Don't Turn Your Shoulders In The Golf Swing

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us did you know that if you don't rotate correctly in your backswing and your downswing you end up having a golf swing that's too heavily reliant on your hands and your arms when that happens you lose distance and you lose consistency of strike in this video i'm going to share with you three things that you can do to improve the quality of your rotation in your backswing and your downswing no matter your age i'm aware that not everybody can swing very few builders swing like a tall player you don't need to small improvements in your rotation on the way back on the way through can make a massive difference i'm going to show you how to do that today before i do though look if you're new to channels when your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get an effort every time i release a video just like this one plus you never have to remember a thing i always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so take a look at this ever seen this at impact flicky armsy strikes or lifting up here or rolling in here or just generally arms style swings if you ever see that it's simply down to a lack of rotation because watch that all disappears when suddenly we rotate our bodies correctly okay see when your hands are narmsey the club's very unstable it's all over the place can lead to a lot of inconsistencies but if our bodies rotate correctly we stabilize it okay and that's all the way through the swing same at impact if you get flick it's because we are rotating correctly for impact but how do you go about learning the feel of this okay well the first thing i want to do is we're going to work on the mobility of the lower body and the upper body first okay so here's what i want you to do here get yourself set and i want you to have a look now at my back side mighty fine back side it is okay and this is what naturally needs to happen we don't think rotate we think back right pocket goes backwards and around it goes back and towards the target back in towards the target this is the actual direction can you see this and if i exaggerated it my bum is going really this way what it's putting me in look it's putting me into a pulling position a strong position does it eventually look when i go here to then start the downswing if i haven't gone backwards and i've stayed here i you can see here i'm not in a great position you have to start i might slide okay but i'm not really strong so i'm gonna be forced to use my upper torso to generate power if i've slid backwards and around now look i'm in a position to really pull and then drive through so that's a sensation now i'm aware that you might not be able to get this hit back as far as i can or maybe even rotate it that's fine just you'll see some people lifting their lead healer one of the reasons why they do this is to allow this turn allow some mobility so they can unlock this area because when you unlock it you start to get more rotation so just get that sensation to create that mobility there if you can you'll notice my leg here is straightening a little bit not fully straight but all this is helping me create that mobility all right now once you've done that that's the mobility alien but you do need stability okay now stability is very similar to like throwing a ball if i throw a ball if i and you can do this with me now i feel like just to feel this it's very important you almost do this with me it's like stand on one leg and feel that strength and stability in that leg from there i can use that stability to look push off if that leg was kind of wobbly or sliding or the ankles all over the place here i'm not in balance yeah so whenever this is out of balance down here you have to move up the body to generate the power and that's when you become hands in amazing you lose your power and you actually lose your strike so you also need stability so the sensation here is this when i'm moving back i'm still got this foot nice and stable in there i really feel like there's some tension there now i don't have tension now i do okay so watch out for that when you're doing this motion okay get that sensation now once you've got this motion all you've got to do is start to feel this into your back swing and what i like to do an issue with people to help their torso work as well is to get their head almost moving up to the sky looking up to the sky just as an exercise because the angle of these hips and this movement here is also this way yeah can you see us the hips are not working in a turning fashion they're working upwards why would they work upwards well because we need to hit back downwards so we're almost setting ourselves up look to go back down to that golf ball okay so a simple exercise is to then when you're moving this back just also gets a flow look up to the ceiling a little bit get a feel for where you need to be heading and that will should give you that mobility and stability in your backswing which moves us on now to step two where we can now bring in the golf club and show you how to position it so let's now do this with a club in our hands so all i want to do is stand with you back against the wall about a club and a half width away take your normal stance and and grip now we said bomb goes back and then towards the target this is that sensation providing that space make some swings doing this okay now as i'm doing this i look at this i'm avoiding look that club hitting the wall how am i doing that i'm doing it by not rolling my wrists trying to turn my shoulders trying to turn my hips all that will get you smashing into this wall and pushing back while simultaneously avoiding it it's a great way to feel all the correct motions okay now you might not be able to get all the way back like i can doesn't matter okay get back as far as you can and where possible if you want allow that lead heel to come up to really help you get the bum further back and around to again load that backswing up here within your flexible limits as simple as that everybody can do this to some degree so test it out then what we'll do look we'll move on to the next stage so once you've got the feel of this it's not a ton of hits and golf balls so let me show you how you do it so you can't just rush into this and rush into work on the downtown we're going to come to that in a second what i want you to do is put your attention maybe just around that rear pocket that trail pocket area right just pay attention feel it moving backwards and then look towards the target backwards and towards the target hold that finish for a second backswing are you still stable or have you collapsed just pay attention to that just a little bit get that sensation okay imagine the wall behind you then have a look are you avoiding the wall okay and finally once you start flowing and you want to add some flow maybe allow the head to move up there just as a drill look up to the sky again this is going to help you work upwards rather than look around into the wall okay just get that sensation once you're ready okay start to then follow through up and down just rehearsing it and if you ever get to a stage with your daddy the bit of tightness there it's a bit uncomfortable feel a bit too much pain in my back no problem do either one or two things just release that heel just to allow the rotation on the way back uh to go a bit further or just go a bit shorter remember this isn't about necessarily completing your backswing this is adding rotation to your goal swing so that you're not just hands and arms okay even if you can only get to here as long as you've rotated this it's better than just getting to there with just an arm's martian okay so get that sensation when you feel ready but it may put a bottle put a ball on a tee hit a few shots and focus on that before we work on the down so again i'm not after any decent shots i'm just trying to get a sense of that turn that movement

let's have a look nice and simple there we go okay perfect so we get that sensation we get that movement going okay and i would spend that could be a session in itself yeah just really sensing that martian getting yourself pre-programming yourself for this downswing and you're almost there if you think about the downswing now we're almost there because if you're here okay and you haven't kind of really rotated very much well you're not in a strong position but look at this when we push back we're almost going to sit here we're in this kind of pull position and that's that sensation okay that's what i want you eventually that's when it is going to kick start your downswing because once you're here what's going to happen is is i'll show you the technical way to do it and i'll give you a drawing a second this is going to push back it's not going to try to turn that doesn't make any sense we're going to push it back as that gets pushed back it gives you the opposite illusion that you're turning as that happens suddenly now pushing back this is going to open up and deliver that club look through that golf ball for you okay now i find you can think about other things but sometimes they can be quite complicated so what i like to do and i encourage people to do the same is this most people when they get to the top of the backswing here they can't resist turning so i don't want you to do that instead what i'd like you to do is you've got that you're you've nailed the backswing you're in that position here i want you to imagine playing ace almost like a snap release okay um where it's almost a punch style shot because when you go punching you're trying to almost stop a bit short like this what your body's doing is it has to react by putting on the brakes does that make sense so just like when you throw a ball when you throw it you don't go s what you do is you land that puts on the brakes which then fires the arm you don't go so a lot of times when we're trying elegant follow-throughs it's actually stopping these hips from rotating correctly okay so you get yourself set once you've got that sensation here i don't want to be rotating your shoulders in fact if anything almost resist these and just literally practice punching and finishing nice and short here and again just the mere action of doing that will create a braking system in the legs naturally to fire that club okay let's have a look at this in action so nice and small okay i'm going to get the rotation i'm going to literally put that braking system in play i've gone too far there okay but i broke about here and that's really really normal a lot of people do that like they try and break and they break a little bit too late just like i did that's okay but i'd like to break earlier even earlier than i've just done there okay i'd like to break much much more there that's more like it because what's going to happen there is i'm more likely now to really fire those hips okay or fire the um the the legs in the correct way okay so those are the things i want you to focus on improve the quality of your rotation on the way back that alone means you've stored some energy okay and rather than try to fire the hips or do anything like that fire the club bring it in short all those things are going to create the right body motions naturally for you without putting your body under too much strain okay so i really really hope you enjoyed this unlock some of that rotation in the backswing get some of that snap in the downswing and let me know in the comments how you get on love for you if it helps remember if you're new to the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and i always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing but until next week have a great golfing week