EFFORTLESS GOLF SWING - Using the CATAPULT METHOD Learn to Hit Your driver straight and far

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how would you like to generate some effortless power the type of power with this thing how many times you put phonies are put so much effort into it and you just no matter what you try to do you cannot get any additional yards well one of the things that you might be lacking is you're not having what I call catapult power there's one and two you're not really striking it as consistency as you'd like so I have got a such a simple drill for you that can help your experience and feel how to achieve both so I'm going to share with you in that in this week's training before I do that if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos online please consider subscribing press that little bell button next to subscribe button getting notified every time release a video just like this one also with this exact video I offer free practice plans down below so if you really enjoy the video and you want to kind of download something to take to a driving range just hop into the description below it's completely free and you get to download the full PDF of this of this lesson so catapult power what is it and how can you start generating it well nice and simply is this I got it originally from going to with my family to a castle and I saw these great big cat paws or you know people you know the Trevor J's on the top they used to fire these boulders 200 300 plus meters out into the distance at their enemies simply like this they work at supporting yeah now you can do that too we want to get this type of catapult in the golf swing what I find is two things happen either one golfers are catapulting they I've been a catapulting in the wrong place or two there just aren't catapulting at all don't know if you're the same but just because they're scared that the ball might go offline they really want to create a consistent golf swing they control it way too much like this and in doing so they will miss out on all this wonderful catapult power that you need so let me show you one simple exercise that you can do to really really experiences and I call it simply striking the match so I've got a it's an alignment stick but you can use an organic cleaner all the way to do is take up the alignment stick in as simple as this I we need to imagine now you're gonna strike the match gonna light the match so you just put the match on the ground here right now and all you're gonna do now is this as you're kind of lighting up the match a couple things start to happen at the moment of impact we driver what do we want to have happen what the ball opposite our lead foot here and we want to strike it with a good the leading arm and club here needs to be kind of all lined up to here that's what we're trying to achieve with a driver watch how striking the match it helps you achieve that as I'm here I'm striking the match that already is starting to look very similar to what you'd see with a driver position a great strike but that's not finished we want to strike the match so now we add in the catapult you don't strike a match going like this watch this we've got it and then we're gonna maybe even make the sound effects you might be kind of auditory in your learning so listen to this I'm there I am striking the match I'm not just dragging it neither am i doing this for those of you if you find that sometimes you're losing a lot of power see a lot of golfers doing this they're coming down here they get into slicky position the almost a chicken wing sometimes that is because they use this striking it with the wrong part of the match when you strike the match look at it here we're using this section of the match here not this section so I'm striking it and then whipping it watch this we don't want to do this this looks weird and you can't really strike it like this we're not trying to strike the match there neither are they pushing it so get this sensation it's really really good get yourself set here feel like mush there's your impact and and then whip it strike it make the sound then simply grab your driver in this case we can go to ions in a second it's exactly the same principle the ball positions forward in our stance here we're getting ourselves set put it down here just initially and then get sensation of this here there's your driving position look I'm striking it and make that noise really get our sensation when you're ready go back a little bit further and look and strike the mat not hanging on not this look at this motion strike the match maybe that's too fast for you at the moment looks small and strike you're gonna have to let go let's have a look at hit some small shots an issue with this watch this swing back strike the match really get that sensation you can always take your time with it so it's a brilliant brilliant drill to experience the strong strength impact here these line this lead and Club lining up and also the final whip through these are all gonna help to things your ability to hit the center of face and secondly obviously the catapult at the end now let's go back a bit further we're swinging back I'm visualizing now it's coming the match striking this front Pat and then away we go let's have a look at this

and away we go so brilliant as well look at the back screen here as we're coming back here if you're truly visualizing yourself striking this match you're going to come down on the right line if you find that sometimes you come over the top that doesn't make sense when you visualizing striking a match look at this there's the match look at the angle I'm coming in that very natural look how it naturally also helps you to transfer your weight because I'm there and I'm striking it you really get this sensation and it works for irons too let's have a look so how's this what with an iron well the only difference is because the golf ball is slightly further back in this case I've got seven iron I'm hit more back in my stance more central all I'm gonna do now is imagine same thing I'm going to end up striking the ball a little bit first first when I strike them that I don't get as much as the uplift that would do with it maybe a driver but ultimately I'm still look striking it and releasing I just seem to catch the ball a little bit earlier so let's have a look at this in action so I'm swinging back here I'm coming down and I'm striking the match I'm not doing this I'm not holding on to that angle very important we don't wanna do that there's no power now there's no extra catapult going on and I'm certain not releasing here and hitting the wrong side of that match let's have a look at this Lord's gonna kill me when I take a div out of this lumber here so watch this strike that match


right let's summarize what have we done there's two things that you're going to need you'll need to be able to strike the golf ball consistently and then you need to generate catapult power if you want to combine the two things together so one day what are we doing well the strike comes from this strike the literally the angle of your striking that match here this is where strike is going to come from the final bit which is so important is watch this not only and we striking it with yes there's a little you're releasing the you're striking it there's they're wiping of the floor striking in that floor that's the catapult that's sensation we aren't what we aren't doing it's just going that won't work and neither I was just going like this very very important this is a wonderful image and hopefully feeling that can really really help you both strike him what's the difference between it I don't know would when you're doing this simply the ball position and the intent with an iron we are basically all entities at risk so you can see with an iron we're catching the ball boss further backing ourselves more central here with a 7-iron and what we're going to do we catch it naturally on the way down so the low point of the club is here before then we get this this motion okay so that's what we're doing we're kind of with the swish you just happened just after that golf ball with a driver we're now the balls for the foreigner stance we're still striking the match but now the low point happens just before the golf ball before then we and now when we whip it we're heading upwards okay that's gonna get you launching the ball up in the air what else can you really help with well if you're slicing the golf ball hooking the golf ball watch this if you're up the top of the backswing and you found yourself doing one or two things one releasing early well we've covered that you're less like to do that if you're gonna truly stress right in the match from the ground the second thing watch this if you're an over-the-top or straw to transfer your weight correctly look at this just by me trying to strike the match here look at the difference in the angle I'm naturally coming down on the right line versus that wouldn't make any sense was if I'm trying to strike the match there I hope this really really helps of course look I've got full practice plan on this exact video in the description below so go and help yourselves completely free but until next week if you're new to channel come and join the join theirs by pressing that subscribe button and the Bell of course you can do either training maybe give it a like and share it with some of your friends who could benefit from this training but until next week everyone have a great golfing week