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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I am super excited because I'm going to give you two of my most popular drills that I've basically been helping golfers over the last 12 months one is the catapult method I'm going to show you how you apply the cap appointment that you generate stacks of power with your driving it's been viewed almost a million times now and the amount of people that I value been saying on through the comments section of you said only 25 30 45 years to their drives has been incredible so the other thing I want to add to this is obviously we want to hit it not just long we want to hit it straight so I'm gonna also show you as a bonus today exactly how we use that catapult method and also squirt at the con face at the same time but before we do I've got a couple things to announce if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I released content like this every week to try to you improve your game and the second thing is if look we're just about hopefully to hit a hundred thousand subscribers which is just mind-boggling certainly wasn't expecting that whatsoever and it's a massive thank you what I'm gonna do when we hit a hundred thousand subscribers I've got a little giveaway and for any of you who are on my email list I'm gonna email out a four-part video series on driving and driving alone so you know for accuracy distance you name it alright it's gonna it's it's gonna be launched in middle of 2019 will it's actually a paid course but for those of you who are on my email list you're going to get it completely free of charge if you're not my email list head on over to Danny mod.com just subscribe there's absolutely no cost if you're on the email list you will get the video series we'll probably have to close the doors when we reach maybe one hundred ten thousand but but if you're on the list I'm happy to give it to you absolutely free so let's get cracking in this training so what is the catapult method and how can it help you generate speed so basically what it is is I was out with the kids a while back at a castle and I saw these things that I found somewhere actually corrected me on this they're actually Trevor J's these massive Trevor J's firing these boulders and they were obviously incredibly powerful and I thought you know what I actually do something very similar when I'm coaching I'm when I'm coaching clients and try generate speed I actually helped them feel this almost like catapult into the golf ball and that's what I want to share with you today so what is the caliper well when people are generating power what I'm finding that they're doing a lot of the time is that they're swinging back and what they try to do is they're often trying to muscle the ball they're either trying to follow through and they're trying to maybe drive through the shot here but what they're not trying to do is use club head speed they're almost using more body speed so they the power and momentum is generally going this way when actually what we want to do is is we want to get the club releasing and catapulting forward let me show you what that basically means so a catapult is when this is like a lever here so what we want when the club wants to come up here we need to catapult it this way that's how we generate speed right but what a lot of people are doing is they're dragging it right so what the dudes are pushing it forward so they're not getting any real speed with this they're only pushing it now you can play golf like that you can move off forward but you know the guys who are knocking it 30 40 50 yards past you they're doing something different well this is part of it so what I want you to do is is we need to learn how to create this and learn the feel of it so I mentioned in when our previous videos were actually going to detail the cat pull method which I put up here you've got to have a reasonably soft grip and you've got to get the feeling of when you're coming through here that the club is literally releasing it's literally releasing through its catapulting through the generate speed that is it now one of the key factors are a few people questioned it on the video is that well if you are releasing the club here a little bit early shortly that is casting and then and kind of it was slightly misinterpreted the thing I'm what we're doing here is this is what we were actually doing is when you've caught your wrists here you have we've got what's called an uncocking so one of the key factors and the misinterpretation I would say in the release pattern is that a lot of people feel like you need to in a sense release a claw past the hands here through impact and that's um definitely need in order to strike a golf ball what we want to do is it's basically an unhinging of the wrists that is actually the release of the releases are coming up here and the release of a golf club is actually the unhinging of those lists or the extension of those wrists so the question is and this is how we link in the accuracy and the catapult together what we want to be able to do here is this words we sweats as we swing back and we're starting to set those risks here one of the key components is we want to drive the club down and there's an uncocking of the wrists here and then look at it as the grissom [ __ ] it is a fire now the great thing about this I'll show you from this angle here as the risks of cocking there's no role of the wrists they're simply just uncocking through into impact most people when they're swinging will they roll their hands around and roll their hands around here leaving a very unstable clubface so if you use the catapult method with a rolling of the wrists it won't work we want again yes get the club catapulting through but we need to understand that in order to keep it straight what we have is this the club hinges up here and there's an unhinge as no role in this martien look at this there's no when I move my wrist back and through here there's no role as I go up it's just a hinge up and a hinge down so let's have a look at this in action so we're swinging back here as a hinge of the wrists were unhinging those wrists here and what we're going to do is is we must let fly what we can't have here is this we can't have you being too delicate here we've got to let the club here literary catapult so it's an unhinging as I come through here let's have a look at this so swinging back and an unhinge we drive through that shot okay the huge commitment to that now a couple of things just to kind of enhance this just a little bit more so we've got remember we've got the catapult we've got to let this Club fly we've got to work out now how we keep it straight on the way we said look the we need to understand how the wrists hinge and unhinge to do this the wrist hinge up and the wrists hinge down they don't roll they come up and the unhinge so notice this a lot of people here they're hanging on for dear life too much they don't hinge there they don't unhinge early enough and what tends to happen here is this they get stuck around here they get stuck inside and their ham to flip it all they hang on and rather than a natural unhinge here what they tend to do is they swing around the corner so when we get to the backswing here we want to get that sensation here of the correct wrist hinge now let me show you one key factor with the hand path when we're coming down here I almost like to say it's like coming down the motorway or if you're in America is more like the highway you're coming down here and as you're coming down the hand path is going down the road now as we unhinge now their hands exit the road here is like a little Junction what we're going to do it here is we're going to literally unhinge and we're Xing the hands go left while the club continues to go straight let me show you that again so our swinging back here the hinge is up we run hinging back down we're going down the road and we run hinging on the way through this is how you get the accuracy element of the catapult yes you've got to eventually do this quite quickly but it's quite nice to learn exactly how we keep that clubface square so let's look at it from both angles I'll do another one from here and then you can have a look from behind so we're coming back and we're really going to feel that work attaboy thing here you'll also notice here on a caterpillar where's my body go it goes backwards it doesn't go forwards we were actually firing through here the body goes backwards to launch that ball straight up in the air there we go let's have a look from behind so let's have a look what's happening from here so we said look from behind we're moving the club back there's a general risk Hawk here you'll notice there's no rolls of risk [ __ ] here now as they're coming through the hands come down the road they're coming down the road here straight road there are the uncocking there and as a young [ __ ] this way they then exit the road that is what gives you that lovely square contact on the way through apply that now with the the base of the catapult on the way through and hey presto you have straight massive drives so what we're doing here is this I'm loaded up I've get myself set some whiny back here I'm cocking those wrists I'm driving down here I'm coming among cocking here the hands are exiting the road and I'm firing through up into the sky let's have a look at this not was it composed a lot of layers on no he's a completely back soon but that's how they go

really really nice feeling so let's summarize what have we done basically very very important we need to understand that in order to generate a lot of speed and power in the golf swing we need to get a catapult effect what we do not want to be doing here in any shape or form is trying to drive the ball forward the body trying to hit it this way there's not enough speed there we need this club to be speeding up on the way through it's very very important with that in mind what's happening as you're doing that the club is going upwards the body naturally goes backwards it doesn't go forward the tire is driving here and then fires backwards now a few people were worried when they were doing this it will surely this will be casting casting is something that happens from the top of the swing you go remember the club has to release at some stage so the next thing we're going to talk about is how we release and we said let this the release is basically a unhinging of the wrist it's a as the wrists come up there's an extension the wrists start to extend downwards most people try and release with the rod we know we don't want that's too unstable so we said how do you do this with understanding really the hand path in the golf swing as the club hinges back and the hands come down the road here you just got to remember that there's an exit point here through this Marcia so we're coming back we're going down the road and there's an unhinging here as we go through and that then gives that lovely accurate shot with the catapult hey presto we got some long straight drives look I really really hope you enjoy this training if you do don't forget to give a thumbs up and if you're not a member of the website consider subscribing of course don't forget the bonus if you are I want to really celebrate I want to really thank everybody for being part of this community and helping us get to a hundred thousand subscribers so if you're new to the community head on over to Danny more comm sign up for my standard weekly newsletter and you will receive in about three weeks time or when we hit a hundred thousand subscribers you receive a four-part video series on how do you drivers step-by-step amusing to ash $69 this but up to now no it's gonna be free for you on hoop my weekly newsletter so until next week guys have a great golfing week