EASY GOLF TIP that will help both your DRIVER SWING and IRON SWING

driver easy golf swing irons Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how complicated can this be this game be sometimes it can be made to feel like it's there's so much to think about this week i'm going to share with you a simple simple drill that will help you do two things it's going to help you learn the feel of a much much better ball strike with your eye particularly find yourself scuffing a few along the ground but at the same time it can really help your ball striking with your woods and help you hit it much much straighter particularly by the way if you find yourself slicing the woods i absolutely love it and just it's i love it because you can take it straight to the golf course following this session so before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe and you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus if you do enjoy this video there's a free practice plan i'll put it in the drop down box below just download it complete for free and take it to the range and do a little bit of practice so let's get straight into the golf lesson so if you look what do you need in a golf swing to strike it look there are a couple of things we want a very simple arc that comes back around in the golf ball and then around on the way through so it's coming attacking on an arc from this angle here back into the ball and around if you are slicing the golf ball you aren't attacking it from here you are attacking it from over here and coming across the line creating spin with particularly your face is open if you then combine it with poor strike and loss of power what you're also going to be seeing at the moment of impact which really affects your irons is you're getting a flicky style motion here where the elbows start to book or you get these kind of chicken wing effects so what we're going to do is we're going to do this in a number of different stages this drill i love because you can take it straight to the golf course learning new feels can feel strange okay so if you one of the reasons why sometimes you might find uh improving your game sometimes difficult is because you've been doing something a certain way for a long period of time and changing it can feel a little bit strange so what i've done here is i've set up a very simple 2t system so i've just mentioned look two major faults initially are what you come out here which creates the bend yeah it creates this thing across the ball and you do this you can get a bit flicky with the strike if you if you start to duff a fuel on the ground so what i've got is a 2t system here which trains the complete opposite motion now do i want you to use this motion all the time on a golf course no but i do want you to feel it so watch this i've put a tpeg here and just in front of that tpeg i've put it's about club ahead i put a tpeg to the right and what i want to do here is i want to encourage you look to not only strike this tpeg the front one but also strike the second one too what's that going to create well if you swing this way you'll catch this tpeg yes but you're gonna you're gonna miss the one on this side so it's gonna encourage you when you come through the ball to do what swing more this way the complete opposite will that feel weird you better believe it it's going to feel very strange but you have to exaggerate these things to just make the smallest amount of change right but the beautiful thing about this is this it does two things look at it here if i put that tea peg there and there not only look is it going to get you to strike it on the way into out here swing in this direction the only way you can strike that second tee is to also get the handle look ahead of the uh the club wait on the lead side because if you start to flick now you'll be able to catch maybe the first t but you'll miss a second t because you're just going to flick so not only is it training the direction you want to swing it's also going to help you train this motion now a good image you might want to use with this i quite like it i think um the great gary player imagine this you could imagine here as you're doing this and swinging here that you're like striking a match you imagine this is a match and you're going to go you're striking it so all i'm going to do is set those two pegs up make a few swings and i'm going to focus initially on striking the match taking them both out and away we go and this is going to give you some real interesting feels to try and get that path working this way completely the opposite direction to what you did earlier and at the same time you're gonna find that you're gonna miss that second t because you are you've not been used to okay you've been doing so much of this this is going to feel very very strange so let's have a look at this in action okay with a golf ball what i sometimes do with the ball is i might take a ball and put the t peg again just to the right of that ball and all i'm going to do is i'm going to try and take that tpeg out now as well as hit that golf ball here okay so watch this in action

that's gonna be big for me i'm an into out swinger look at my path look at that massively 18.8 i don't need this drill i'm a natural into out swing you might find you'll never hit it that far right it just goes much much straighter because this is such an exaggeration for you so there's the first stage put the 2t peg system in just simply get the sensation of taking one tee out and then the other one go on a golf course put the teepee just to the right of the golf ball hit the ball then the second t and you will start to get this motion and a more into out swing to start countering it but here's the issue just one issue with this we haven't tackled the all-important club face so watch this if i put this club in position here right and what i want to do here is this i want to basically get used to closing this face you probably haven't been used to closing the face you've spent so long swinging this way that you've developed a habit of opening up that club face completely normal it's genius in fact if you'd have closed your club for you to hit balls miles left so what you've been doing is you've been opening up the club face so you're brilliant by the way at this but i want you to now do the opposite right it's going to feel very different take your club now maybe stand up if you've got a golf club and just do this with me put the club out in front of you here and what i'm going to do with your lead hand i simply want you to practice rolling the top part of your lead hand and closing it now that in itself now is a closed face watch this we're going to square that face up not by the way by twisting the wrist back but watch this we're going to move the handle forward look at my elbow rotating inwards here and we're going to square the face up now like this can you see this this is impact so what we're going to do is we're going to get that sense of impact now as you kind of move through this tea let's have a look at this again watch this close the face by bowing the wrist square the face by pushing your handle forward and getting your trail elbow just moving in just feeling how you're going to square that face up now what we've got is we can start to work on getting putting the t-peg in the ground but also getting the sensation of we don't just want to focus on the ball swinging or the club swing in this direction we also want to get the feeling of the club face closing because we haven't had that before it's new to us we've been so used to opening it we now need to really feel the exaggeration so let's have a look at this in action we saw my ball go over there so what we're going to do now is we're going to practice getting that sensation hitting both t-pegs look and then basically getting that lead arm the knuckles almost rotating to the ground in here notice this i'm not rotating like this that's the head still rotating in there just feel that motion on the way through let's have a look at this in action take the second tee out as well let's have a look at the difference in this shape now there we go right now look at the difference so yes look this is easy for me to i'm a natural drawer of the golf ball if you don't see that shape straight away please don't worry about it it's not important what we're trying to do right now is just educated feel for you of getting the handle ahead into out swing and getting a feel for you probably never had before the club face closing in it's a rare thing yeah so get yourself set again just you can put those two tpegs in play let's grab another one and all we do is you don't even have to take golf ball stuff with put you know you could just simply work out and hit the two t-pegs in your garden just getting that sensation of into out here closing that face down bang nice and small and then put this ball in and away we go and now we'll look at we'll look at it for driver in a second and how it works with driver

let's have a look at that should start to see that path going into out and hey presta we've got that curvature what you've done when you once you've learned that that will massively reduce any slicer you've got now you will not probably see that my ben i'm a natural drawer but it will hugely start to retrain your golf swing to move in the other way and all it will probably really do is neutralize it let's have a look at driver now so come and have a look at this driver i love this it's so simple but it really really works so same principle we've put the triangular system in here where you've basically got the two t's but what i've done with driver is i've graduated so the tea that you'd hit the ball off is lower than the t to the right or in this for right hand is outside of the ball now what this is going to do is going to do two things it's going to get you again look to hit to the right but by the way it's also going to get you just hit up on the ball golf ball too so slightly different to the to the iron it's going to help you get the images swinging upwards now but remember just because of swinging up do i want this no even this is not how we hit up on a driver flicky too weak right so watch this i'm still gonna do exactly the same thing we're gonna close the face off we're going to move into position so i still want that strong position here the difference is how do i hit up and is this part of my body will naturally be a little bit more bent here backwards to help me hit up but what i'm not doing is trying to hit up with a flick so we start the same principle exactly done with the irons we're going to get ourselves set and i'm going to imagine now hitting look to over those two t's and see if i can clip both of those two t's out of the ground hey presto i'll do that once or twice and then what i'll do is i'll get a feeling so let's have a look at this in action i'll put the i've got broken see i've seen that a little bit probably a little bit too low there don't worry and then i'll put this one in here and i'm literally gonna hit that one out on the way through i'm going to practice like swinging striking that second tee here while still remaining that keeping that structure feeling by the way that those knuckles are turning down why are we doing this why people might say well isn't that going to be inconsistent you know what if you haven't got used to if you've had that face over such a long time you're going to have to really feel this it's going to be very new to you so yes it will feel exaggerated there's no doubt about it but go with it it's what you're going to have to do and a lot of people feel they have to do this very early most of my students when they try this they don't do it early enough so really get our sensations knuckles rolling down as you take both tees out of the ground let's have a look at this

and you can see look at that bend that i'm creating this for my position what i do naturally draw it this is certainly not a drill that's going to suit me because i naturally draw the ball but this is the point if you are somebody who slices the golf ball you have to exaggerate it you've got to get that path working this way someone like me trying to get the path going that way is going to exaggerate my draw and turn it into a hook but if you're slicing the golf ball it's simply going to move you as you move this way to a much much straighter ball flight until eventually you do it enough times you'll start to draw on it once you've done it then you can stop but one thing that's going to cement all of this in okay in the final piece of the jigsaw once you've got the feeling here you've got the feeling of strike you've got the feeling of the club face in remember what cements all this is what you see what you imagine you've probably spent so long visualizing a flight or worrying about flight that's curving off this way it's probably hard for you to see a ball that does this but you need to try to create it in your mind because you know what none of this will be able you won't be able none of it will happen if you are constantly trying to avoid trouble on this side of the fairway yeah for right-handers because what's going to happen is you can try all your light to swing here but if you keep worrying about that side you're going to come over there on the golf course so start to picture shapes do it on a range first but if you can picture the shape your body's an incredible self-organized machine it will really help you achieve this into out motion because that creates that shape it's going to help you to square off or close down the face because again that's what you're trying to see and trying to picture so add that to the mix too why are we trying to get you to bend it remember we're trying to get you to bend it this way because it's completely the opposite to what you're already doing you're already doing the opposite here if i can help you swing over this side we're gonna actually realistically you won't see big bends like me i'm just going to neutralize your swing by exaggerating these motions the best players in the world is all the time but i get all my students through this because it really really really works so let's just summarize what have we done if you're slicing the golf ball we're talking path your path is this way we want to go feel that we're working more this way have we done it we set those two t-pegs up get the path working into out across those t-pegs with your irons we said look we don't want to have a path we want to be able to strike it so we need to have the handle ahead what do we do the second tpeg by taking that out too you have to naturally have this so it's great feedback for you when you're playing then we said look just that alone we need to close off the face you've been brilliant by the way at avoiding shots like going miles to the left so you've been brilliant at opening the face you know what now you're going to have to be brilliant at learning the feel of what closing it down feels like we call it the bowing effect you can simply at home just look at this bow the left right turn the knuckles down close the face and then how do you square the face up you don't square it up by doing this you square it up with strength this is that position here square so now you've got sends here look of coming in in a much stronger position through the impact and finally glue it all together by visualizing the shot to kind of let the body help you along the journey so your body has incredible powers that subconsciously trying to kind of self-organize itself to create these emotions once you've got the draw you can put this drill aside and not use it until the next time you start to get that slice back so i really hope you enjoyed this training it's a simple drill you can take straight to the golf course put a tp uh pumpkin ball in put a teabag in front take that tea peg out don't do it in competitions do it in fun do it in practice and share it if you want with some of your friends who are struggling with their ball striking and their slice so remember there's a free practice guide in the description box below go and check it out it's completely for free but until next week have a great golfing week