Go From Amateur To Pro Level Ball Striking In Just 5 minutes - Live Golf Lesson

driver iron live student lessons Nov 20, 2023


Unlock All Practice PlansFull Transcript- can you go from Amma to level ball strike into Pro level ball striking in just a few minutes well let me bring you in on a live golf lesson where national hero and celebrity SES Superstar Jason Fox comes and sees us for a session now Jason has been playing the game that long and in the lesson he started off complaining that he wasn't hitting very far he was hitting it along the ground hitting it all over the place super inconsistent now in the first part of the video you're going to see how we added 30 40 yards there's one very very simple drill that turn his ball striking from amateur to Pro in just a few minutes okay nice to straight where's this coming from in the second part of the session we're going to show you then how we took that power and really controlled it so when he's out in the golf course it didn't just go right and left we were able to kind of turn his Big Slice into a beautifully straight and controlled shot I don't think I've ever eaten that far I thought it'd be nice to show you this lesson because I'm sure you probably can relate now before I get into the video if you're new to the channel it's been your first videos of mine please consider subscribing I release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you don't have to remember a thing I'll also put a free downloader practice guide in the description box below come and look over my shoulder right now as we get started which is tip number one all right so

pause for it for a second it's okay to have good grip strength yeah like you're holding it because if you want to travel this club at 80 90 mile an hour you've got to be holding on to it all right relax for a second hold that now grip it grip it nice and tight okay but I should be able to move this okay keep holding you keep hold of it but let me move you without you so soften those arms there you go feel that don't feel different straight away yeah okay now we're talking see I can't pull it from you can I no but you're soft enough those shoulders yeah right brilliant right does that feel like a different place do what you've been yeah I'm like tensed up yeah amazing isn't it so you can't there's no golf swing if you start there right okay right so not ever whatever we do there's no golfing so you can do this both you can do this on on any state pre-golf pre-round because no one no one everyone without realizing has way too much tension here and here yeah so now what I do is get yourself set make some of those swings

there you go just see it feel like you've got less tension in the shoulders and arms and there's a swing going on yeah you're more comfortable yeah yeah okay so a few shots

you can see the Rhythm in that way different how's that feel yeah I'm too scared to move now just in case

it was a swing you see a difference yeah

so just look at this number though what's look at this number now though starting to creep up yeah we've just a bit of this a bit relaxing yeah

so this is this by the way if you if you're if you're starting running around a golf yeah and I am played for a bit or you go to a driving range before you worry about anything technical just get someone to hold you there in the club oh do you do it yourself literally you don't want to have this limp grip no yeah you know but you do want to have that Sensation that there's freedom in the shoulders and arms yeah so that you can actually have a swing yeah yeah and then we can start to then go okay now I've got my swing I'll just kind of fine tune it a little bit yeah all right cool keep going do you feel more relaxed yeah yeah feels way better yeah let's look at Gosling isn't it beautiful and what you're doing now just by doing that you're accessing your talent you said you played a bit hockey yeah yeah you when you're swinging it you'll be able to feel the club so when I do this right if I do this I can feel the club swinging it's free if I'm like this it's not a rod yeah I have absolutely no awareness of where that is anymore so the more you soften up the more you have some idea where that club head is

and each one of these balls now without even trying you know up to 141 yards in carry and I've done about you but when I'm looking at this I'm thinking this is looking easier isn't it


148 now

104 so you comfortably comfortably now we've we're adding distance and it looks effortless okay but there's one number that um is a little bit inconsistent yeah but this is good right what we've when I say inconsistent you're becoming more consistent in one fault yeah so this swing that this swing circle with your swing Direction what should that be reading it should be around about zero right and I'll show I'll explain that in a second okay so what I like about this though now you have got more consistency by letting go how cool is that you can see js's face he's already happened we could almost stop the lesson there he's got what he wants but I wanted to go one step further now he's got the power he's got the distance I want him to be able to when he goes on the golf course control his accuracy what he didn't have at this stage he didn't know why it was going right or why it was going left this is the next stage and all I do is give him one simple tip so that you can tune in whenever he goes right he now knows exactly what to do to correct it Sim if he goes left he knows what to do I want you to understand this too I know it's going to help come and join me right now and let's have a look so let's do this with me from here look just that's one Circle here's another Circle you see that see how the body look now these are all extremes aren't they yeah yeah going that's it good stop now notice where your hips are and your weight is if you were to swing a circle in that direction is that extreme of course it is yeah what would you need to do with the hands through impact to get the ball coming back you have to do something like this wouldn't you yeah okay now go to where you worse the old yet that's what you have been right okay where now hold the club in your hands if you go in that position where's your hand position everything's back there isn't it yeah so now shift around yes it makes sense so what we're doing is we're playing around with these extremes so you can feel how to change that Circle okay

there you go and now look what you've just done what's the circle now yeah 3.5 and what have you done to the first you switched it around yeah now what we're doing is we're simply playing around with how you start to straighten things up and understanding that if you can swing on a circle the correct Circle you're going to start to hit the ball much much better yeah but do it like this play around with that Martian

good there you go when you want to be more consistent it just comes from a bit now working on these simple things these three things soften those arms off get set up in position so you've got a good Circle and Away you go

hey Presta there you go look at that beautiful beautiful draw

n to be that looked a rhythmical swaying smooth 160 yards look at that now wow look at this every single number there is where we want it to be let's just keep that there for a minute should we stay there just for him just for him does he feel good yeah that was awesome yeah he's like you know I knew that I didn't need to do much different to the last one yeah so what do you feel like you've learned the circle is key yeah nothing's

being tens overrides everything everything you've got to remain uh relaxed before you look like you're like trying to hit it I don't think I've ever eat it that far no so you can see now he's super super happy the question is is does it work for driver well take a look just absolutely ripped it as well where's this coming from I swear to God I've never hit a driver ever like this so what normally happens to your driver it turns into an utter I throw it where's that good straight I felt yeah Preston now look at this so you get a feel now are you gonna feel for where it is yeah so I really hope you enjoyed this live that's a massive thanks to Jason uh Fox for coming to join us here in the studio if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and do me a favor check this video out right here I actually go into detail on how to kind of adjust these martians so you too can hit the ball super super straight with not just your irons but your driver too of course luckily YouTube channel press that subscriber it's completely free to do so and I've also put a free download practice guide in the description box below but until next week have a great golfing week. 


Transcript Summary- 

Alright, let's pause for a moment. It's totally fine to have a strong grip, especially if you want to generate clubhead speed. But, here's the thing: you've got to relax a bit. Hold the club tight, but let me move you without resistance. Feel that difference? It's all about softening those arms and shoulders. You can't have a proper golf swing if you're all tensed up.

So, before we dive into any technical stuff, get someone to hold your club or do it yourself. You don't want a limp grip, but you do want that sense of freedom in your shoulders and arms. That's the foundation for a good swing. Now, give it a try. Feel the difference? It's like unlocking your natural talent.

Now, onto the swing. Feel the rhythm with less tension. You're accessing your talent, and each swing becomes more effortless. Look at that distance we've added – 30, 40 yards, and it looks so much easier. The key here is to soften up; it's the first step.

Now, onto the next phase. We've got the power, the distance, but we need to control accuracy. Notice that swing direction number? We want it around zero. You're becoming more consistent, but there's still a bit of inconsistency. No worries; I'll give you a simple tip to fix that.

Imagine two circles – extreme swings to the left and right. If your hips are in an extreme position, you'll need to adjust through impact. We're playing around with extremes to help you find the correct circle. Shift around, feel the change, and notice how the circle straightens up.

Now, put it all together. Soften those arms, get a good setup, and play around with that circle. It's simple but powerful. Look at that – a beautiful draw, smooth and rhythmic. The numbers are where we want them to be.

Now, Jason, give it a shot. Feel the circle, stay relaxed, and there you go – a fantastic, controlled shot. See? It's about remaining relaxed before you hit, not tensing up. That's the key to consistency.

And there you have it. Apply these three things – soften the arms, get the right setup, and play with that circle. It's the recipe for more consistent and powerful shots. Keep practicing these simple things, and you'll see a significant improvement in your golf game.

Huge thanks to Jason Fox for joining us today. If you found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and check out another video where I go into more detail on adjusting these swing circles for straight shots with both irons and drivers. Until next week, have a great week of golfing!