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hey Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this we've got something really special for you I want to help you add 15 or 20 yards onto your driver how many times have you heard that before this is a common request for me when I someone comes for a lesson with me and this week was no different I had David come and see me regular member here at Canada golf will be remembered for a long time we've added a few actually yards to some of our holes and some of the carries now are getting quite long and he was struggling a little bit so he wanted to basically add something to his game but I don't have time to lose the gym like I see all these tall players doing and I mean speed etc is there anything else I can do well of course there is so most golfers out there they're just making some very simple inefficient moves that are requiring them to make lots of effort and not get a lot of reward was if you can just get rid of those tiny little idiosyncrasies in their swing you can basically add nice and extra few yards quite comfortably effortlessly and that is what we're going to cover in this week's training before we do that if this was one of your first videos from me please consider subscribing if you place that little bell bow on it next to the subscribe button you get notified every time I release a video just like this one so David comes and sees me he needs more club head speed so the question is how do we do this but more importantly how do you add speed and maintain the accuracy well let's start with the very very first thing I released a video about a year ago well over a million views which I put in this top right hand corner called the catapult and and really if you want to generate more club head spin add an extra figure to your game you need to get this club literally catapulting through like this now watch this this club then acts as a lever we need speed you've got one end here the one end starts to slow the other wind speeds up and that is basically how you generate lots and lots of speed now what was they were doing and what I see a lot of players doing they don't generate the catapult for speed what they do is is they get both ends working at a similar speed so what they're doing is that almost like this yep so no speed there's no energy going into the club side or the club head side so to say so they do generate the effortless power that he could generate and if you're the same then I want to help you now generate this catapult effect see generate power but also maintaining the accuracy too so we now understand look you have to get this Club look from here catapulting like this that's where the speeds going to comfort so the question is what factors create the catapult let's start with a very very first one okay I'm not going to go into setup in this week's training on on the driver I'm assuming you've got setup if you're on an unsure exactly I said that we drive a not problem I'll put a video look in this top round corner which would go through all the details of setup I've also got a free driver series that covers a lot of these basics in I'll put that in the link in the description below too but let's get into some real basics here so when you get yourself set if you want to get this club catapulting look at this this end here needs to slow while the other end starts to speed up and the way we do this is we cannot have the body moving side to side so we've got to work out how do we generate this speed well you've got to get a turn going now you can't turn like this which I see a lot of people doing because that's a side-to-side Martian so if it's not a turn what is it it's a spiral instead watch this the body instead the way it turns it spirals up because what we want to try to do look is try to keep three balance points in play I want to imagine a dot on the floor your first balance point the second balance point is your navel and the third at the top of your sternum and what you try to do to keep this nice and simple and in line like this what we're gonna do is we're gonna pivot this way now look at this I've kept them pretty much in line there and I've managed to do that by spiraling upwards if I've just turned I've got one over here and one over here they're not in line now they're in line fantastic so I'm winding them back as I come back down now watch this they're now in line again with a driver there should be slightly off off line because we were upon though on the ball with a nine they want to be completely in line okay but we're now spiraling back down and then we're spiraling back up a great image for this is often I've often uses like a cork coming out of a wine bottle the back seems like the cork coming out and then the downs without the [ __ ] going in so let's go through this in a bit more detail so we're getting ourselves set what you do from the ground upwards you're going to start to spiral from the big toe of your lead foot here my left foot I'm going to spiral up here and then watch this I'm gonna push the [ __ ] back in the bottle starting with the big toe of my lead foot pushing back down that spirals me back down look back into impact here and then I'm going to spiral back up into position here right now clearly you can't think of all this stuff when you're playing so it's just a feeling stuff that you can do indoors okay get a sensation of this you don't have to use a golf ball just get the feeling of the body how the body works it's very important the body stays in this line because what this does that as you start to speed this up can you see what's going to happen to the club now it gets catapulted because my body as it spirals down and then back was this way as this goes this way what happens this it gets thrown that way that is where the speed happens but if I'm not actually spiraling instead I'm moving side to side where's the speed gun it's completely gone isn't it so you don't generate the effortless power that we need so step number one is learn to get the body functioning correctly in a spiral style type fashion here backwards and forwards starting with the lead foot spiraling up starting the downswing with the lead foot spiraling back down and just getting that feeling of staying completely in line all the way through now let's work on now step number two so you've now got the idea of the spiraling up and spiraling down now what you're going to do is you're going to take control over this club because I mean don't want just the catapult in terms of speed but we also want the accuracy now watch this you see a lot of people they may get wonderful spiral here but then what happens is is again linked to the spiral they shouldn't on the allow the club to drop here that gets we're at a position now now some of the ways they handle the handles over here we can't really catapult will end it just flicking with the wrists or vice versa we get to spiral up here and rather than in a sense people allowing the club to come in and caliper what they do is is they hit from the top now look the handle I'm a club are basically coming in at the same time again brute force no speed so what I want you to do is two things here believe you two drills the first one you need to get the feel of this lever working so I love this get the split hand drill get a couple of inches between your left and your right hand here and what you do is now you've got the sense of this spiraling up as bowing down what you do you swing back here and now watch as I'm coming down as I'm spiraling back down I'm leading with my lead foot coming back down I'm gonna practice now look at this letting the club release now look at this I get the handle to my body and the head goes out here it's the head to the ball and the handle to the body head to the ball handle to the body if the split hand feels weird and doesn't work for you can join the house together it's not a problem it's just I think it helped to feel both sides of the club the leg left hands at the bottom right hands a bit split hand you can really feel the lever working effectively you don't have to do it but it really helps and all you're doing this situation is this when you spiral as opposed to driving forward with a handle here no catapult or heaving from the top what you're gonna practice is getting the handle to the body and the head out to the ball and learn the feeling you'd have to do any speed at this stage just learn the feeling of how the head and the handle work to help you get this catapult for you so a swinging back here and then we're swinging through that's really nice and it's so so straight a lot of the inaccuracies the hooks and the slices a cause the hookers get stuck in here and then have to flip violently so it's a very last minute release the slices there's no lever at aalihi from the top bit cut across the gland and golf ball so this is a simple drill to really help you get the sense of this lever working some people will say Danny isn't that casting casting it's definitely not casting is this looking from here what we're doing is we're simply returning that head to where it came from it started here we want to get it back to there so the handle returns there and the head is out there now once you've done those two things we then go right okay great we've learnt a spiral we've got to learn how the cops persley working now what we're going to do is this how do we then join these all together to generate some serious speed well you don't initially you go to the range you get a feel of these motions and then you work on speed speed is this you know got a sensation of what's going on what I want to do now is this watch this look at my left knee here I'm gonna now watch this this is the part of the spiral as my body kind of works almost like a couple of Pistons here what is this body's like if it goes up down and as my body goes this way the club goes this way that's the shape of the swing so watch this as I from here as I'm turning now as I stand up the club gets extended and releases look at this this is basically adding the extra power to the game now it's what I'm doing here I'm not standing up here that would be what we call early extension and a loss of power as I spiraled enough to rotated my knee still flex but watch as I then stand a little bit here I get the club when it starts to get thrown through the shot one two I'm throwing it through what I'm not doing is driving forward I'm not stuck in here I literally look throwing it through now what I do with this initially I start with some small little half swings and get the sensation listen I'm really it's all driven in this lead leg my left leg here I'm coming through I'm turning and then I'm firing and I'm literally catapult in that club through the impact area back here turn get our sensation and catapult in that club through the impact area so let's summarize how do you generate power you have to learn how to use this catapult effect in the driver I've got it like said video in the top right hand corner I'll show you in detail how to what the details of the catapult but ultimately Louie done three things in order to get this club catapulting you can't move side-to-side but you need to get some power don't you just need to turn you don't turn from side to side either so how do you do it well the body has to spiral upwards like a corkscrew out of a bottle you start from the lead foot you spiral up you start on the lead down you spiral down and then back up again here sometimes you just gotta take time that one drill alone getting those dots lined up those three that's one two three getting those dots lined up practicing this over over again will massively improve your balance and suddenly because the body's spiraling you get this slinging effect of the golf club as opposed to the driving effect where you lose a lot of power and accuracy the second thing was we said look you've got to then learn what you've got to learn how the body works you're gonna learn how this club works this club has to have some stage work back out in front of you otherwise you don't get the catapult and you don't get the accuracy for those of you who hook you might get a great backswing here but then what happens the club is allowed to fall behind you causing a flick of the wrist or no catapult and a massive loss of accuracy for the slices they get here they don't catapult they move over over the top here again cutting across the golf ball so we've said yes look split hand grip leave a gap between the two swing back here and allow the club the feeling of the club where the handle goes to the body and the head goes out to the ball that slinging effect will really feel like you're getting centrifugal force going this way through the impact area and the third and final thing was then start to add in the speed with this once you feel more comfortable this first two which is then using that lead leg here as you've rotate you could have some rotation for impact at this stage and then what you're doing is as that extends and your body goes backwards it throws even more power to the in the club adding that centrifugal force and therefore adding the power my personal favorite is a split hand really helps to get for me I sometimes getting here helps me to get the club out there so love these drills really helps get some serious power into the shots so really hope you enjoy this training if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up and if you think you could benefit from some of your friends could benefit from extra yards don't keep it to yourself make sure you share it with them so if you enjoy the training and you'd like to receive more why not download my free driver cost I'll put it in the link in the description below just take it any questions and you want some more help with your driving just leave them in the comments box below but until this week have a great golfing week