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driver hit driver straight simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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so driver how do you hit this thing straight how do you hit it long well look just had a recent student of mine paul come and see me now he came to see me two weeks ago and you know what i failed i didn't get the results i wanted in fact he came and said danny i'm a bit confused i feel like i'm trying to get this swing into all these different positions i'm overthinking it i need to come back and see you so i failed and i didn't want to fail a second time so we got him back and we made a huge difference to his game this is the message he sent me it was a game changer and what we did was kept it really really simple a few four simple steps we went through to turn his big booming slice with his driver into a beautiful beautiful draw and gain some serious yardage i want to share with you exactly what we did but you know what i really think it could help you too now before i get into the video like if you're new to the channel see one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice block guide in the description box below you never have to remember a thing great so let's get started in this four-step process that we gave paul sounds like a lot but it was very very straightforward the first thing paul came to me he was just over thinking it so he was taking he's swinging back here and he's trying to put the club into position and all this did was make him very very wooden he was moving the body all over the place back here and then moving it through and he was creating a big booming slice for his driver i needed to start with stage one which was let's get some momentum in this golf club momentum is simply this you've got a mass here big lump of mass at the end of this golf club momentum is when you allow this mass simply just to swing freely and allow momentum to happen what paul was doing was holding the club quite tightly and steering it and trying to create the momentum artificially move the club through positions you can see how jagged this circle is that i'm creating compared to this which is both very accurate effortless and actually flies pretty quick so that's the first thing how we did that was simply very simple we took him with his trail hand here i got him to throw the club over his right shoulder throw the club over his left shoulder a few times and sends that lovely momentum in the club as soon as he did this it was like ah that in itself was like he took a big sire release oh my god i can actually feel the club and suddenly that in itself was amazing but i said okay well that's your right hand your trail hand what i want you to do now do exactly the same now with your lead hand put it oh swing the club over your trail shoulder sling it over your lead shoulder as you're doing this we're allowing the club very important to bottom out at the bottom of the ball here and then over your shoulder what i don't want you to do which is what tends to happen is just throw your lead arm out in front of you here that swing in the arm it's not swinging the mass of this club now once he's done that once or twice they're going to join both hands together swing it over the trail shoulder over the lead shoulder here backwards and forwards then that was almost stage one but we didn't stay there before we moved to stage two i said now watch you can feel the mask at you well you know you've been coming over this way to slice it so now what we're gonna do is watch this i got him here to move the mass to sling the mass over to his right side because he could now he'd never been do this before because he couldn't feel where it was now he could he could swing it over here he could also swing it over here whenever he wanted so now we knew he was in control of the mass we now need to enhance that we needed to kind of say well how do you then control it so you can hit straighter shots longer shots now we've got some form of swing well you need to organize it and to do that he was already without realizing organizing this mass because what you do what's happening here is your body is very smart once it can sense this kind of momentum in the head what it starts to do is it starts to work in such a way that it can accelerate the club on the way back and accelerate the club on the way through let me show you what i mean so we're going to exaggerate this and this is a wonderful exercise you should try if you were to grab a rope this works in exactly the same way this is probably one of the best training years you could buy a bit of heavier up so this is your floppy club so watch how the body in order to throw this rope over their shoulders here and over the shoulder here notice how my body naturally starts to work can you see this so first of all in order to move it back my momentum goes forward first it goes forward then back then forward now i'm not telling my body to do this my body can feel what it needs to do because it's trying to create momentum in this rope it makes sense so i was just thinking back here now i'm not saying move around all over the place but all i'm doing very subtly is momentum back momentum through and away we go now one thing paul said was he said when he got to the top of his backs he said i've never felt that before didn't it i could feel a pause at the top because as a slicer he would sling over the top here and hit these big slices he said he felt a pause where did that pause come from do you know what when you start to move these motions here and you can feel this floppiness this kind of looseness at the top of the head you can feel the weight of the head your body naturally realize well it makes no sense to throw it like this it already it creates the pause allows your weight to move onto the sleeve side naturally and then fire the rope or in this seat the golf club through so wonderful bit of kit to start to organize the swing so we then from that position this he's now got the swinging club he's moving his butt i said move your body now in a way that starts to organize it here so the bit of forward momentum back and through now moving into step three he's now starting to organize it now so his body's starting to increase that momentum but one of the key things with drivers this step three was we needed him here to create some form of pressure on this arc so i wanted him really to create a consistent circle one of the problems is when he got this initially his body was all floppy i didn't want his body to be as floppy as the golf club so what i said is look no i want you here like you did with one hand to create momentum notice this when we create momentum this club is being almost thrown out onto a circle that is what was called pressure on the arc sometimes what he did was he would get loose here and loose here thus dragging the club through the ball we don't want that i want in him to create pressure on this arc so i said speed up the backswing and the downswing so as you start to organize this swing it over your right swing it over your left and get a sense here that you are almost throwing the club out on the circle now your body won't want to go with it because it'll fall over so it resists this motion naturally so you'll see with a lot of the better players they don't move around too much do they one of the reasons why is when they've got momentum on the way back here they'll naturally resist that momentum here they won't want to flow with it and on the way through look as they're they've now organized it they can throw that club down and their body because the masses got pressure on the arc the body's resisting this motion now with paul he felt as though the release was happening very very early this is what helped him hit up on the ball with the irons you might feel it happens a little bit later but with driver he really felt when he was swinging here that the release was happening a lot earlier in that swing and that naturally gave him the beautiful strike so we start to get distance now we got the strike we now needed to just straighten him up a little bit although he was starting to hit it much straighter we didn't get the lovely draw that he wanted so we introduced step number four which is he's got the feel of the club head but what he didn't have is quite control over the face yet so all i did was simple i said look take the club what does a closed face feel like that's right knuckles down to the ground okay so knuckles down so i just feel that there that's the closed face now i don't want you to be kind of flicking your wrists and all that kind of stuff just feel like those knuckles are slightly downwards that's a close face now when you're doing this motion okay i want to imagine that sense of those knuckles just facing the ground a little bit more on the way down then you know face is closed that's all we did so we said right okay let's hit a shot get ourselves set and he got him to start to swing and hit that beautiful draw

simple as that so four things first thing paul was overthinking it he was getting two very position oriented we needed him here to start to get a sense reconnect we actually called it reset reconnect with your swing feel the momentum of the club start with your right hand or trail hand first over your trail shoulder over your lead shoulder if that feels momentum it feels what that i'm supposed to be doing secondly then move on to your lead down throw it over your trail shoulder throw it over your lead shoulder feel momentum join the hands together start swinging in different directions why because you can yeah because you can feel it now you can swing the club into any direction you like because you can actually feel it stage number two you need to organize it to hit straighter longer drives just swinging the club freely is great but it's not the complete answer how do you organize it grab the rope remember with a rope we've got this floppy rope notice how the body naturally starts to organize and creates momentum feel and you need to get your golf club and do this you need to feel how's my body going to create momentum in this club on the way back and how does it create it on the way down the simplest way to do this first of all grab yourself a rope because it almost forces you to do this once you start to organize it okay you then need to amplify it a little bit more to amplify it make sure you have momentum on the way back and momentum on the way down what does that mean extra momentum do it keeps pressure on the arc paul felt as though he was really almost throwing the club outwards as he was coming down this then naturally got his body to stay much much more stable and you know without him thinking he was always wanting to try and open his hips and turn his hips the hips opened automatically because they were responding naturally to this momentum and the fourth thing to add that natural drawing we all we did was simply say look you've got to feel the head you're hitting so much better so much further just get a sense of where the face is now just close face look oh the knuckles a bit more down to the ground okay just feel that motion okay so somewhere in the swing you're gonna feel that impact those knuckles a bit more down to the ground and that was it what created an absolutely beautiful beautiful drawer so i really really hope this helps if it does please give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and remember there's a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and of course look if you're new to the channel do any first videos i'm like press that subscribe button and the bell so i can see you next week but until next week have a great golfing week