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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're going to focus on the takeaway in the golf swing such an overlooked part of the swing but so so important I find so many give my clients the swing there in consistence this can be just decided from the moment they take that club away it's almost immediate and just funnily enough I just driven down here I'm at the back of the range here at Cantabria and as I was coming down here I met one of my clients Edie and I just asked him but how you drive in the golf book is their hitting his Drive and he said I'm really driving it poorly Danny so a great advert for one of my lessons but I said come on let's have a quick look then he snapped his that the shot straight into the to the fence here and I could see immediately what what he was doing and basically he was getting the takeaway wrong right at the outset so we gave him one simple exercise I just told him what he was doing really really simply and I'm amazingly next couple of shots straight down the middle so I'm going to show you what we did with the IDI but also some other bits and pieces that you need to know with your gas to take away to really set this swing up right from the start so what what's needed in the takeaway so when you take the club away there's a couple of things that you need you need ideally a nice coordinated movement with the body here and what I mean by that this is you don't want the hands doing all the work here you'd only arms doing all the work here this is what I see a lot with a lot of golfers if you don't have a coordinated motion right from the start you can earn immediately set the club up you can imagine here that you've set the swing up for failure straight where the clubs our position then you're going to turn you can add ed from there you're going to have to make some various different compensations to hit the ball which are long with only to consist inconsistencies so we need to coordinate the body and I'm going to show you how to do that in a second the other thing we want to do is not just coordinate the body we want to make sure that a couple of reference points we want to make sure that when we take the club back we want a reference point here would be when the club gets power to the ground the hands are about hip height we want that club shaft to be parallel with our foot line or in line with our foot line too often I see when people take the club back the club inside here too far around the corner or sometimes occasionally I see people outside but most of the people I would say generally get stuck around here you can imagine here if you want from that position there you're in real trouble because when the club attacks here where's the club going you're going to hit it out to the right or most people when they take it from here soon you take it inside you create a loop in the swing you go in and over and in comes a slice so that's a real common one so we're going to watch out for that so I'm going to show you how we deal with both of those so what I should also see is when people take the care to come away they collapse their bodies right so not only are they not coordinate they're generally either swaying on the way back or they're doing some form of collapse and that was what ed was doing so I'm going to show you how we how we deal with that so let's start with initially looking after the solidness and the framework in the body so when Ed just a minute ago was collapsing as you moved the club away his left knee would collapse too much the the hip line here would immediately go dipped in position now look what that does straight away to your backswing as you collapse here is that a position we want to see at the top not really because what's going to happen I'm Way too far this side and what did i do on the way through he reacted to this went backwards flips it over to left hand side and hit snap-hook it's really easy to cure because all we did was so like it made him aware of it ed look at ya pelvis now make some swings trying to keep your pelvis more level and more stable so rather than this dis left shoulder dipping and the left hip dipping just keep your framework much much more solid as you move back alright and what we gave him with a simple exercise here where what you can do do this at home get yourself set and imagine you're almost going to punch out this way here so as you swing back you're going to make if you're going to punch a wall or or a cushion here look at your body you kinda wouldn't do this just rotate and punch rotate and punch it's a great way to kind of feel what the strength in your hips and your car this is weak obviously would you punch like this no you wouldn't would you punch like this no you wouldn't let's really stretch out and punch that wall there left them nice and parallel AB starting to work here and a nice good solid Marcia so very very simple but that's the first exercise is to try to make sure the framework okay is working then when you taking the golf club what you want to then start to work on is forget out the coordination yet just if you if with the able work on any coordination Tollett just old that framework just make sure that when you make that first move back here there's no collapse in there's no swaying you're simply practicing rotating here the less Hall is naturally a bit higher and you're rotating perfectly away and the hip line here stays nice and level right ok we're not collapsing upwards at all we're rotating your way that's the first thing really easy led immediately to some much better shot so that's the first thing I way to look at having said that the most common problem in the takeaway it's generally things not being very coordinated right so we need to work on how do you stay more coordinated on the backswing we're down on too much hands we don't see much body Howdy's them awarded most people who are uncoordinated generally are just using too much hands so let me give you a real simple exercise or drill to kind of learn the feel of this get the club stick it in your belly button here and then hold the shaft down here we've got formed a nice triangle now with our bodies and just to double check something before I go on make sure that your sternum is over the ball not ahead of it or behind it with an iron right won't sternum of the golf ball because what we're going to do next will be affected if you don't get this right if you're over here we're going to work on a tournament you can imagine if I exaggerate this if you turn now I'm going to turn on a very different axis from there then if I'm over the golf ball this is a different axis entirely yeah so what we want to be looking for is simply this a coordinated motion where I toss those turning and our hands are now over the right thigh the feeling you want is your chest feeling out over the right thigh and a pressure is going in to the ground here not this this looks coordinated as you can see us to come a triangle but watch this I'm moving away from my right side I'm moving now on to my left side we don't want that we want our fears we're turning over the feeling might be something like this it won't look like that it's not what we want but the feeling might be like you're really rotating this side of the golf ball what well actually look like is like this all right very very simple movement let me show it from this side from here you're rotating your tosser over the right thigh nothing more than that right watch out again for this leaning back all right collapsing this side here keep nice and solid and there very simple from this position or what we're going to do if you rotate here and you're in this place then you're just going to allow your wrists naturally just a hinge soften a little bit here and then your on line from there you just keep setting the wrist cocking the wrist and toe from here look you can work on this position here which is a 90 degree position simple then it's going to turn back from there right so from that takeaway we're gonna rotate our chest over the right thigh allow the wrist just to soften here and you're away and let me show you from the other position so the concept of the takeaway it's not very complicated you know we want to be more coordinated and we want some more stability in in our bodies you're already collapsing too much but the next thing is well how do you practice all that how do you how do you practice in such a way that you can get this right all on your own without the need for that same me so or a coach all the time so I set up my station so I said I've got couple of clubs here that are going to really really help you so we said look we want the club on line or parallel to our foot line here on the way back great we've got some clubs now to help us this but having the two parallel clubs here almost act as like a channel for our golf club which really really helps it's a great visual cue because if you look at it this way one of the reasons why we actually want the club halfway back powerless when we swing back now it makes it easier for us to get back down that line if the club gets stuck around here well now we're in real trouble because fun back here where's the club when the goats are either gonna work gonna want to go across the shaft or I'm going to deaf you try to get back there which causes a loop if you ever cook that loop you're going to go across the shaft this way none of its ideal so having this shot is a great visual tool to compliment the drills so the way would work on this is on the drive here edges do the drills first so double-check your sternums over the sense of that golf ball put the club in your bellybutton grip the shaft from there rotate your chest over your right thigh to get a feel for it right get the feel first watch out for the tenants it's pretty cool to lean back then from here do the same with the golf club you know rotate here you're going to do a few double checks here and get the club now parallel to there what you can do is not always for everyone you can do what we call some stop start drills where from here you may just swing back to about here so the clubs parallel that you've rotated to there and then from here just swing back slowly and hit the shot alright it's not important to strike wonderful shots from from this position it's just to get the sensation of that takeaway so that's not frivolous some people don't like stopping and starting to feel it's a bit disjointed I'm one of those guys I'm not a big fan of stop start swings but I know some people it would really work so if you could you could work with that it can really help so I'm much more prefer to do something like this I much prefer to get the sensation of that rotating way here and then I like to go to the shot here swing back and through much much better much much better something sense so what we're doing now is this we're good simply taking the drills what we've done we've put some clubs down to aiders in this in our practice and we're going to continue to work on controlling this motion here do a few simple exercises are you online yes or no what you've done it they very slowly move the club back and three okay so look in summary that's all the term we need to work on in the one-piece takeaway we need to make sure we're not collapsing that golf or the body on the way back and on the west through collapsing the body really hampers the whole balance of the golf swing and where you shift it we need to we need the movement to be coordinated as we move the club back so when you're moving that club back focus on belly club in the belly drill over that right thigh from then just simply set your station up put a couple of clubs down practice effectively so you can keep measuring whether you're doing this right or wrong that's it keep it simple look I hope you really enjoyed this video it's so so important to get this right if you did you think some of your friends might like it please share it as you know it really really helps and of course like if you enjoying the content and you want to receive it in your inbox every week don't forget to press the subscribe button and the bell and if you've got any questions on this matter head on over to my Instagram Twitter or Facebook channels or even point put a comments in the comments box below and I will answer them over the next few days but until next week have a great golfing week