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bunkers Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us in this lesson i'm going to give you a drill that seems to work so often with many of my students it helps them get out of not just these pristine bunkers like this every single time but it helps them get out of bunkers which might not have them much sand in them you know the horrible bunkers where they're really hard and compact it's going to help you with that too so we're going to cover strike we're going to cover distance control we're even going to cover long bunker shots those horrible ones that most people struggle with because it's just a small tweak in your technique and you'll find them super super easy now before i get into the lesson if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing i release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing i'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so i know bunkers can be super scary for some people but i want to make it really really easy for you today so what i've done here look i've drawn two tram lines with a ball sat right in the middle and the tram lines are about two club widths apart now why i've done that because i'm going to assess your bunker plate first of all what i want you to do is i want you to set up so the club is right in the middle of these tram lines here what i want you to do now is make some swings and assess where your club is striking the sand relative to those true trend lines so watch this can you see here i've hit behind the tram lines okay if i did that and you did that you wouldn't get the ball out what you'd actually do is just thin it straight into the slope okay this is what generally happens when you hit where behind okay the second thing is is you can now make some swings and check if you're over here somewhere the chances are you're hitting the ball first and the ball is going to fly straight over the back of the green don't want that either so assess initially with these two tram lines what you're doing and then what we'll do is we'll work on the drill so what i do is i work up and down this line backwards and forwards just assessing where my strike point is and this i would do by the way myself every single time or before i go and start striking shots because what it does is it gives me a simple assessment and i'm going to show you in a second how you can start to adjust your body to make this perfect every single time but before we get into that there's one more assessment i'd like you to do i'd like to assess now the depth that your club is going your depth is going to control your distance help you control your distance if for instance when you're making these motions you're going really deep into the sand you're going to find it very difficult to control your depth so you're roughly all you want to imagine here is this you want to imagine that you're taking almost like a five pound note out okay or if you're in the states a dollar note all you're doing here look we're having a nice gentle look at that nice bit of sand but not no sand at all and not too deep so assess now your consistency of sand once you've done these assessments are now going to set up and how you can again achieve all of what you're after with one simple drill okay so let me give you a drill now that my students absolutely love and it makes what we've just been talking about so much easier to achieve what i'd like to do is take your lead foot okay and place it so the little toe of your lead foot is directly in line with the middle of this tram line then take your trail foot and move it behind you don't worry we're going to go into a normal bunker stance in a second and show you how to do that but this drill will help you feel so many great things put all your pressure over onto this lead side and the aim here why i love this exercise here is if you were to swing now and i see the biggest problem with bunkers is this trying to lift it out you have no support here anymore you can immediately get body awareness and learn how to feel it what you want instead is you want luck the club to swing on an arc and the way it does this it pivots around this lead leg here so see how my hips working around and i'm finishing here i'm finishing in balance okay so what i'll do here is this my aim is to still get in this tram line here okay but what i'm going to do now is i'm going to make some swings and just one other thing i'm going to make sure that i'm always going to be throwing this club so the club goes out to the ball handle moves to body and i'm going to try to finish and hold that finished position so throw it down into the sand and hold that finished position feel what that's like watch this don't want that you'll feel it straight away so it's a great way of educating where you need to be and how you get that sense of arriving in right the same spot each and every single time so you practice this find the balance first feel what it's supposed to be like then go into the shot don't worry about distance control to start with literally just make a swing and don't blade it like i've just done that so why did i bleed do you see myself lose my balance a little bit there so i actually literally there lean back a fraction so i got that feedback so what i'm gonna do now so i don't think it next time is make sure that i stay over this ball and the club goes down into the sand as opposed to leaning back so watch this look at the difference i throw the club into the sand ball pops up as opposed to i just lean back a fraction this drill gave me that feedback it will give you the feedback too so go through this process one by one and then we'll go into the setup and proper setup in a second feel where you need to go hold that finish learn from the feedback and you'll start getting them out nearly every single time with a bit of spin so again use that drill you can take that drill out on the golf course it works so so well but as you saw when i hit a shot i got feedback that i might be falling back so i would literally develop the feeling of what i needed to do then what i'd do is i'd set up into a proper bunker stance and start to transfer it so the ball position would be opposite my lead foot here stance is reasonably square i may open my face just a little bit then when i do look i lower myself into the sand very very important the lower you get it's a lot easier to skim the sand basically here if you stand too tall and play like a normal shot you end up having to you end up driving the sand and you don't want to drive the sand out of the bunker that's not what we're after we wanted the remember we want the ball to come out on a five pound or a dollar note of sand okay so from here i've got the feedback from that drill that i just lean back a fraction get it a bit stuck inside similar to my golf swing sometimes so what i'm going to do now is i'm going to get that sense here just like i want you to do from what you learned from the drill i'm going to now feel how i need to turn down into this ball and hold that follow through so i'm staying my pressure staying here it's not going to lean backwards throwing that club throwing the club out to the ball handle back into body here to that bounce can work okay again we'll talk distance control in just a second so get myself set look at the height on that now beautiful just run off the grinder fraction probably just caught a little bit too much sand in terms of depth so it beautifully came out there but i hit it a bit too hard so how do you then control your distance well once you've now perfected that's a beautiful strike there beautiful um swing but i swung a little bit too long so once you've perfected the strike point and the depth control all you do is get yourself set all i'm going to do now is swing a little bit shorter and throw it so i finish a little bit shorter okay so it becomes maybe hip height to hip height for this one as opposed to chest to chest the slightly longer ones okay so ball positions in play feel staying over the ball as opposed to leaning backwards again again very very important here that i throw the club look into the sand and now look come on ball far better that is how we start to judge your distance control on your bunker shots who fancy's now playing the shots out of the horrible horrible hard lies where there's no sand at all let's have a look at this so hard sand let's scrape all this away for a second okay so so there's no sand in this bunker whatsoever right brutal so all you've got to do look when there's no stand in a bunker is you have to break the seal so when there's no sand in what i'm gonna do now if you take this exercise here i'm gonna literally now imagine i'm throwing the club all right the heel of the club i'm gonna throw it into the sand and quite firmly into sand that's gonna break the seal what i don't want here is too much of the bounce to be thrown this way like i would do on powdery sand i want more of the heel to be thrown so it's almost like more of a chopping mush i feel like i'm my wrist i'm really chopping downwards a fraction more okay but i'm going to do this drill just to show you how this works as well so because you'll ne if you fall backwards you'll never work so i'm going to throw and throw this club almost like in a chopping fashion into the bowl now look at this that's hard sand and almost into the hole so when it's firm just get yourself in more of a chopping motion into the sand but the same principles apply let's now look at how you apply this to some long bunker shots so once you've perfected strike bunker's become really easy and how do you perfect strike well you make sure that you club enters in the right spot exits in the right spot and you control depth how have we done that well the drill you keep your body nice and steady so the sternums over the space here doesn't lean back and how do you control depth will you do it by throwing the club and making sure that you're pivoting out of the sand okay not throwing it and staying dead still but you're pivoting out of the sand getting a feel of what that finish feels like okay now i've got here a 50 degree and a 60 degree if i'm going to go 60 it's going to give me a lot more height it's going to require a slightly fuller swing and it's going to probably land a lot softer now what do i do no difference okay because you've got the perfect strike like uh now it's just like hitting a shot off the fairway ball positions for the four new stands could be doing to hit the sand although i'm gonna do is exactly what we've just talked about but simply swing more rip high to rip high and look at this i'm holding my finish turning through the sun here pivoting through while simultaneously throwing that club down simple as this now watch the spin

super simple so that's going to be low to spin lands beautifully softly really really easy to do once you can get the sense of this action then what you might feel that's standing that's usually a bit scary i don't want to swing that hard okay no problem then what i'm going to do is move to a 50 degree wedge so all we're going to do here is exactly the same principle what i instead what i want to do is just imagine now you're going to swing just a little bit shorter it requires a more gentle approach same principles apply i'm still going to imagine i'm throwing the club down to sand and i'm pivoting around this lead leg i'm going to hold this nice balance finish here get myself set and

much much smaller stroke okay but ends up pretty damn decent okay so ultimately what you're doing is is first of all control your entry point exit point depth use that kind of drill that kind of tram line that alone will hugely help you could just do that one drill alone that could perfect your bunkers if you struggle with it move then to this exercise here to monitor how stable you need to go so you have to learn the pivot throw the club so you're throwing the club out so you let the bounce work club back to ball handle back to body throw it down into that sand while you're doing that hold that finish pivoting around and say hold the finish if you start losing your balance you know you're off look at that shot i hit i lost a balance i got that feedback took it into the next shot that's how you start to improve so i super super hope this helps your bunker play if it does and you know somebody else is struggling with bunkers please do share it and of course look i always put a free download practice guide in the description box below if you're new to the channel come and join the channel by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a wonderful golfing week