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driver irons Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week i've got something that should make the golfing so much easier to reproduce time and time again i'm creating it now for you because i've just finished a round of golf with three wonderful guys who can invite me actually to play wentworth brian rodney and johnny now they were senior golfers who had lost a little bit of distance and they were certainly getting some inconsistency with their ball striking with the irons and i promised that i would create something for them because i just knew it would benefit you now they were just making the golfing too complicated and i needed to create something something super super simple that they can reproduce time and time again so in creating it for them i know you'll benefit too now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you never have to remember a thing i'll always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below okay so let's make this ghost thing so much easier to learn for you in three very very simple steps the first step could be a real game change it's the one thing that the guys just didn't do enough of and that is create momentum in the golf swing momentum in there particularly the club head what is momentum well look this is momentum when i allow the weight of the club just simply to swing up over my trail shoulder fall down to the ground naturally up and down this is momentum problem is the guys would feel like that's naturally out of control so what they would do they'd grip tighter their arms would be a bit tighter as well and what they were doing is they were almost forcing the positions they were moving the club into the backswing here with not really much momentum and then having to force the down towards the golf ball because there's no natural momentum what this meant that was when they ever tried to get any power they would have to force a swing so if you don't have momentum in the club you'll be having loads of momentum in the body which basically means you have to move around a lot lean to lots of inconsistency and a huge lack of club head speed so how do you create momentum yourself the first thing is you have to feel what it's like so what i like to do is i grab yourself some foot powder spray yeah you don't have to have this but kind of just helps spray a line directly in the middle of your stands here okay then what i want to do is grab a club in your dominant hand to start with and start to let the club just swing backwards and forwards so now i'm allowing my wrist to bend i'm allowing my elbow here just to flex here as i basically throw the club over my trail shoulder what i then do is allow the momentum of that club just to fall down and hit that line backwards and forwards now when people try this and you might be the same you kind of still have some tension here and you start to direct it you got to let the feeling of this club go up and let gravity fall down backwards and forwards this you might find this is strange straight away because it feels out of control but go with it it's easier and it's natural once you've done that with your trail hand then get your lead hand in do the same thing over the shoulder let it fall down to the ground over the shoulder let it fall down onto the ground on that line what some people do when they put the lead hand in they swing their arm out towards the target the problem is you're swinging the arm you're not letting the club just fall down not letting the gravity work again once you've got to feel this add the second hand in over the trail shoulder over the lead shoulder up down this now will give you the sense of momentum then what i'm going to do is watch the ball we'll make it all the sufficient in a second but now you've got the sense of this walk to the golf ball i know this won't reach but literally just sling the club up over your shoulder down to the ground literally just throw it down there nice and loose bang right so 20 yard shot probably there we go okay so 20 yards shot the green so now you've got momentum what they want you to do is you need to then figure out well how do i increase that momentum how do i organize it so it's much more efficient and consistent well then you need to introduce your feet and the shifting in pressure so i want you to imagine this if you were to crack a whip that's what we want to really do and i feel like we're going to get some more cracks and more momentum with this what creates the crack is a sudden change in direction so as momentum goes this way it doesn't we don't keep going with it we suddenly create this snap it's a sudden change whereas momentum of the of the whip goes here we go here that creates then a snap through does that make sense a sudden change in direction what we want to do now is to fuel that and how do you do that introduce the feet with this so you'll see with all the best players they're almost waggling before they go out they everyone's looking for that trigger how do you start the swing this could be it just feel momentum in the club get a bit of waggle then ask yourself what how how can i use my feet how can i shift pressure in my feet to create momentum in the way back and then there's a sudden changing momentum on the way through can you see how my feet are moving backwards and forwards a little bit pressure here backwards and forwards and i'm exaggerating for camera so you can visually see this but ask yourself the same in fact if you can pause the video grab a golf club and do this with me so you can really really experience it so i've got momentum backwards and forwards now how can i use and move my feet to create momentum on the way back here and then a sudden change in direction you can see how i momentum goes back and naturally as the momentum goes back my body naturally wants to resist that momentum by going forward as it goes forward the club lags and then suddenly gets snapped through my body then resists on this way and creates almost this catapult motion but you can feel this initially just in a small way with a waggle yeah momentum yeah now it's not swaying swaying would be if you're using your torso to do this i'm not using my torso i'm using my feet so feel this do it small first yeah you could even hit a few small shots where you go one two let's do that so we kind of get the club moving get a bit of a waggle then just move the feet backwards and forwards pressure this way this way just to kind of sense those shifting motions and creating a bit of a whip let's have a look at this i'll just slide maybe a little half swing

that's a little half swing that then creates a bit of a snap now again notice this as i'm doing this all i'm doing here is you have to experience this this isn't about understanding you have to connect how are your feet how would your feet move to create momentum going back and then suddenly changing it once you've done that and you've got that sense of um that snap then all we do is we make the snap longer so it more resembles a golf swing to do that you need to understand and feel how the body moves into the backswing i.e turns and this is where the guys were getting it wrong their interpretation of turn was this they were turning their shoulders this got the shoulders very much rounded like this they were turning all this way very different i don't want you to turn your hips like this so they're flat i don't want to turn your shoulders like this we're hitting a golf ball on the ground this would be okay if you're playing baseball but we need to hit a ball down there to do that we need to get the the body pivoting so the lead shoulder goes lower and the trail shoulder goes higher in the backswing the then then on the downswing reverses trail shoulder low lead shoulder high how do you do that well just basically create a very simple exercise i call it the simple pivot exercise where ultimately you work in almost like a linear direction so watch this here all i'm going to do you can do this with me now is we're not turning the steering wheel and turning like this we're almost doing this it's quite linear right but it's not exactly linear start linear first and then do this just point your lead arm in line with your trail foot here so it's slightly across it's a miniature turn my pressure's gone to my heel of my trail the front part or my big toe of my lead foot and then our way down look i'm going to cross over here so i'm almost creating like a next look pressure's on my heel of my lead my big toe of my trail here one two one two now suddenly as you're making this motion naturally look my lead shoulder goes low my trail shoulder goes higher as i'm extending this is gives you the interpretation of the look that i'm turning but i'm actually pivoting very different to this yeah so once you've done that you've got the sensation of where you're going you might just want to make some swings initially so again just imagine moving in that way where you're going to swing it up here lead shoulders low trail shoulders high lead shoulder high trail shoulder low just get that sensation of extension and extension up here up there one two once you've got that then it's just a case of starting to organize it again so feel the club get the club waggling just to kind of feel some momentum then feel how the feet need to move in your swing to create momentum on the way back and now you know the destination you're swinging to let's start to kind of make that motion let's have a look at this in action we get ourselves set a little waggle just get to feel this now get myself set and move notice i move my feet around i'm trying to feel how to create this momentum on the way back

and away we go might be a bit too long it's a great strike actually but it's pretty bit too too much club yeah straight over the back of the green okay so what i'm doing is three simple steps creating momentum in the club first yeah feel what that's like just with one arm here and then you lead them get that momentum going yeah backwards and forwards very very important then learn to feel how the best players snap how they use that momentum and to do this take a waggle feel how what would your feet need to do how would they move how they shift pressure in order to create momentum look mine almost go forward they go forward and then look i'm creating momentum by moving back now but i'm not creating it here it's just a shift bang and then as the momentum goes here my instinct is to resist that that gets me going forward then i create some snap this is organizing the whole swing you might ask the question does it work for driver absolutely this works for driver but i'll create a video next week just for uh just for driver but the net the final is is very very important this is all well and good but if you don't know how to turn properly you could still come out your posture so remember we need to create that pivot how do we do this one two get the sensation cross here cross there you might want to do some exercise we just feel it initially feel it feel it and then start to add in these motions these freedom this kind of movement of the feet ask yourself how do i create momentum into that cross how do i create momentum into this cross one two this then will really help you to complete that swing create the all-important snap but do it in a way that's more effortless more natural and you know what much much more repeatable yes it will feel a little bit more out of control that's the idea this is why it makes the golf dip the game difficult we play a static sport it gets us to be static we have to keep moving if we keep moving we can feel where this clubhead is we've got momentum and it's so much easier to play like this once you've done that then by all means start to ramp up the power but start with those three things first step one momentum step two organize it feel how your feet can organize that shifting that pressure three complete the swing with a pivot not a turn all right looks like a turn but it's more of a pivot really really hope this helps thanks so much to the guys for the invitation at wynwood i really guys i hope it really helps you um and of course look remember there's a free practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and of course look if you're new to the channel come and join me next week by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a wonderful golfing week