GOLF SWING BASICS - This Amazing golf drill will show you the EASIEST way to Swing a Golf Club

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this way I have really really excited because I've got an exercise I'm sure you're gonna absolutely love if you slice the golf ball or even hook the golf ball maybe struggle with a bit of distance this one drill can make a big big difference I've shared many drills on my channel but this one I really really like because of its simplicity and its success rate so I'm going to share with you what it is in this week's training it's a little surprising so bear with me but yeah you'll love it so before I get into training look if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press a little bail bond in the next subscribe button you get notified every time I release a video just like this one plus if you enjoy the video I also did summary of this video plus a full practice plan that as a subscriber you can download completely for free in the description box below so let's get started with the video now one of the things I find if you are trying to get rid of your hook or your slice are you trying to hit it straight I see a lot of golfers and they've got a lot of control they're very static in their lower bodies if your static in your lower body it can cause some major major problems I see it with all ages from the young to some of my senior players they just a little bit to still here they are they're almost a bit scared or if you know same it gets a bit scared of moving away because they're scared of maybe swaying or if they don't if they move out if they don't stay still they're less likely to strike the ball correctly etc but nothing could be further from the truth I'm gonna share with you in this week training Ward we've got to do so one of the things I want you to do now is this I want you to add in motion in these feet you've got to keep moving if I'm tossing a ball you know it's my legs that initiate this whole Martian if I'm throwing over here here it's my legs that initiate playing tennis it's my legs that initiate it all the time walking it's my legs that initiate it alright so we've got to get these legs working and add some motion so and when this simple drill will look a bit strange to start with but bear with me because I'm gonna show you how we you introduce it to a golf course now all it is is a basically walking drill while we're adding motion to the show and all we're going to do is this I'm going to step to the shop I'm gonna walk in and we'll put the left foot down right foot down swing and you could even start to kind of chime a rhythm with it one and two so it's one and two and then go so you literally create in this natural Martian look at this one to go through suddenly one two and go through this is what you want to start to kind of almost a little mantra will be saying to yourself ready so we're gonna go one two and go through simple as that now you're gonna be asking me how are you supposed to hit a ball out the center of the golf club by moving that much but really I'm not moving out you've seen it on camera now on my movie loads not really once I'm in I'm planted and planted I'm centered because I'm in balance but what I'm doing is is by doing this motion everything is in order I'm almost naturally not it's left one and two and go very different tool all the problems that you might get into when you start to do this you take your word with you handy it's stuck around here this is all hands lead okay the golf swing is a foot to hand motion you start with your feet and it leads up to the hands right so let's have another look at that but what we'll do now is this you've seen that motion we don't need to repeat that again I would literally do that and I'd spend a good half an hour just work on hitting golf balls like that you know yes you won't find the right distance from the golf ball some might come off as her sigh might come off the heel steroid but just get the whole sensation right then what you can do is you can cut that down a little bit and we're going to get to your slices and your Hooker's in a second so there's an adaptation of this so bear with me so what you then do is this you get yourself set I'll show it from this angle first yeah it's all set in a normal position then what we're going to is this we're going to going to simply push into the left side on my left side and then go back so it's that one too so literally what we've proven now with a lot of these four split for the best players is there's always a little bit of pressure goes to the lead side first and it's like they're rebounding off there so watch this one and use the lead side as a springboard don't try and swing from a static position let's have a look at this in action so I get myself set

and one to look at that straights are bought so I'm giving myself a spring load this has been very natural in my game for a long time this really adds motion to what you're doing so let's have a now look at how you can start to do this in a way that maybe get rid of your hook and your slice I start with the slices first so think about it this way if we're going to do the step exercise here right where would you step - so slice is what the slicers do slices come out and across the ball where are they swinging this way where do you need to swing if you slice this way you need to feel like you're swinging more to the right-hand side cause the opposite to a slice is what they draw a hook yet so watch this I'm now going to step this way now where would this foot step if I wanted to swing that way it's gonna step backwards isn't it so for those of you might look with a bit rotation this is great to watch this so we're gonna step step go look at this in action step step go find that rhythm and look where I'm going now let's have a look at that in action so we get yourself set step step go look at the motion of you see that lovely little draw yeah because I'm literally creating it slices if you were slicing the golf ball you know that you come over the top get this motion then you're going to correct the energy the pressure going towards the right-hand side which is going to initiate that Martian that curved the opposite right now if you hug the ball it's the opposite isn't it so what's the opposite to a hook if you hook the ball you're swinging too much to the right so you're gonna need to swing a little bit more down to the left-hand side so watch this and where am I gonna step now I'm gonna step more to my left hand sign with step here and step we're over this way yes I'm literally going to get that sensation of going back and through now for those of you are watching us thinking there's a lot of movement going on stay with me on this one because I've got something else coming so watch this now I don't want to hook the ball misstep step my foots going this way because I want to swing more down this line now is the to the right watch this step step go

right so it's pretty you'll feel strange but it looks a little bit strange really adding motion you think how this is how is this gonna be consistent but really really trust me the way you shift your pressure in the golf swing has one in terms of its organization and two in where it goes has a direct result in your the easiness in your golf swing the coordination and therefore and also the directions if you're slicing it you've got a shift pressure more this way and if you're hooking it you guys pressure more this way play around experiment with it all right now clearly you don't necessarily want to be doing those kind of movements on a golf course so then how do you transfer those sensations well when if you exaggerate you've got and then kind of fine tune it so spend look twenty minutes thirty minutes you know few practices just working on those Martians you know allowing it from the dodgy strike strikes that happened just to get feel and then what I would do is then just gradually speed the whole process up so it becomes more like this watch this step step go so you can have in a sense not not speed yet but you slow it down just a little bit now look at I can't even old backpack check out golf plugs you care this is where Pat is he's just some amazing stuff look at his swing look at how he does this exact drill for me this is his secret sauce just check it out amazing isn't it you know he steps in he's right soon as that right foot plants off he goes this is how he as a senior golfer generate some serious power and consistency so just load the whole thing down until eventually it's one to go add the pressure where you want to go with this so if you feel like you you're slicing it just feel like when you're stepping in you're going step step and you're swinging it up swinging the pressure in a different direction and it'll all start coming together so for the oh you slice it up there I'm going to do the same now watch this I'm going to slow it all down step step go and there we go but pressure move this way and then I've got the me this lovely lovely draw shape learn to be alert to move in the golf swing learn to get those feet work you learn to get them working first yes it's gonna feel strange yes you're gonna feel awkward you're gonna probably feel like I'm moving way too much but I promise you put yourself on coming you've just seen me does it look like I'm moving all over the place the ball flight would definitely say not all right so in summary what have you got to do you've got to start off by literally get into rhythm maybe 1 & 2 1 & 2 getting that order don't worry about whether you strike it good or bad start with just fear 1 to go almost 1 & 2 & 4 low through that kind of thing once you've done that then if you slice the ball ooh set shift the pressure 1 this way yeah more that away so that you can go it countering your slice or vice versa you hook the ball step step this way you know you're countering the curve that you're putting on these shots then simply slow that whole motion down into a system where you go one two go so now you've got a little bit more control in what you're doing but by a bit you must have done the work just before you get to that point so I really hope you enjoy this training of course look remember there's a full practice plan and summaries and lesson notes that you can take to drive me right now and practice you don't have to remember it all but of course like if you enjoy the video give it a thumbs up share it if somebody who you think could really benefit from this training and of course look if you need to channel come and join me next week by subscribing and pressing that bell when it's completely free but until next week have a wonderful golfing week