Go From Amateur To Pro Level Bunker Shots In 5 Minutes - Live Golf Lesson

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Unlock All Practice PlansTranscript Summary- so this bunker lesson I reckon is going to leave you a little bit shocked it certainly did me I've just given a live golf lesson to Leah in this very very bunky started in this bunker thinning and fatting him not able to get out successfully well now his main goal was just to do what get out of bunkers every single time he's a beginner golfer we didn't just achieve that we started to get distance control and a consistency of strike that basically almost simulated a tour professional oh my God what a shot

you're gonna love this session I bring it introduce something a little training aid that really really helped him and it's probably going to help you too come and join the lesson right now if you're struggling because you're gonna love this so this week I thought I'd bring you to Leo's favorite place on the golf course bunkers tell me about bunkers Leah I'm just scared of them okay yeah every time I tend to a good iron shot I end up in them and I I automatically think that's another free shots added to the hole at least so so tell me what would be a really good lesson for you today I mean ages to be able to get out consistent it would be great yeah um and then ideally control over the shot okay yeah so that's what we'll do today is it will um so they can help you as well there's a beginner golfer so it got pretty easy in the comments well surely exactly how to get out of any bunker anytime and then hopefully once you've got that confidence going then we'll show you how to get some distance control too cool yeah all right okay nice right I've got a I don't know 56 here 56 degrees Yeah Yeah so it should be just very subtly what you're trying to do I'm trying to lower myself down a bit to open the face because that's what a Verge is supposed to do yeah and then basically hit the ball okay off you go cool

and I'm out there but that's what no no no I mean I take that on the good but not intentionally I mean we take that 100 times oh yeah definitely yeah maybe yeah there's a bit yeah there's a bit of flukiness to that okay um

okay so we know that's not going to work 100 times out of 100 come on let me have a look from down the line

yep yep and again

okay okay Leah so the first thing I'm noticing is I mean the balls are getting out they're getting out but probably but more by luck than judgment because they're all being bladed pretty much right so we're not quite striking the sand there no right so we so we're not really controlling what we call the depth okay so it's not you're not far off okay okay we're not quite controlling the depth let's start by giving you just a little bit of a goal okay so what we're going to do this is and this is a great thing for anyone to do for instance right we're going to put a Target line here okay so there's your target line all right the next thing I want you to do okay all we're going to do now is I'm going to put in

a simple box with all these Target lines okay and your job is simply to see if you can land the club inside that tram line there okay okay so the way you're going to do this initially though okay I don't care too much where the ball position is but we're gonna we're gonna move the ball bit further forwarding yourself it's just a fraction okay so not back folks you're going to move it more this way okay that's it yeah that's good and what I'd like to do here as well I'd like you to get a little just a little bit lower okay lower to the ground because we're struggling to hit the bottom of the sun right yeah so we can get a little bit lower we can just send that club just a little bit deeper into the sand right now you stood up here okay right yep I'm just trying to land that club inside that box good yeah


good okay ready so we'll do the same thing now with the golf ball okay

okay this time we're gonna do it with some speed yeah sure yeah I found the bits you controlled it was controlled you feel that yeah yeah bit too stiff yep through the shot okay

there you go I'll take that okay yep so you see by the way that popped up just went a bit right there it went a bit right yeah so yeah so we know the face was a bit open now okay so but it went where we're right yes but the Bob popped up yeah yeah okay yeah so that means that we've got a little bit there we've now got some depth control so what we've done here here is with Leah we've got them a little bit lower and we've now got them catching some sand so we can start popping that bowl up now what we're going to do is help him become a bit more consistent through the impact area to get improve the quality of his strike and get that club face going through much square or through impact so you can start hitting those balls on target


set here and I want you to come and try this grip okay okay so what I've done here is I've got a a bass at the 60 degree wedge okay but I've got a grip here okay it's a putter grip that's angled at 45 degrees okay cool okay and the idea here is this right right now what it's going to do is going to give you a feel of Club face right now you're kind of almost dragging yeah dragging it through like this yep right and what we want to do we need to get that club but the releasing look beautifully underneath the ball so you look at my right arm here when we're swinging we want to get this club it's gliding through the sand and for you to do that that right hand here needs to be in a position to help you do that okay right now you're almost just dragging it yeah sure across right so get yourself set foreign

now it can come through it can help you square up that face and then you keep the pressure on the top here okay pushing

just push it through there you go oh wow yeah that's like one of the best bunker shots I've ever heard see the difference yeah yeah so it's much much much straighter yeah yeah that's the first time actually I felt as well sort of solid contact from the whole face I tend to think in my like iron swing as well my bigger swings that as you mentioned earlier with my bunker shots I drag it you drag it almost a lot of the time hit out to the right yeah and a lot of people do who are slicing as well they're basically they're like this right where's and what we want to do is we want to control the right side in the golf swing and even that includes the full swing as well as like a short game yep and here what we're doing with with this pressure on top of the club here you're simply pushing the club look that the Loft to the club look like you're controlling that right side it's going beautifully through the shot but when it's here yeah yeah drag you in you just drag it could be you lose control of the whole circle of That Swing watch that Bob position now your boss that's creeping back yes which leads it makes it harder basically to yeah if you like that you're going to hit the ball too much of the ball first okay yeah it might compress a bit too much yeah the other thing here is this I don't mind this if you stood quite tall you're in almost like a chipping Stone so that will send the ball off a bit low okay right so when you've got a steep Bank like this okay you can get away with it but if you get a little bit lower and do the same thing so what happens is the more the shaft gets lower here so it's the difference so I've gone from my wrists up here to now the precious mop there like I'm wiping a table okay yeah yeah and do the same thing that'll give you a bit more L version okay yeah so look at this the more the wrists are here so if you put it with this grip there that will give you a third lower flight but if I set the angle this way yeah so I'm gonna have to stand a bit further away yeah like I'm wiping this I'm still on top look but now I'll get my elevation do the same thing okay okay

that's it

it's almost perfect you just can't I just I just caught a bit too much just got too much ball yeah yeah okay that was great still yeah but see how accurate that is yeah yeah straight still as well yeah very very straight very very accurate right but that was super super close it's a bit more depth yeah a little bit more yeah okay that's it

beautiful yeah oh look at that wow there's a stop on that as well yes stopped right I've never done that before is it you see the backspin yeah it is okay cool I'll try and get bunkers more often I can play like this album yeah okay so I set the power on top

there you go yeah wow always is that Jesus he's in it yeah yeah so if you control the right side Bunker's a piece of cake yep yep I don't know what's the word okay right so this time okay so so you use this as a drill use that one as a drill and then so with your right hand put this on a normal on the cylinder Club yeah do the same thing now with your with this one here okay so imagine that right hand on top keep that pressure on down look at this I'm flat here I'm squaring up and look at I keep pushing that pressure look in that face pushing that face under under the ball up my right sides continuing to move through too many players are literally like this yeah okay sure yeah okay so we don't have any control over the bottom of that lots of the past I've got a bit flicky Yeah okay A bit armsy with it yeah so I'm gonna imagine that just imagine this as if it's got the paragraph exactly let me just um rate this bunker make it a bit nicer so watch The Bobs don't get too far back in your stance it's good that's it measure that right feel that pressure and push it through

that yeah that's amazing yeah so you can see where's that ball going a little bit still tiny bit right a little bit so so what does that mean slightly though

your divot's perfect okay so it means that you've gone straight to what you've done with the first yeah open at times yeah so you you if we look at the grip here yep you've gone you've twisted that grip sure yeah done this as opposed to keep the pressure going down squaring that face up and look at this I'm working the handle naturally left through impact and the the toe of the club's catching it with a heel as I'm pushing it through so yeah yeah get a tiny bit more I bet this is wonderful strikes though yeah oh yeah so you're a bit lower feel that pressure on that shaft on top of the shaft okay


yeah even just the vision of having it I'm trying to imagine that's just flat like yeah that's it go for it yeah nice and low that's it oh my God what a shot

oh it's dead how good is that I don't think we do anything no I think yeah I'm pretty I'm pretty happy with that I don't know I don't think we can do anymore we're good we're good right so super simple so ridiculously easy for anybody to work on okay so all I've done really with Leah there first things first get the ball position in a place which isn't too far back against too far back you'll start to strike the ball too cleanly not go too far push it somewhere opposite your left left heel I got Leo to be a little bit lower so I've got the shaft a little bit lower here you don't always have to be if you want my elevation lowering it down really kind of sets those wrist angles to give more Loft on the club face but then the secret sauce is this like a lot of players either using too much hands or dragging it here I needed layer to really feel like he's got a the is controlling the right side look through this motion here and if you put your Trail hand I've got a grip here at 45 you put a grip basically put the pressure on this side of the of the club here and all you're doing is pushing that right side to square the face up through the impact area and it'll give you that wonderful control that's how you control distance because just like throwing a ball it's not all wavies it's just backwards and forwards okay so once you get the quality strike here as you can see here Leah it's not going to take Leah too long to to control this distance I hope you enjoyed the video thanks Leah for coming to put yourself out leave a comment if you enjoyed the video of course look I'll put a free download practice guide in the description box below and if you're new to the channel press that subscribe button right here if you'd love to see a lesson where I talk about how to improve the quality of your ball striking with your irons check this one out it's been an absolute game changer. 

Transcript Summary- 

Hey there, everyone! Danny Maude here, and I've got an incredible bunker lesson to share with you today. Just had a live session with Leo, a beginner golfer who was having a bit of trouble with those tricky bunkers. Leo couldn't quite get out successfully, dealing with thin and fat shots. But let me tell you, by the end of the lesson, we didn't just get him out of bunkers consistently – we started to see distance control and a strike consistency that was almost resembling a tour professional. I'm telling you, what a shot!

Now, bunkers can be intimidating, right? Leo was scared of them, and it sounds like many of you might be too. The main goal today was for Leo to confidently get out of bunkers every single time. But we didn't stop there; we worked on distance control and striking consistency. Stick around, because I've got a nifty training aid to introduce that really made a difference for Leo and can help you too. So, if you're struggling in bunkers, you're in for a treat.

This week, I thought, why not bring you to Leo's favorite place on the golf course – bunkers. Leo, tell me about bunkers. "I'm just scared of them," he says. We've all been there, right? The fear of landing in a bunker after a good iron shot. So, today's lesson was all about getting out consistently and gaining control over the shot.

Leo's using a 56-degree wedge, and we're working on the setup. Opening the face a bit, lowering the stance – the basics. But here's where it gets interesting. We noticed that Leo was getting the ball out of the bunker, but it was more luck than skill because they were all bladed shots. The depth control wasn't quite there. So, I set up a simple target line and a box to help Leo land the club inside that zone. Initial adjustments to ball position and getting a bit lower in the stance were key.

Now, the secret sauce – the grip. I introduced a putter grip with a 45-degree angle to help control the right side and get that club face releasing beautifully underneath the ball. It made a world of difference for Leo. We then transitioned to using a normal grip with the same principles. The focus was on pushing through with that right side to square up the face and maintain control.

Distance control was the next frontier. Adjusting ball position and experimenting with lower body positions were part of the process. And let me tell you, by the end of the lesson, Leo was not only getting out of bunkers consistently but hitting shots with incredible accuracy and distance control.

So, there you have it, a super simple and ridiculously effective way to improve your bunker play. If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to leave a comment, hit the subscribe button, and check out the free practice guide in the description below. And if you're looking to improve your ball striking with irons, check out this other lesson. It's been a game-changer, and I hope you find it just as valuable.