Golfer FIXES SLICE & gains 30 yards in LIVE GOLF LESSON

backswing and downswing driver golf lesson Dec 10, 2021

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It's true we've just gained liam 30 plus yards but more importantly we've turned his big booming slice into a really lovely controlled draw and we're just about to show you exactly what we did but liam how did you find the lesson we've been disrespectful simple because you didn't work anything much technically anymore i come in with a slice yeah no i'm in so many fairways with a drawer i just want to go on the golf course and smash my driver i just want to get on buzzing so if you want to get a future yards and you just want to do it in a simple way i hope this video is going to really help so let's get stuck in show what we did because i think it could help

here are the key numbers what we want to be looking at right so what we got here is big issue with drivers these numbers are right in the slice family so if you look at the club path here it's minus 5.6 i feel like i'm a hundred percent yeah yeah i can see it on my video yeah exactly so you feel yourself coming over the top and that the club path is backing that up you're swinging what causes this slice is that your club is swinging this way so you're literally coming this way club path is showing you that your face to the path your face is open to that path which is what gives you the kind of massive curvature and then add that to the swing direction right minus 8.4 your hot your general swing is swinging which way that way right so what we're coming into it that way yeah 100 and if we have a look at what would be really interesting is to look at your attack angle here actually yeah look at this so if we go and put your low point on here as well so low point is your lowest point that your driver is getting at so when you're swinging driver here right we do this yeah now at some point there's a low point to where this arc bottoms out and then we want to hit up on the ball if you hit up on the ball with driver you'll hit it further okay your low point look at this number here is 1.3 inches after the golf ball so you're hitting the driver on the way down steep then steep yeah so what we need to do is we need to basically turn these numbers on their head we need this to be a positive number when you say positive then like just minus summer yeah so at the moment it's minus 5.6 if we can get this if this was like 5.6 as opposed to minus 5.6 it would mean that your path would be heading out out to the right yeah we're in the draw family right if this face was a minus number so we could actually have it close to the path we could then start to create more of the draw same with swing direction we want to get you if we want to increase this distance and stop you slicing it let's come around this right somehow we've got to get you here with this club swing getting the club swinging from here behind you as opposed to this way we've got to get you swinging it out that way and upwards somehow right so hit a few more shots for me and then we'll get cracking you told me trying to have like a visualization no yeah so we'll start with a simple visualization nothing not twisted to the right and 100 so see what you've got so just like any other skill we're going to try and imagine just for now simple stuff just see if you can visualize the shape going from right to left okay

i think i dragged that myself there let's have a look okay so we look at these look at this healer so distance is roughly around about 242 but we still got these numbers look in the negative number here negative number here and low point is still low yeah i feel like i will just yeah that makes sense 100 right so what i want you to do now is this let's do you played a bit football yeah of course hey go down as well okay so the driver down now the opposite to a slice is a draw yeah right so in football this would be what coming here right left exactly so what i want you to play around with is just imagine what you would do if you were kind of in a sense kicking a football where would your leg go and what would your leg do the whole body do to create this kind of curve does that make sense i think so yeah so just imagine don't kick it imagine you're going to kick it so kick over it basically good feel what the body's doing moving to create that bend do you know that makes sense uh yeah

got it so just like the swing if i grab your driver just like the swing at north stairs did you did you do this

swing that way you're swinging you're swinging the leg this way right didn't you you cut it's coming from here right so what would the club need to do the club comes from there too do we want that ball to be curving right to left setting off out to the right and curving back as opposed to slicing this way where does that club need to travel to

inside inside and then from here where does it go outside outside and just like you would do with the foot so you're going to start to imagine this whole thing working upwards through the shot as if you're kicking that ball with the golf club fuller yeah okay here we go

so what do you notice now have we had any changes in those numbers yeah that's got halfway down on it yeah so we've reduced that what else do you notice so first of all is a bit out to right so we've still got a little bit out to the right so we need to change that what about swing direction or minus still a minus but is it less or more than before do you remember and i can't remember well the average swing direction was minus six point one so we've reduced this slightly by a lot but don't worry what do you notice about your low point now it's two instead of one two point two b see now your low point is behind the golf ball is that better yeah because now what you're doing is is your your air bubble if i grab this for a second so look at this that's your swing arc yep right now you're hitting this basically on as opposed to hitting it down you're now hitting it on the way up which is going to help you move closer and closer to that lovely high draw that we want plus science has proven that's how you hit it a bit further right so we're just keeping it real basic at the moment really simple using a bit visualization tools we're not getting complicated on purpose we're simply just using some visual cues just to see if you know how talented your body is just to kind of work in these zones yep you're good at working in this sun over here we're trying to get you get you to explore this sun here if it was tennis it would be top spin what kind of getting you know yeah i'm trying yeah yeah we're in this so we're trying you're good at this sun if we were curving it this way you'd be this sun you're really good at we need to somehow get you feeling what it's like to use the body in this pattern you follow yeah to create this motion yeah complete the opposite what you normally do

okay so let's look at those numbers now so what do you notice now that's zero yep has that gone back up again or minus number so your face now is close to the all right path so we're in the starting to move towards the draw family okay so again look at this here so we've got what about your distance it's got another 10 on it got up another 10 yards swing direction still a little bit left but we're getting there what do you notice about this it's gone lower still a little bit lower but still behind is that what we want yeah so with just simple visualization without any complicated stuff at the moment you're already naturally starting to improve your numbers because you're relating the type of flight that you want and then you're simply getting the body to somehow play around and explore those motions okay yeah all right

look at that perfect draw right now i felt like i didn't hit that out in the middle and you didn't and this here's the history as well sir but these numbers we're getting into draw territory swing direction now all starting to look good distance is okay not quite as much as before but this is where white all right now that's it slightly down right right so your lower point now is slightly after the ball so you don't get that launch which is why that number's gone down right now this makes sense tonight right so you're getting a feel for it i'm not sure yet whether we're ready to start amping up the difference but we haven't got a lot of time so do you fancy kind of seeing how we can add a bit of yardage right yeah so what i want to show you here is basically when you're swinging everything's starting to go you're starting to get this path working out this way but one thing that you're doing sometimes you're not doing it with the whole body so let me show you what i mean when you're doing it what you're tending to do where you drive for a second you're tending to swing this is great you're starting to explore this through visualization which is wonderful right but what you're doing you're doing a little bit just with your hands and your arms okay which is fine you can do that but if you imagine like a boxer right or if we threw a ball uppercut's a good example right now you're probably doing a bit of this where the arms do a lot of the work but we want to imagine if we were going to get real power look what do you notice here i'm doing squatting i'm going through you i'm using the whole body ah to yeah using your legs aren't you yeah all of it legs torso arm all working together to create this motion so it gives you more control but it's effortless power versus try to do that hit out towards that house let's say and just do it with your arms so your job now now you're starting to explore these zones fantastic what you want to want to do is can you explore them with a bit more finesse so you're using the whole body to do it you're fuller yeah yeah so great exercise you could have one you could just imagine the uppercut so try to do a few like this for instance just get yourself there and go really sense how you jump in here so you can see um so just imagine you can do the uppercut bang and notice as you do this keep your own notice as you do this you'll see the whole body now working yeah in fact i feel muscles what probably don't use that maybe yeah exactly right so and this again what's the uppercut doing this is going to give you afterwards the upward motion and you're not just going up like with the arm muscle you're doing it with everything yeah yeah so you've got that visualization you could also do a simple exercise like this where if you get something heavy weight i could throw it to you like this or

i could use really throw it to so i can use my whole body to throw it to you right so imagine that's a really heavy weight your throat to me brilliant now that time you threw it here leaning leaning i want you to imagine you're going to throw it up to the sky so it's going to it's going to land on me and you're going to drop down on me right now i'll break my ceiling so you're going to up to the sky you're gonna use the feet to push up to the sky you throw it there you go you got it felt loud yes use that bang so you feel the whole body

makes sense yeah cool now grab your driver and all we're doing here same principles you you always when you do this you keep the shape in mind absolutely no point just thinking of swing on its own doesn't make any sense right just see and you'll take some time see if you can marry up those martians where how's this going to create this lovely shape that i want how is it going to create this lovely draw yeah you've got to work that out in your own mind right just by exploring this motion

nearly yeah i've dragged it left yeah just a little bit but look we're getting closer look at this so again look at these these figures now this is com the complete opposite family yeah you're in that hook territory right okay well it's close to in it because i just need to start it out exactly right so why is it good to you know why are we doing this in your opinion just so you're aware why are we trying to get you to hook family just for a second just sort of total opposite of the slice you know yeah and what will that enable you to do come on the inside is it feel what it's like in the sun right okay so imagine this if i i you know if you imagine this you're you were here swinging that way yeah and then entering in that way so all you do if you can you were great at feeling this way yeah not so good this way so all you do now you can feel this too i call it a framework these parameters what do you do try and close them in close them in yeah so they start to kind of now you feel this you can gradually do it i still don't think we're there yet so i still i'd still explore this area adding power to it all that kind of stuff but only when you do this consistently do you then go right can i straighten it up so maybe i don't need to swing as far out to the right right yeah yeah yeah

really nearly nearly look at the distance coming up huh yeah yeah

so we're up to 268 still not completely under control but this is really really good going in the same place or now yeah over there oh exactly

i think that could be it come on ball come on 265 look at that draw almost neutral it's really nice

this is starting to become your norm now yeah yeah and you say there's not there's more you know there's more in it but again this is you now neutralizing you're starting to get a feel probably of this area you've neutralized path you've neutralized face with utilized swing direction distance is coming up and we've got that number all in 20 minutes yeah crazy in it yeah so obviously we're only scratching the surface but what's great about this is and you know for you guys watching when you try to change your swing sometimes it's so easy to get caught in loads and loads of mechanics and get into the real details but i think go for the low hanging fruit first if you like liam and you're and you're slicing it use some visualization use things that you've done in the past maybe you've played a bit of tennis a bit of football or whatever just imagine the type of spin that's opposite to what you're getting so with liam liam you were slicing it yeah so we just tried to explore an opposite type of spin which would be let's say hooking it it was an area that he felt uncomfortable with he's not really explored much before once he starts to explore that zone and start to get feel how his body needs to move to create that motion whether it's oh yeah look how my hips are working to create that look oh that cowl my arms are working oh look throw the bag look how easy i like that drum yeah cause you feel some of what i've not been doing yeah and you don't want to jump to that drill first because that's the power exercise you want to feel the the area you need to swing to first and then once you've got the feeling of getting the draw you want to amplify that so the bag exercise is just then using okay now i've got the feel of going over there can i increase some power but you're using simple simple stuff visualization things visual uh feel things just to get a sense of how you can increase or just change your flight your ball yeah all right i loved it cheers paul good man awesome i hope this enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look go and check out liam has an awesome channel called golf mate it's one of my favorites on youtube go and check it out and of course look if you're new to chant you want to see more live lessons like this is a new for me go and click on this uh subscribe to the channel maybe and i'll see you next time