Effortless Golf Swing - How to transfer your weight in the GOLF SWING

effortless golf swing golf lesson simple golf swing transfer weight Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week how do you get an effortless golf swing this was a question from a recent client of mine Steve he comes to see me he's trying so hard to increase the distance on his iron shots the problem was he was just getting this weak trajectory out to the to the right and not flying very far his ball striking was really inconsistent and he was getting a little bit confused he'd been trying actually to stay really still over the golf ball because his interpretation was if he stayed still over the golf ball he wouldn't it would increase the like year that he would actually strike the ball properly the problem is that was the one of the big things that he was doing which was causing a lot of the loss of distance and obviously the inconsistency and strike we gave him a very simple three-step process to really improve his body movement in such a way that had more rhythm and flow to his golf swing and there was a byproduct naturally increased his power with half the effort and his ball striking he proved - I'm going to share with you what we digs I know it could benefit you - before I do that if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos online please consider subscribing press that little Bell button next to subscribe button and you get to notified every time I release a video just like this one so what did we do well like I said Steve was stood over the golf ball here really trying hard to strike the ball properly and in doing so would stay very very still he would because of this it would create very much an hour margin here and he would chop down on the golf park often catching the ground behind the ball we needed to add movement the problem is is when we had a movement he interpreted movement as done impotent if I sway backwards and forwards I'm gonna hit the ball I'm gonna reduce my consistency but it was more about how we did it so what I want to do is I'm a share with you a simple step by step process that we did to get Steve feeling the correct movement in the golf swing so you could add that rhythm and we started off like this and I want you to do the same so if you're watching your phone you're on your computer what a way to know stand up and no golf called at this stage I just want you to do this with me so you can feel how the feet and the pressure works in the ground always it's done that I want you to do this move side to side now I didn't come up with this exercise actually took this from the world long drive champion who does this as a part of an exercise but it's a great feeling for any of you of any age right so just do this with me feel how the pressures going into one foot and then the other foot your backswing pressure and then your downswing press just feel like going backwards and forwards all that did with Steve this is step one the next stage what I want to do is this as you put pressure into one foot you're pushing down watch this we're gonna push twist and we're going to twist from the ground so it's not push twist here it's push and in your feet just feel that your feet are almost like stood on a screw and they're screwing it into the ground so we're gonna go push twist and watch push twist so it's gonna look like this push twist push twist push twist push twist push twist most people do either one or the other or in the wrong order they will either push and net just slide there's no twist at all or they'll just twist they won't have both and Steve clearly was simply just twisting he was still and all he did was just do this okay nothing else was working so try and get it sort of push push push twist push twist then grab a golf club now okay and all you're gonna do now is this you're gonna feel that Martian you're gonna start to let the club maybe just one hand initially push twist push twist push twist push twist almost maybe if you want make it a little bit more methodical push twist push twist push twist push twist do it and then start to get into rhythm of the speed up push twist push twist push twist push twist and now you can start to see the build-up of speed and how the body started to work now am i swaying side to side no because all I'm doing is I'm pushing my weight into each foot and then the twist happens which keeps me nice and centered and that's what we did now we ste to start with we said look just just get a feel first don't worry about where the ball goes initially get yourself set up and all we did was get this motion going so let's have a look at this in action

now you might find initially it all a bit kind of it's it's almost difficult to coordinate this kind of things push twist I'm twisting and pushing the point is is you could do this right now at home just to kind of get the sensation and the feel of this way before you start to add a golf swing now you remember you've got developed your own habits and how it's it difficult to break and a recent client of mine Chris give me a fantastic exercise to show you - show me actually it taught me something about how difficult it is to actually change your habit so I'm going to show you a simple little anecdote here we should kind of see it see how you get on with it stand up now and fold your arms okay just fold your hands in whatever pants you see my right hand here is on my on my left arm right now what I want to do is put your arms out and try to reverse that process so that this goes over here notice how tricky is to do fold your arms in the opposite direction that sometimes can be like trying to change your goals it can it feels weird doesn't try it we tried it weird isn't it it's a really really strange feeling so sometimes when you're making this motion it kind of feels like you're rubbing your tummy and patting your head in it's all a bit kind of weird so just don't have gulfport issue with it just get the sensation of literally feeling the pressure going into each foot so at first feel that pressure some of you you might not have felt it ever felt that much pressure going into each foot on the backswing and then the downswing so this in itself will be new then you've got to get the sensation of when the pressures in that foot you're going to fill up the precious twisting here you might just want to go feel the backswing first push twist then feel the downswing push twist do it slowly methodically initially just to kind of get sensation and then when you're ready start to speed that process up backwards and forwards a push twist push twist when you're ready add a golf club maybe I like to do it one-handed first because it kind of you're able to feel more the way at the head and it and you're able to swing it a bit for rear so push twist push twist push twist push twist and then when you're ready if you're right-handed a left-handed playing golf right hand it just simply reverse that process a little bit more let's have a look at this so back to the swing we're going to get sensation of push twist twist and that could be my practice wing push twist push twist and this was a massive difference we had with Steve because suddenly he was making a much bigger turn here he wound up he got some energy stored in top of the backswing he could now start to deliver that on the way through the first thing he said to me Danny said my god it feels like I'm swaying miles off the golf ball I put him on camera he's nice and centered but the feeling for him he felt like he was swaying because he had so much more movement he's interpretation of hit the ball well was trying to stay still trying to be under control but this wasn't the control he was still centered but he was now got the correct style of movement through the shot so take your time with it maybe pick up a ball initially get this sensation backwards and forwards and I'll where we go so push twist push twist and it's as simple as that now my own personal problem is sometimes I sometimes find that I might get a push but I don't get twist so I get a bit stuck underneath that can cause me to hook it for those of you if you slice a golf ball what tends to happen for for most people who slice and it certainly was the case with Versteeg so they get to the top of the backswing here and what happens here all they do is eight they twist there's never a push down first and therefore they simply just throw the club over the top so watch out for that but apart from that it's as simple as that so take it up a summerize take it up step by step start with AZ motion first feel the pressure going into each feet push push push twist the screw push twist the screw making methodical then see if you can start to speed that process up add the golf club so you feel you get that timing and then bit by bit be patient with it this exercise shows you sometimes how difficult it is to change your habits so give it a go hope you enjoyed the training if you do share with some of your friends this one's a great one if you for a beginner as well if trying to learn the coordination of the golf swing please share it it'll really really help but of course this would be a first videos of mine come and join the community by pressing this subscribe button and the bail until next week have a great golfing week