GOLF SWING BASICS - How to Strike Your Irons with Danny Maude

golf swing basics irons Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us sometimes golf is hard isn't it you know one minute you're playing absolutely brilliant then what feels like absolutely no reason you suddenly start hitting the ground behind the gopro with your irons or you start spraying your driver absolutely everywhere now how do you get it back well for you and me it's going to be different right but i do have an exercise that my students absolutely love which really helps to kind of simplify the golf swing and helps them get it back on track this particular exercise was inspired by somebody who inspires me a wonderful coach called pete cowan i've modified it slightly um just from trial and error with some of my students um but it it's a wonderful exercise i think could help you find just get that ball striking back with your eyes and your driver now before i share the exercise with you if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing okay so let's help you get some consistency back in that game again with a really really simple exercise so what we're going to start with we're going to show you how to kind of get some consistency in the head movements and flow back into this head then we're going to talk about how you can make that even better by improving your body motion okay really simple so the first thing i see is you've lost control of your ball strike and you've lost control of your direction and this is what i see nine and a half times out of ten you might be then starting to try and get some control of this understandably sir by doing this starting to try to control it by adding tension into the swing overthinking it a little bit this is completely normal but you cannot have it the golf club head needs to be swinging completely freely yes i'm going to talk to you how the body helps that swing online and under control in a second but stage number one you must remind yourself that you hit a golf ball with a club head so the first thing i want to do if you can do this with me amazing just get the cut club i've got an a-time here right great club to start with just feel the club up and down feel the weight if that's all i want you to do just remember you've got an implement in your hands compared to this right i'm losing control let's try to oh no let it go it's just scary stuff to start with right because you feel like you want to get control instinctively we do this for most people right so feel the weight of it then all i want to do is remember the ball is on the ground so we want to throw the masters club high up here and then we want to let the club just fall down to the ground so we've got some kind of whip in there like if we were going to snap a whip or a towel or a whip you can't let this go right so we've got to get that feeling we'll make it efficient in a second with body mechanics but just initially remind yourself that you have a implement then walk to a golf ball once you've done this okay and just allow that implement to swing up here and let it just fall down to the ground nothing more than that okay literally let it drop to the ground once you've done that once or twice maybe add a little bit of speed to that so you're almost like cracking a whip you're gonna then fire it down so look i'm letting it fire down a little bit more okay just literally liner bang nothing more complicated i literally fire it down now once you've done that and you've now got a sensation of the club head moving that can take some time on its own a lot of people try and fire down they go oh why is it not working because you're so used to that tension you swing with your body let the club go right once you've done that clearly the control you need then comes from your body so this is always allowing allow to float through freely but if we move our bodies around then yes the club will move around all over the place and you have no control at all so all you have to do is understand how the body works to then look if we if our bodies work effectively they then control this club it's still swinging but they control it up to the top here back down to impact and then through and it's doing that by great body mechanics so let's show you how you can go about achieving it all you've got to imagine is the body is like a spring and what we do is we turn it up it's almost almost imagine a corkscrew coming out of a bottle it winds upwards it doesn't wind around now you and i are going to be different ages so how much it winds will depend on our rage and our flexibility and all those things so you wind it up your legs your torso and your arms as much as you can yeah as much as you can because what we want is a simplified swing if you can wind your body up correctly you pretty much can get the downswing for free imagine this if you wind up a spring and then let it go it looks like this wind it up it fires back down again but if you haven't wound up and you're kind of moving it's all loose over here your body's right over here then you have to then force the downswing okay so here's a real simple exercise uh to work on this most people misinterpret the turn or the wind up and what they do is i don't feel the same but they turn like this where the club here look at this all my body's too level this is what a turn return is great if you're playing baseball but absolutely terrible when you try to hit a ball on the ground because what we want to have is this our bodies wind up to the top so look can you see here look there's an angle my body's at an angle one two so just grab a club put it like this and start to get a sense of how the body works back and through okay so it's winding up it's not turning and turning and when it winds up can you see how naturally i stay more centered because when you wind up you stay centered when you work around you start moving off the ball now you've got to move on it the other thing is when you're wound up well how do i get back down to the golf ball use slicers have to do this to get down and you hookers have to do this to get down right so you end up having to make compensations so get that sensation this is about simple body mechanics initially this is the first stage of this just get a feel of realizing there's an angle once you've done that then imagine this throwing this club this way over here one very different if you slice because you would throw it down or you hook you throw it up up here throw it there now notice i'm not just doing my arms here sometimes when you kind of lose your club or you lose control don't you don't just take control of the club you end up controlling your body you don't move you've got to let the body mechanics move so that they can literally swing this club up here look and swing it through so we'll start with one small shot first before we then move on to the next stage so we've got that sensation here and we're throwing it here we're getting we are all doing a small string here look and then chip it over this way okay nice small shot one two just literally chip it forward nothing more than that okay so it won't quite reach not a problem so we spend some time now getting a sense of how this body is going to work backwards and forwards backwards and forwards one more one two okay wonderful now that's fantastic because it's now starting to get the sensation of the club working but what i want you to do now is remember i said i want some tension in this we want the down swing for free this is a great way to show the lines but how do you get the downswing for free well you've got to get some tension in the in the body now there's a couple of ways you can do it you can just imagine doing this where your arms are here look our body's spiraling up so the lead down goes down right arm goes up and then we're just moving like this that's one way to kind of get that sensation a great pete cowan exercise is where you put your palms forced into the ground here and all you can do here look we don't move off the ball we literally push our palms down and then here watch we're gonna move the palms to face the ceiling now what my here look my body's winding up i kept like a sprint winding up and now i've got tension not only just in my body here here here but also my shoulders now if you've got limited flexibility you might only get to here it doesn't matter as long as you've got something wound up to then unwind and get that spiral back down again okay so winding up here you might just don't want to do with one hand okay doesn't matter as long as you can get the sensation of the body like winding up because now look it's supporting that club yeah so you've got this motion here now i can swing nice and freely support the club up here look like this back down support it up back down do the same with the left up and back down very different to us moving off here that with a swinging club is crazy we're gonna hit all over the place this we can keep the club lovely flowing going backwards and forwards and you know what that is a simple way to start to get this back and by the way i say simple these motions can be practiced in a mirror they can be practicing doors just have a look at what your body's doing once you get that sensation away you go so we've started off with maybe the small one here you practice some of these just work on those body mechanics and you gradually build it up to here and then away you go one two

there we go a little bit short not the best of strikes there but not too bad so that's what i want to do so in summary okay what we're working on here is this stage one learn to get the fire get the fire going into the ball fire get that motion get the momentum going now momentum on its own is wonderful so that can be game changing but if you don't support it with great body motions then the momentum gets thrown in all different directions so understand how the body works how is it going to work it's going to work in a spiral slight fashion here different ways you can work on it put your club out front one here look at the angle it's not around and around one two and then look practice throwing it over in this direction here look at the angle hookers you might get here slices you get here throw it there then gradually extend it there's your cow in exercise one up to the sky here there i could hear my voice they're loaded don't want to stay there with the fire back down you wound up spring and then away you go we'll finish off we've worn that concentrate on a little bit more

and away we go beauty gammon ball oh a little bit right i never fight maybe i could do with going back some basics all right so i really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look there's a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing of course if you're new to the channel join the community it's completely free to do so pressing that subscribe button but until next week have a wonderful golfing week