EFFORTLESS GOLF SWING - How to Start the Downswing like a Tour Pro - GAME CHANGER Golf Drill

downswing driver hips in the downswing irons Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week i want to give you something that you can truly experience something that if you've been struggling with your ball striking with your irons or your woods and you want to know you might know actually what to do but you struggle to kind of feel it or transfer it maybe you've watched a few videos yet you're still not seeing the benefit from those videos well often it's because you can understand what to do but you can't then transfer that understanding into something that you can actually feel so in this week's golf lesson i want to share with you how you can start to feel feel and experience exactly what you need to do through the impact area with your irons and your woods and also how you can learn to experience how to add the extra few yards i i like to call it catapult how do you get extra bit of catapult in the golf club so you can build some speed and some power with that too now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great now before we get started do me a favor pause the video go and grab a club now so you can experience this with me if you just watch this passively you'll maybe understand what to do but i want you to feel what to do so you can take whatever you've done whatever you learned today you could go and take away go and practice it go out and take it to the driving range that's the difference between understanding and experiences so hopefully you pause the video you grab your club so we get started so let's start with some real basic principles before we move on to exactly how you go about doing it great ball strikers have some things in common at the moment they strike a ball impact their pressure their weight will be over onto the lead side here the handle will be ahead here the hips will be turned out and they'll be exploding through what they won't be is weight on the back foot they won't be adding loft through impact they won't be buckling up they won't be striking the ground behind the golf ball now they do this because they naturally go top players they always their swing is always led from the ground up their lower body's always moving and move and it's basically almost dragging the upper body behind it the torso here is always lagging behind and coming in afterwards now this is the opposite if you struggle with ball striking what often happens with paw ball strikers you might be the same is that what happens here is this you get to the top and what you're doing is you're leading with your hands you're leading with your arms you're leading with your torso and the legs are a bit inactive and when that happens you end up in this flicky position here versus watch the difference here when you lead with your legs this lags behind and you end up in all these great places so let's show you now with one of my favorite all-time favorite drills on how you can learn to fully experience this so all i want you to do is take the club adjusting you'll be down and we're going to make it back to you i want you to make this backswing make it back here nice good turns you can check you made a good turn because your lead arm is behind you here it's not stuck up here you haven't picked it up here you haven't just took the club around you've made a decent turn now here's the trick i want you to ask yourself this question what do my feet need to do how should i move them in order to bring this club from this position back around to this golf ball because most players would just want to use their hands yeah and we've just seen what that does that gets you flicky gets you inconsistent in terms of your strike but if you can use a lower body you can start to learn how to bring it back not just online but with power but how well ask yourself when you do this what am i what are my feet doing what how they work in order to bring this club around i'm not using my arms to do it my feet are working now what i'm feeling is this i'm feeling a pressure literally almost like i'm stood on a gigantic lid lid of a of a container and i'm unscrewing it and what i'm doing is i'm unscrewing the container literally the pressure's moving to the front part of my trail foot as i go around to my heel of my lead foot this is bringing the club back around on this arc that i want and as i'm doing this look at this as i'm unscrewing the lid here look at how naturally i create these positions i'm not trying to do that that's just me unscrewing the lid now i would lose all that if i just swung with my outlook it just become flicker then i start to fall backwards so what i want you to do is resist the urge to use your torso to hit the ball because if you do that what you're doing is you're unscrewing the lid with the top half of your body and if you slice the golf ball lose a lot of power watch that's this you're unscrewing with the wrong section yeah you want to unscrew the lid with the lower part of the body this leaves the upper part a little bit behind the upper part comes and it comes after it follows this lower part that's going to get you online it will eliminate any of the over the tops over the top motions are all caused by unscrewing the upper body too early the other thing is if you hook the golf ball it's because you're not unscrewing at all what tends to happen is with your legs you're in a sense sliding so when you slide look you get stuck here now well that's that's bringing the club where not back around it's bringing it this way so you need to feel how you use those feet bring that club back around here but that alone well that's great that helps your path fantastic where's the power come from because look if i did this just with my right hand here and i start to use those feet well look yeah the club's coming back around but if i just drew a ball like this well there's no power not really so how do you add the sling to this how do you add the whip the catapult well you've got to learn to get the these this lead arm here catapulting off your chest either your lead down or use the right arm to catapult too doesn't matter but how do you do that well again ask yourself the same question what role do the feet and the legs play in helping this catapult if you if i'm saying to you here resist the urge to try and do this what do the feet do or watch as i get around now i'm using the feet to fire so what does that feel like well for me it feels like them extending my lead legs are extending i'm jumping i want you to figure this out for yourself by doing this exercise when you throw a ball there's something there when do you do it i can't tell you it's unique to you yeah so you make some swings bring it around keep working it around then it's firing let's have a look at this action i'd probably start very small with this i'll probably do some left down lead down swings here where i'm turning around feels feel at the legs bringing this club around and then fire get a few senses that backwards and forwards maybe even do my trail arm same thing then bring in both and i start small so we probably won't reach the screen at this stage just a small couple of swings feeling those legs are working around just chip it up there

they're not quite going to reach this stage doesn't matter so from here work it here and then i'm going to let you feel what it's like look to bring that club around using my legs and went look at this just naturally creates beautiful compression

i felt a lot better so we just went for it a bit on that one okay nice and simple so what you're after here is is again use this exercise hold those down resist those arms from firing one great drill by the way we'll go to driver in a second orange whip brilliant for feeling this okay i don't if you've seen one of these before i'll put a link in the description below

big lump of mass at the end bring this mass behind it's just a great way of feeling this motion and swinging now if i swing my wrist too soon it's going to get flicky look at this gets flicky but look using the legs always lags behind and then i'm gonna throw that orange ball through yeah great way to really get that sensation because it's really heavy okay now let's have a look at driver okay so i'll bring you to the first hole here on the trackman simulator so is there a difference with driver look not really in terms of what you try to do you're still trying to unscrew the lid with your lower body with the upper body always lagging behind it's being brought around by what you do with the lower body the difference is obviously with the driver we've got the advantage of it being teed up and we drive we want to launch it up in the sky she gets a carry so i will make some alterations obviously in the setup i'll put a videos a detailed video on how to do that um uh in this top right hand corner here but for now nothing really changes we're gonna bring this driver around the other thing i'll do is you'll see my torso a little bit more back and when i'm trying to throw now i'm really trying to use the ground because my intent is to get the ball launching you'll probably see me pushing more up off the ground to do that you'll do that too if i wanted a flat trajectory watch this i might just stay fairly level but because my intent is to kind of feel like i'm going to launch it up well now suddenly as i bring this club around the corner i might to explode again all very great for understanding but it's complicated you try and think about it you have to do this exercise so you can feel it for yourself so let's have a look at this so i'll just we're going to start small we're going to get any big shots that stay just tap it down there because i want you to show you how you go about working on this you might do some swings just one hand in here then ask yourself i'm going to bring this around there fly maybe my right hand use my legs look bring it around and get myself set don't waste too much time

and just hit a few shots again no massive massive shots just literally taking your time hitting a few shots that's pretty good for the first one now i would simply start with that first get that sensation here of moving this back asking yourself the question what do my feet need to do how are they supposed to work look my weight goes pressure goes the front part of my trail foot heel of my left that's what gets the club going around but look if you understand that and then you try and cop it and go well that's not going to do anything you've got to use that your turn you'll twist that lid you've got to use that pressure to bring that club around just randomly doing this won't do any good at all okay so hope that really makes sense you've got slicing problems this really will eliminate them as long as you get that club around here and then bring it through so i hope you enjoyed this training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share with some of your friends who could do with a bit of help start small with it first okay if i put a free practice plan and guide on how to do this in the description box below let's go and check it out cause look if you're new to the channel it's one of our first videos of mine please consider subscribing press the little bell button next subscribe and get notified every time i release a video just like this was us really hope i'll see you next week but until next week have a great golfing week