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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I'm gonna show you how you can generate extra power and accuracy with your driving and your iron play using something called pull power not push power and in order to do this you're gonna have to stop rushing that downswing I'm gonna show you exactly how you can create those effortless yeahit's you've probably seen the guys at your local golf club or on TV and they're generating so much power what you see is a pretty effortless looking golf Singh right I'm gonna show you how they go about doing it they get everything in the right order before we do have a look at Richard here who came to see me you'll see with his swing when he's coming through he rushes the downswing and as a bipod to rush in the downswing he gets in a very weak position and he can see it looks a bit awkward right the hips are very square he's not rotating there's no real power it doesn't look elegant now look using a later one the lights training aids I kind of gave him to experiment which I'll kind of I'll show you how to use it the towards the end of the video look at the difference in what happens in Richard swing when he starts to come through now with this new training aid he swings back here and he's coming through and now suddenly everything looks kind of normal right he's turning through he's generating beautiful club at speed and the swing looks fluent and natural now question is how do you go about achieving that well before we do probably get into this training if you are new to the channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game so what are we after in a downswing right what what do we want how do you get effortless power well what you need to get effortless power is really straightforward when you swing back here there needs to be an order of sequence it needs to start from the ground starts with these feet followed by the torso followed by the arms followed by your hands what does that mean if you threw a ball you don't throw a ball with just your arm it's quite weak right but this is what a lot of people do they throw from this section there people who hit it long distances and it looks effortless they start from the ground the tosser follows the armed force and finally there's a release of the hand okay now this is the same in golf when you get your set up in position here we want to create from here the feet moving the tosser moving the are moving and finally when you get to here there's a firing at that golf club question is that's wonderful to understand that how do you go about feeling it well you're gonna give you two very simple things to start with and then I'm going to introduce a great training aid which makes this job so much easier but let's first of all talk about pull power and push power most people when they get to the top of the backswing here they start the downswing from this side the torso as opposed to the legs so what they're doing is if they're hitting from the top and they're pushing the ball forward what they're not doing is pulling it what do I mean imagine now we're gonna have me and you now we're gonna have a tug-of-war I'm gonna get you to hold this end of this golf club right so imagine you hold that in I'm holding this end and what we're gonna do now is in order for me to be me my strongest position and most powerful position I'm gonna pull an eye and I'm gonna pull with my legs am I just gonna do this no way there's no power there right so you get on that side and you imagine what you're gonna do right you're gonna pull you're gonna pull with your legs followed by the tosser followed by the Outland you gonna drag me through impact okay so we want to create that so that's the same session I know one let me show you from this angle when we get here right I want to imagine that somebody's pulling at this side and what you're gonna do is you're gonna pull through here you're gonna drive what you're not doing is pushing this way so you're going to use pull power the weight of the club is behind and then you fire okay so that's the first thing I want you to get the sensation of using pull power not let's have a look at this in action it's offset I'm going to swing back here I'm not pushing now here I'm gonna pull down pull this way lead this way and then fire it through okay let's have a look swing you back and that's pull power that is just that's just launched maybe I should do a bit more pull power okay that's the first thing I want you to do so you've now got this general sensation of what are we after we want pull power not push power but for those people who are rushing their downs when they often don't complete so what they're doing is that don't get in it in any real position to pull so watch this I've got to complete my backswing look to get into a position to pull down if I haven't completed my backswing I've got nothing left I've got this motion so we need to make sure that we get our lovely complete backswing now the simplest way of doing this I find people are just rushing it they're just swinging a little bit too quickly less snatching so what I want to do is I learned this from the gym really when you're lifting weight you breathe in for your nose and when you exerting the strength you exhale through what I want to do now is this I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose on the way back and

let it go on the way through so deep breath on the way back that would give you time then you if you can have in a sense take you if you're in a sense breathing through your nose on the way back it's only a little breakfast it's never you're never going to complete right so a good long breath through your nose on the way back exhale on the way down okay so with deep breathing through the nose on the way back to complete the swing

and we're accelerating on the way down by breathing out words simple but great way of making sure you complete your backswing so that you can store the energy and you can get that ability to pull don't don't complete your boxing don't get that movement here you've got nothing to pull very difficult to stop the push coming in you need to get pull power for maximum distance and control finally let me introduce you to a wonderful new training aid which I gave Richard which completely and ultimately transformed the whole look of his golf swing so let me introduce you to the orange whip training aid all the details of this I'll put in the description below but this is what I use the Richer to really kind of transform the whole feel of his golfing so one of the things is is that there's one thing we're talking about the pull etc but sometimes these things are difficult to feel out there right stopping rushing the downswing is something difficult to feel what training is like this do they help to speed up this entire process so what we're doing now is this we've said look we want to get to complete the swing so we're in a pull position but when you can feel this in a sense big lump away at the back here big lump a weight at the back here what you can then do is we can really sense where that is and we can pull that weight through the impact area what Richard was doing as you can see here I'll just put the video in his left hand corner when he was here what was he doing he was throwing his driver this way right and you can see here that he was getting very cramped up what a training aid like this does is he just wouldn't do that because you can feel the weight what you're gonna do now just as if you were playing a tug-of-war you're gonna pull that weight through the impact area for maximum power because it just makes sense to do that it's just the most natural thing to do you just wouldn't do this this it just feels awkward so what this exercise does is it helps you to feel the natural transition and look at the difference we saw we rich a swing when he started using this it was absolutely mind-boggling the change from here he's pulling the body natchy starts to open up because it's responding to this weight it's pulling this weight through and hey presto we got a lovely feel or Richard we need to do now he spend some time swinging this alternating between his driver and his irons and just getting a sense of this weight being dread or pulled through and then fired so let's have a look at this in action then we'll grab a driver again and have another look so we're winding it back here we're pulling through here and then we're firing it through but we keep in the sense that we're gonna win this tug-of-war we keep driving we keep pulling and we're firing it through let's have a look from the reverse side so let's just have a look at it from this side so you can see here what Richard was doing when you swing back here which he did his driver was he would throw this Martian and then you could see there very straight on watch what happens when you can send something back here which in this situation would be your golf club your head feel the weight of that and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna use that weight and you've simply got to pull it you're gonna drive it down it's always gonna start naturally with the lower part the body your hips are going to clear leave space to to fire through so doesn't it generate the power but also you can imagine that is inaccurate this helps you swing on a consistent arc on the way through to generate that power so let's summarize what have we done we've got to stop rushing that downswing to generate those extra yards and accuracy three things we've done today first thing you gotta get us get sensor in it you've got to use pull power not push power what does that mean well when you get to the backswing here okay you don't want to be kind of pushing this way if we're having that tug-of-war I'm gonna win if if you're pushing as a poster pulling there's the first thing how do you get into a pull position you're going to make sure that you're completing your backswing on the way back so that you've got something to pull how do you go about doing that well there's many ways I find out when I try and ask people to complete they add too much tension so sometimes it's just taking longer to complete the backswing I like to get people breathing in for their nose full breath and out through the mouth if you breathe in for your nose you can complete an exhale on the way down and finally we used the orange whip training in here which kind of in a sense it kind of makes you helps you feel this a bit more is one thing we've discussing on video but you got something that really helps promote all these fields it just speeds up the entire process another said all the details are in the description down below but let's have a look from this angle and I have a quick crack at this we driver so we're kind of winding back here and we're gonna pull through here and drive that ball hopefully miles and straight there we go fantastic well I hope you enjoyed this training if you do please share it with a friend who needs a little bit help with their driving and maybe some of their I am player as well maybe there's fun with a bit of rhythm but if you enjoy the training give it a thumbs up and maybe if you haven't already subscribe to the channel press the bell so I can give you some videos and some help next week but until next week have a great golfing week