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Full Transcript-  nine out of 10 students I was coaching this week were senior golfers all of them wanted to hit driver longer and straighter but they thought they would they were just getting past that point now they were getting a bit older and that just wasn't the case we managed to add some significant yadish to their drives by introducing them to what I call the Power Circle or their power plane now in this video I'm going to show you exactly what the power plant is and then give you five simple ways that you can go about achieving it so you too can start adding distance and accuracy now you won't need all the different ways maybe just one or maybe in a combination of the two but they really really will help now before I get into video look if you're new to channels from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing are these videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you'll never have to remember a thing I always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so what is the Power Circle on a power plane very very simple I want you to imagine you've got a hammer and a nail okay now if I'm hammering this okay I'm gonna swing in different planes now if I swing in this circle or this plane I'm going to miss the nail it's very weak yeah if I swing in this plane it's almost a glancing blow but if I get in the correct plane here I could swing the hammer very fast and very hard and it's still be incredibly accurate that's what I want you to do in the golf swing so in the goals when you play golf down here so we need to move our bodies on an incline if we were up here the plane would be this way okay but in golf look we don't play a ball here we play look a ball down there so our shoulders our hips and our knees need to work on a basically a plane or a circle that's going to be powerful most of the time if you've been lacking flexibility what tends to happen is you tend to your shoulders get too level in the backswing or your hips get too level in the backswing or your hips my Dad recently actually we've recently played his shoulders getting too level on the way through they weren't staying in this power plane okay now what I'm going to do now is give you five simple ways on how you can stay in this power plant very very easily so you can generate effortless power and more importantly accuracy too so tip number one and all of these tips are going to be super simple you can just take straight to the golf course so the first tip is what I gave to John one of the seniors so he was getting a driver flight that wasn't very long it was kind of slicing a little bit away to the right hand side and he felt as I couldn't really complete his backswing but the reason why he couldn't complete it is he wasn't set up right in the first place so this is what John was doing I see this a lot he wasn't set up to have a perfect power plane because when you set up to the ball here his shoulders Remy left a Target and so were his forearms all we did was this I got him to imagine grabbing hold of a steering wheel turning the steering wheel this way now look his forearms would go from this angle to this angle when you do that and you draw this Trail shoulder back you've now basically opened the door look to do what move on the circle right when this is in this position John had only one thing to do pick the club up chop down on the golf ball and create this big horrible cut so all I did was to look John do me a favor just imagine you've got the steering wheel here turn the steering wheel around you've got shoulders here you've got right shoulder back now now you're in a position to really start to wind it back but we need to do one other thing okay which is now tip number two that in itself didn't quite fix the problem because John was so used to kind of looking down like this and aiming this way that what do you see with my hips I see this a lot his hips are also aiming this way too so look at my bum from here I'm angled this way this is not power I all I did with John was get everything turn everything the whole steering wheel this way this was huge because look now I can wound up where's my bum now my bum can be used to drive the power as opposed to here look where John was he's just flicking at the golf ball losing loads and loads of speed and loads of accuracy so those two tips combined literally turn the steering wheel around including the bum the release feel like you're setting the bum here now I mean if I exaggerated this I've created all this space look to really turn my body now suddenly he could complete his backswing for the first time and generate and store lots more energy that you can use to power the shot so we've got him set I got him then into a bit of a routine where he would literally do this one then he gripped the golf club and now look he's ready to go

simple as that so tip number three and this one's a real big one I see this with so many golfers and so David another one of the students sir he was set up really really good but he still wasn't swinging on this beautiful cow a power power plan because he didn't allow his body to move with freedom he'd been so concerned about putting the club into positions that that had led to so much tension in his body that he never allowed any kind of freedom of motion so what I gave him was this simple simple tip and I recommend everybody do this so what I want you to do is get yourself set up for a second and in your normal golf posture and I want you to imagine someone has called your name out behind you so I'm going to look behind me here right and I'm looking at that tree behind me here now I want you to notice what my body's done to kind of look at that tree what if my hips done what have my ankles done and then I'm gonna do I'm gonna now even look further behind here now I'm going to look at that tree one of my ankles done my hips done my knees done my shoulders done what is my heel done it's actually starting to come off the ground doesn't it right if I wanted to look behind there so what I want you to do is I want you to do this exercise of literally don't literally move off the ball looks like stay in line but just start to look as far behind as you can best on your own level of flexibility and notice what your feet knees hips are having to do to look behind you see most golfers I see have basically trained themselves to stay so fixed that when you do that you have no mobility in your hips and your shoulders so it becomes a very handsy and empty swing and you think it's because you're getting stiff and you're getting older and most of the time I promise you it really isn't the case it's just because you've just got used to that feeling when actually you have more Mobility than you realize okay so do me a favor do this exercise and then what we do is this I look behind me here okay look behind as far as I can and then I go back to the golf ball now sometimes when I've done this and people have done this exercise they go back and they can't quite get back to the golf ball so we go back okay that's where you need to be round about here that's the full length of your swing so we then practice literally feeling what it's like to get ankle knee hip mobility into the backswing and now look you can store that energy in that backswing and stay look on the power plane versus look here where now suddenly you have to lift up in that backswing that is all we did now this one here does take a little bit of practice because it's a it's kind of scary a lot of people when they do this for the first time they feel like they're moving excessively compared to what they used to do but I promise you this one is huge it stores so much power and if you ever look at my backswing here when I swing back you can see it looks very similar to what we've just done a minute ago okay but for you if you've been used to doing this it's going to feel like a long way to go okay so do me a favor do it I promise you it will generate some serious power

so tip number four and this is super super simple and one that I give my Dad recently so my dad was actually set up pretty good at setup he was actually staying in the power plane on the way back okay but on the way through you kind of spoil it so that we want to kind of maintain there's the shoulder angle there's a hip angle as we're coming through we want to maintain that all the way back and all the way through my dad wasn't doing that he would get here and his shoulders would end up this way right level why because EV the lower body everything gets static through impact got quite tense then it would be hands and hamsi and you'll see his elbows almost collapsing here as he's trying to get create room look to hit the golf ball what he needed to do was have a little bit more confidence in himself okay now all that did here was my dad has gave him a very very simple image that was a bit scary but worked unbelievably well it was like 25 yards plus on his driver I got in to imagine himself as a senior golfer as an Olympic Hammer thrower and as opposed to kind of like I said if you threw a hammer would you do this no what would you do this is a big long chair what you'd throw the hammer out there so imagine you're throwing the hammer now what this does okay when you imagine throwing this big heavy Hammer freely your body starts to respond it starts to the legs start to work your hips start to work in however way you need them to work best on your flexibility he threw the hammer and suddenly now his body created all this space to swing through his arms became extended he created room compared to this now we add room look to hit through the shot uh what I want you to do is to use that similar image to generate power for yourself okay you'll find your way of throwing that hammer this is what's going to give you that extra bit of snap through the impact area for my dad it was massive for his driver tip number five and this is more of a question do you have the right type of equipment for your current ability and age I've just brought my dad back from an amazing experience where he had a custom fit another Callaway National performance center at St Andrews uh the old course and I want to bring you on the conversation that my dad's had and what he's learned from that custom fitting as a senior golfer jump in in the conversation now because I think you're going to be really impressed of what he experienced during that day love that Dad what a flight on that that's an absolute belter of a flight isn't it so one of the things I certainly believe when you're playing golf is if you want to you know hit the ball better hit it a bit longer you've got to have the right equipment and not let people talk about this and Dad you've just had a custom fit with Callaway oh yeah yeah and you're doing stuff like that oh yeah yeah it was a lovely fat nice crisp with a favor what I mean one of the things we've done uh Callaway did the cat you know we've got we've just been to the Cali performance center here at the um links yeah and they've done an amazing job at putting together a set of golf clubs that kind of suit Dad where he is right now you know he's a senior golfer lost a little bit distance yes but you've gained the distance now by putting a nine wood seven and a five wood in the bag yeah you know it's made a huge difference so a lot of people get nervous about castle fitting there but you know what's your experience been like with the guys here very friendly has it um yeah and they've been really good and the beauty of it is if we seen is all non-seniors if we're going to take play golf regular yep it just makes sense to get measured up another custom fitting well because it definitely from what I've experienced so far it's definitely worth doing would you remember when you when when he put nine wood in the bag what would what did you think threat were uh well your reaction when they cut when Mike the custom fitter here give you nine wood well the face was virtually I could see the whole face yeah when I when I stood over it yeah well that's gonna go straight up in the air yeah yeah but what it does is it gives you that launch to give you that yeah look at this yeah yeah good so one of the things clearly is is find the right equipment to suit you at your current stage in your kind of golfing career right you know of course look not everyone's going to need new equipment it's not about that and my dad's only been given probably 10 clubs you know we had a full set but you only needed 10. that's going to make a massive difference to him reduces the confusion and you I'll put some kind of shots he's been hitting whilst I'm chatting here he's loving it and I'm sure you'll love it too so I really hope these five tips are going to help if you think they will make sure you give the video a thumbs up and maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look remember there's a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you won't need to remember a thing and plus if you want to actually see me giving these actual tips to a real golfer check this video out right here where I give it to a senior golfer and made some major differences to his driver but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.


Transcript Summery- 

Today, I want to share five simple tips that made a huge difference for some senior golfers I coached this week. The main goal is to help you hit your driver longer and straighter by focusing on what I call the Power Circle or power plane in your swing.

Firstly, let's talk about setting up for the perfect power plane. Many golfers I see aren't aligned correctly, so I ask them to imagine grabbing a steering wheel to turn their forearms and shoulders into the right position. This simple adjustment can make a big difference.

Now, full body alignment is crucial. We play golf down here, not up there, so it's essential to align your shoulders, hips, and knees on a powerful plane. Lacking flexibility can be a challenge, causing shoulders or hips to get too level. Correct this by turning everything, including the hips, on the plane.

Freedom of motion is another key point. I often see golfers getting too fixed in their swings, leading to tension. I recommend a simple exercise: imagine someone calling your name from behind, look behind you, and notice how your body naturally moves. This helps increase mobility and prevents a stiff and handsy swing.

Maintaining shoulder and hip angles is crucial for a powerful swing. I've seen golfers who set up well but lose their powerful plane on the way through. Keep those angles throughout the backswing and follow-through for a more consistent and powerful shot.

Now, let's talk about confidence and extension. I recently worked with my dad, who was struggling with collapsing elbows through impact. I asked him to imagine being an Olympic hammer thrower, creating a mental image of throwing the hammer freely. This not only improved his confidence but added significant yardage to his drives.

Lastly, consider your equipment. I recommend getting a custom fitting to ensure you have the right clubs for your current ability and age. My dad recently had a fitting at a Callaway Performance Center, and the results were impressive. The right equipment can make a substantial difference in your game.

So, there you have it, five simple tips to improve your senior golf game. If you found these helpful, give the video a thumbs up, share it with your friends, and don't forget to check out the free downloadable practice guide in the description. Have a great golfing week.