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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us I am super excited this week because I want to share with you exactly how you generate effortless power in the golf swing I don't know about you but so many of my clients are trying so hard to generate power in their golf swing they play so much effort in and they're not getting the rewards from that effort some of them are costing themselves injuries from it some are finding that when they go towards the top of their golf bag widths the hybrids therefore in their 5-iron to bunching together they're not getting the maximum out they're almost going to same distances and look this certainly not generate the power that it could do from this driver in this week's training I'm gonna introduce you to a concept called the catapult swing it's a new it's a phrase I coined which I'm is helping so many of my clients generate much much more power but in a way that is far more effortless effortlessly and I'm going to share with you exactly how we do it and what we do in this training before we do if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing we release content every single week to help you improve your game so what is the catapult theory and how can it help you so the catapult is something that coined when I visited a Dover Castle in Kent England a few months ago and I was out of my family and on the top of this castle there were these gigantic catapults that they obviously used to fire boulders out towards the enemy and these are impressive things and they were obviously really really powerful and they looked something like this you can imagine the catapult doing this right so I thought that's so similar to what you know a coach when I'm helping someone general extra power in the ghost and I thought I won't know that we're that nice vision an image could help people like yourself so what is the catapult and how can it help you well the catapult works in a golf swing like this when we swing back what we wanted to have happen is we want the club head to do this fire so it's when it gets this position here it catapults this way catapults this way now with a driver you can see here when we position the ball forward stands it catapults bang and fires upwards like this now the problem is a lot of people when they try generate power and they're doing it with a lot of effort they're often using terms like oh I really need to follow through and they're really trying really hard to kind of hit it this way and as they're doing this what they're doing is they're not actually using the catapult what they're actually doing is this they're swinging back and there are literally rather low in this to flat fly through they are literally going like this now what do you think's more powerful what can you see here they're almost pushing it forward rather than allowing it to fly forward so we need to create a very different swing so this is the original swing we'll just do a lot of people this is one where they're trying they're swinging it and they're driving forward like this thinking they're going to generate extra power and we need to create something that looks more like this well from here we are cata polity through but how do we go about achieving it how do you go about achieving this now there's a few things you've got to put in place first the very first thing you need to do is this you need to gonna you're gonna have to check your grip pressure so many of my clients big in the need to feel like they've got control over that golf club and they hope that they're gonna you're gonna hit this straight they grip the on for dear life now I've mentioned this in many of my videos but one of the things I needed to do is I need you to get a very decent grip pressure the best way of looking at this is an old old feeling an old image is it's like holding a tube of toothpaste hold it firm enough that the paste comes gently out but not firm enough that it squeezes out really quickly if you're stunned they're right and you're gripping on for dear life this club head is not allowed to swing and think about it where does the catapult go where does that club head go no chance we need to have some softness in the wrists here and therefore the grip in order to help generate club head speed so that is rule number one in order to try and create catapult soften the grip pressure to a degree where the paste in the toothpaste is just squeezing out that allows us to get that passivity in the wrists to get some club head speed next thing we need to be working on here is this we need to think about how we're going to create a little bit of lag in the golf swing now how do we create some like when we're swinging backwards and forwards here we again we need to get that sensation here that there's a softness in the wrist we're not holding it first we're not going to try and hold the like here and hold these wrist firm we're gonna allow the softness backwards and forwards where does lag come from lag comes from this when we swing backwards and forwards the weight of the club here goes back and as the body goes forwards the club naturally lags right so we're swinging backwards and forwards and we're just creating a softness in the wrist very very important so again it links to the first point you've got softness in the grip you've got softness in the wrists here right you're getting this in session now before we go any further I want you to make some swings just allowing the club head now to swing a little bit freer for many of you that might feel like it's a bit out of control and maybe even a bit risky maybe a bit risky to start off with but we're allowing this to swing the next thing I want you to do which is very very counter to what most people are trying to do if you want to get the catapult now you're gonna have to from here get the sensation that you are releasing it earlier because so many of you have been trying to hold on to this lag here which is all it's going to do here's this create a push effect at some stage you've got a catapult that Club outwards so we raise it fires through so watch this when we swing back now we've got those wrists looser we're swinging now why don't we do is this when you get here I want you to fire the club outwards here away from you it feels out you creating a massive circle with a club you're firing it through and that then what does that do my body it fires through my body actually goes backwards with driver I'm actually going backwards and look at my here this tosser is turning this way now check out a video that I produced on the spiral staircase and the way the body works in the golf swing because it will really complement this video I put up in the top left hand corner right now but notice this at no stage am I doing this I'm not driving forward with this driver what I'm doing is I'm using the catapult and my body is reacting to the force that the club is applied on it as I from here if I get to this position here and now throw the club I'll let the club fly outwards it will feel like you are flicking or releasing it but it won't happen it's just a feeling that then drives this catapult and look at my body it goes out my hips turn automatically and away we go let's see what this looks like so I'm driving it back and I'm catapulting it out and what it gets now is this incredible launch up into the sky and that's what gives you those extra yards let's have a look at that again so you compare it to what a lot of people are doing they're driving through this way like this yeah it's fine it works it moves it forward but we want to create effortless power we want to use natural forces when we're getting ourselves set here we're swinging it back we've got some softness in the grip we've got some softness in the wrist and as we're coming down here now what we're gonna do is we're going to allow this catapult to swing and we're going to get the sensation now here that our bodies are turning through naturally the club the boys reacting to this club flying through and I'm wearing my swinging I'm going upwards my body's working out of the way it is not working around it's not working forward and back in position here and I'm away let's have a look at this again

and that's giving me this wonderful launch generating so much carry which those people who are struggling to get distance and get this as effortlessly they do not get so what is that one of the the main fundamentals with it and things you're gonna have to look out for when you do it well when you try this for the first time it is going to feel like he's out of control it is going to feel possibly even a little bit reckless people like to have control over things particularly if you've been hitting the driver everywhere right and left the last thing you're going to want to do is let this club go freely but look you're going to really need to do it if you want to start to hit effortless powerful drives that actually go straight you've got to let go we do not want to have a swing that is steering the ball swings that look like this where we're holding on tight and we're simply steering it can feel inside that you you have more control but you haven't you're steering the ball you're pushing it right pushing it left and you're generating so little power from it I want you to get away from that so in summary what are we going to do to get this catapult working what we're going to do here is this you have to hold the grip pressure at a pressure that allows the mobility in the wrists here yeah how do we create that hold it like a tuber to space squeeze it out gently number to allow the wrist naturally to soften here they create the lag you will notice there's a natural transference away but that's only because my intention is to to swing forward so I'm softening these wrists off here and I do a few swings first of all just letting the club head swing freely you may even want initially just to hit some shots like that once you've done that you then need to work on getting a sensation of what is the catapult from this position here get that sensation that you're running around about this position you are throwing the club you're letting the club go almost that way you're throwing using centrifugal force to throw out the circle create a circle and let that fire and let the body react to the swinging golf club I don't want you to move your body and let the body do the work I want your club to change the dynamics of your body let's have a look at that one more time

and there we go I hope you really enjoy this training if you did of course subscribe to the channel and share it with a friend if you think they need a little bit of extra distance but until next week have a great golfing week