either the 3-wood if I win I want to share with you exactly what they are in this week's training cuz I know it could really help before I do the look if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bail bond next subscribe when you get notified every time I release a video just like this one plus look if you enjoy the video I have a free practice plan that you can download in the description box below don't have to remember a thing it's bullet points from this session you can take the driving range if you enjoy the video and help yourself and go and work on your very woods so let's get started so let's start with how we're supposed to set up to the golf ball well with a fairway wood it's not like a driver like we're not trying to hit up on the ball with the fairway actually want to strike slightly down on the golf boy if you look at some of the track my numbers the best players in the world strike a little bit to three degrees down on there on the phone was this is really important so we're going to reflect that in the way we set up to it so it's really simple stance is a little bit wider than than an iron maybe just about shoulder width apart and the idea here is that you providing a platform for stability this is the first thing the ball position I would say here it is in between this is this is my center of my stance isn't how to be perfect this is the bob is in between my Center and the lead heel here all right then the handle the inside the handle here's on the inside of my lead tie so the handle you can see a slightly ahead of the clubface here because what we're going to need to do we want to put a pressure on that golf ball what we don't want to do is have this kind of weak flick or try to get underneath the golf ball tikki if you've seen the ball going along the ground you're hitting the bottom part of go so what we want to do we want to put a pressure on that bull that's how we hit a boy right so this is the basic setup get ourself set here handle slightly on the inside of the leader thigh and we're getting ourselves ready there look to put a pressure on that ball and strike it so in a small way it would kind of look a little bit like this just a nice small swing cool so you could set some shot for that setup if you like just getting to get feel for a particular Vishnu to you so we said look we want to put a pressure on that golf ball what does it really mean okay well pressure is this you're putting a pressure on the ball what you're not doing is kind of flicking it I see this a hell of a lot so the question is how is that what is the best way of doing that well most of the time by the way and this is what was happened to one of my clients who's really strong with this day was Stephen he was struggling with striking his irons too because it kind of relates he was starting the golf swing with a flick of the wrists first now when you flick the wrist here you pretty much it's the opposite happens on the way down you flick him on the way back they're going to have to flick on the way down this creates this kind of very weak position and it starts to get the club head almost working up too much on the on the favoured so you'd start hitting the bottom in the club and it we're also on the ground Plus because it's flicking it's not very powerful what we want to create is this the question is how well watch this we need to UM have what I like to call the drag and lag so what you're doing is you're dragging in theory the club back here so they look the heads almost dragged by the body back and then because you've started it this way I'm exaggerating huge for just the for you really and exactly the image dragging you back it then does the opposite on the way down can you see this I'll do it one hand this exists if you drag here then you get the lag here and that helps to get compression question is how do you go about doing it well Stephen loved this exercise because it's so so simple all I gave him was this I got him to set up to a ball and I actually got him to just simply do this setup so you got comfortable with a fairly narrow stance and then what I'm going to do was just take a step start a swing with a small step to the right to start the whole motion off now when he started this he kind of did this he went step paused go that's not what we're after here well we want to have if we want this ever flowing motion because if you start the swing with the ground up it's just like you would do if you were throwing balls it's just so natural but it also gets everything organized to watch this narrow stance step two what you need to be your normal stance it's step go that creates the drag and then the lag in something because you step this way you then naturally it's the reverse happens on the way down just happens naturally you step and step and you create this wonderful Martian like this which creates the light let's have all the good that this was just purity was amazing the result on this almost instantly we did turns out he had to let go a little because he was he was been a little bit methodical with its now and he was kind of maybe a bit nervous so you just watch it out after you finally the same he'd start and like I say pause stop that's not the idea you've really got to let go and don't worry if you hit few dodgy shots with this this is all part of the process so we get off so here I'm a fairly narrow stance but and then all I do look I step and I go simple as that have another look at that in action so we get yourself set pick it up feet together gasps sounds nice and comfortable here step

and go so you can see it's a such a simple exercise but you do need to let go you feel strange doesn't it but this is a dynamic natural move when you're you know one of the reasons a sport sometimes difficult the ball is stationary unfortunately same with Stephen it gets sometimes you to be too stationary here this just gets the am being picked up flicked up with your hands and then flick down it loses power it loses accuracy and you just struggle to strike it consistently simple exercises like this can really initiate the Martian do you need to stick with that all the time now once you get the feel of it what you can do is you can go right I get the feel of that weight movie so what I'm now going to do is I'm literally going to just feel like a I'm pushing into the right heel on the way back pushing back and that's that's the swings I'm pushing here and then I go you might have is that going to lead to a sway no this is a sway when you push into the heel that pushes and creates a turn but I would suggest to start with you start with the move because this will give you all the feelings you want now then we had Tom slightly similar issues with firfer would but he wasn't just he wasn't really creating the arc he we gave him the exact same attack size as this but he needed one little thing extra he had no turned he'd been struggling his Fairwood and quite not naturally when you start swimming there was sometimes you just stand over the golf ball and you're kind of like this so what we did with Tom was he was picking the club straight up in the air with no turn I needed to give him a destination point to turn to so what we did was I got him to look over his shoulder here and exercise I could get been given by great coach girl Fairy mecha literally look over your trail shoulder as if someone's behind your called your name and it gives you a much freer motioning and a feeling of how to turn back very different to look at this yes so please hit that ball please hit that ball all right so we did this first initially look over the trail shoulder and start to flow and then eventually obviously once you get the idea of where you need to get to what you then do is you then just flow into it without obviously looking I just do a few swings backwards and forwards and he said I feel my hips going back I feel yes freed them it felt uncomfortable to be honest with you an issue with him but it really really works let's have a look at this in action I'm just going to get myself something a really free up that motion as much as you can not everyone will be able to turn as much you free up as much as you can best in your physical ability and then away we go

okay so this worked an absolute treat so great movement back freed him up that was enough for him it really was because it created a wonderful shape in this in his actual golf swing the club came around and it came back around it didn't just come straight back down on the golf ball so though with those were the two major things we did so in summary what are we done three things to help you with your fairway woods get yourself set up what we try put pressure on the golf ball we want to generate speed and we want to have the right type of shape how do we do this ball position is just in the middle between middle ear stones and the lead here somewhere in there why because we want to hit a slightly descending blow we don't want it too far forward because we'll hit up on it and we'll thin it along the ground next thing we want to put a pressure on the go up we want to put that face on the golf ball how do you do this get the right sequence get the club dragging and lagging so you put pressure on the golf ball not flicking and flicking so there's no pressure okay how do we do that simple exercise step here this sets the swing off so narrow stance steps you normal Fairwood stance and then away you go you're gonna feel a bit out of control go with it you'll love it I promise you it'll feel so natural but just trust it a lie so I'll take a few dodgy shots and the third and final thing was shape it's very difficult to get shape if you don't move the body out of the way but you need to know how to move out of the way look over your trail shoulder don't look around it that would it lead to this type of look you don't want that look over the trail shoulder it'll give you a destination point to go to then just start to relax and try and swing to that position or as close to it as you possibly can to creating the shape one final thing with your fairway woods sometimes you might not be generate as much speed as you possibly like not everyone can hit 3-wood remember that sometimes you'll hit five wood other than your three words so if you feel like you're not hitting it far enough at times maybe go to having more loft loft as your friend alright so I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with your friends who remember there's a free practical time you can download in the description box below that you can just simply take the driver rent don't have to remember a thing and hope that helps of course look if you're new to channel don't forget to press that subscribe button and the Bell so I can give you more content like this every single week but until next week have a great golfing week