Golfer Found Driver Swing SO MUCH EASIER after this LIVE Golf Lesson

driver live student lessons Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us in this lesson you're going to get to see a student learn how to hit driver straight and improve their ball striking with their irons now what's special about this is the student paul was literally hitting driver everywhere he lost complete confidence with it okay almost brought some fear up when he was pulled it out of the bag but what you're going to see in this live lesson step by step is the process that we went through first of all to kind of feel exactly how the club and the balance of that club should work through the swing and secondly we overcome one major misinterpretation that i see with so many golfers that causes so many problems in the way he should move his body to support this club look over my shoulder right now and follow the process for step by step there's some golden nuggets throughout if you can do find time to watch it all coming all over my shoulder right now i hope it's going to help you too

you go right that yeah i lost that one yeah to hit those shots really straight yeah okay we need to that club has to be in in a position a delivery position which is much more coming down this way yeah your delivery yeah is down here yeah so now the problem is you're trying to hit it straight but the problem is it's so far this way right okay you're stuck yeah so you're trying to hit a fade or try to come this way but so you try you feel like you're moving a long way like this yeah but the club so far behind that it's got it can't come and hit that side of the ball okay yeah so you've got to visualize where that delivery is going to be here for us to start to get that path working this way yeah make sense what i like to do when i'm working on stuff like this with students is just when you're coming into the up we want to almost a down [ __ ] on that ball yeah yeah it's lit this way yeah and when i'm doing this what i'm not doing is this trying to hold these angles because if you're trying to hold the angles okay where's the face yeah it's open so what we're going to have to do we're going to hit a big block all we're going to have to do what flip flip right so we don't want to be doing that what we want to do is let this club simply clock down yeah on that ball as it's cocking down look at how square that person actually is yeah yeah so for that to happen you can't [ __ ] down if i was to [ __ ] down now where's it what i can't can i make sense yeah so all i'm doing is we get the sensation here that the club is in a position here that's easy just to simply just fall down and cut uncock as it were on that ball make sense yeah so look at this healer so that's a much much more this and not this no no yeah but that because that your body now is going to react to that yes yes yeah so when that weight gets stuck behind here yeah what are you going to do the weight's going to fall behind yeah is your early extension yeah yeah what we want to have look is uh where the weight here watch as we know it's going to come here what's our body going to do now just get out the way get out of the way yeah yeah yeah so all this you know you've given all that space for your arms in front that great feeling yeah yeah yeah much more rotational right as soon as it's just just goes there just gravity so when that club comes up and it's there yeah we want to we want to work it back to the godzilla when it works back to golf box on my body it one has to move out of the way but if i do this and let that club fall behind me my body could react yeah yeah so it's keeping this club in balance all the way back to the ball so club goes out to ball handle to body

that's it yeah that's a different feel because to me it feels like i'm over there yeah yeah yeah and it's not you can see here look where your arms are if you look where your hands are you're perfectly here it's perfectly fine you still you know you haven't done it independently with your hands you're still beautifully connected all you're doing is simply allowing the club to do two things not drag inside yeah but you're keeping it yeah in balance it's quite light like this yeah isn't it yes it is yeah quite like now yeah as you go a bit further it gets a little bit heavier yeah yeah so you now need to support that so the danger is when it gets a bit heavier we might react to that so we have to just support it and then here look on the way down we don't want to go it's a bit bit behind us isn't it so we could just we could do this but we're not we're going to bring it back yeah and allow it look now to down [ __ ] in front of us yeah to that ball so you're kind of playing around with the balance and for you also the face look you could get it in complete balance but this club is completely shut yeah yeah and then we're here and now we're going to have to yeah so you've got to look after that club first as well okay yeah cool

good yeah

much better yeah that felt better see more neutral there yeah you can even do this just here look just imagine that down cocking right see how timeless yeah now imagine this it's hooded yeah screwdriver even you can even do miniature swings to feel right where it's going in this area right like you remember remember i use that knowledge of like hammer and nail yep like here's just that's it here's your few sighters just there relax that's it down on that ball then once you've got that it's like okay well how do i extend that much with my body up and down okay

what's that looking after that club first thing

how much more neutral yeah that is yep because a club can come from a much better place

that's it

how'd that feel that felt a lot better felt like a bit of compression there you go yeah and again it's not really easy look yeah yeah that's better isn't it yeah those are the numbers we're trying to achieve well from words to them well i the reason why i want to get somewhere close to you so these are these are what you call perfect aren't they right and zero is perfect it's kind of like square to square the reason i wanted for you to at least play with that i i don't you don't have to say that sure you're now under control yeah so it means that if you want to go into out and play the draw you can do yeah but now you have a feeling of if that's what's happening you're going too far and you get that push slice yeah you've now got an idea of okay this is how i i've got to keep the club more and more in balance here to get that if i want to bring the club back in a much better line and to be honest the repetitions of training my body a bit more like that will probably do me good throughout the bag rather than everything being well i i just yeah exactly this always equated to me to a good shoulder turn yeah getting it getting the depth there yeah always equates to me well i've turned my shoulders well now where of course it's not it is it well it's the misinterpretation of turn yeah so everyone's trying to turn yeah right and look at this here we hit a golf ball i hope i'm not the only one that gets that wrong no no we all do we all do so you think of it here we get a golf ball on the ground right so this club needs to do have a couple of things he needs to go up as well as around but we when you take the word turn what we end up doing is going turn yeah and a couple of things here our shoulders get too flat the club gets too far behind us and we aren't playing baseball so the problem is from the from this rounded motion here you know you have to go down so you're a good player some of the poor players will will take this position and come over to hit down right so they now come down like this but you're a good player and one of the things that you'll do is you'll realize that this is a power zone so then what you do is this yeah so that you go down in this like in this position when you go down in that position you will hit it strike it sometimes okay and it'd be really powerful but you have to have lots of flips yeah so this is why if you just keep imagining well there's a upward motion to this and you've just got to imagine there's a i like the idea of just a stone [ __ ] here and then work in your body to help you create that now look at this my body's working much more on this angle but notice also my shoulders are actually on my arms are working well yeah i put a bit more upwards they're not working just around they're actually working upwards and now look because of that because of that i think you can actually fall down look here we've got gravity helping yeah and then it's going to work look naturally down towards the grass it's a much more direct line and therefore we're able to hit much straighter shots because of it yeah yeah there you go that's closer that's a much better feel strike you like feel that now yeah yeah yeah much nicer okay with it with the driver you your biggest bad shot is the push slice yeah and everything coming off that last photo the neck of the club yeah and miles out to the right yeah exactly and also um tendency to hit down i've got so many marks on the top of the driver there you know okay rather than so if you think about what we're gonna do well we think if you think about what we talked earlier about with the irons as well so if you get around yeah you know you've got two options to go back to the ball yeah you can either go in or you can even go over neither gonna give you consistent results we want a swing that is more so it's more repeatable so the club works in a sense on a line then we use the balance of the club to naturally fall down through the shot but if we've got that kind of bounce out here and we have to kind of either re-route it over the top causing big slices or gets stuck inside causing mid slices it's going to lead to a lot of inconsistency let's have a look let's see what we got i actually felt quite good there you go how does that feel not bad did you try a slightly different move there yeah i was trying to keep the club a bit more in balance yeah absolutely that that wasn't what i was doing a week ago by any means that's just a new attempt to move in a different way yeah um i've got some spray actually is it worth spraying it yeah i've got some actually

how'd that feel that felt better yeah felt like i was staying behind yeah that's a different movement yeah it is straight away isn't it yeah where's it where does it come out first top middle but top yeah yeah it's a little bit down on it but we're now more towards the middle so much better straight away wow what a difference silly isn't it but if you think about it that's a huge difference to me though yeah yeah well i think but the thing is as i said to you right at the start as well right the first stage you've got to feel the club head so don't rush into any practice session get a sense of where the head is and then your job is to then work out how you keep that club in balance all the way through the swing so if i grab you drive just for a second so you've got just so you've got a picture of this so if if i was to take the head off the driver and i got you to draw a driver's swing you just go back up here wouldn't you and back down to the ball yeah nothing more complicated right the problem is when you've got a weight on the club we sometimes react to that weight so we could move it around so if you're thinking about turning for instance and you throw the weight behind you now it's a weight falling away right here so that could get you to then when you feel that you could then move here or you could oh it's there let's go over the top yeah so what we then try to do is you've got to kind of keep that club completely in balance here it feels like it's very light here working up now it's in balance now we notice the force is a bit behind me now so it's going to want to do this so we're just holding it in balance then from here you now know that what you're going to do from here just rotate it simply allow it to fall down yeah and then work back yeah to the golf ball yeah right what we're not doing is going up or over bring it head out to ball handle back to body and that's going to give you a much more direct line back to the ball as opposed to getting stuck in here yeah yeah so no turn it's just literally oh it feels like there's no turn maybe for you you're literally just keeping the club working in balance

what's up again hi yeah well sort of similar place but again so much closer to the middle yeah because what what you're doing as well because it's more imbalanced you're not throwing your body at it if you think about it if you if you throw your body at it you're getting closer to the ball which moves the head where the way yeah of course further away from the bottom you're gonna hit the neck whereas when it's coming down here your body's gonna want to respond by getting out of the way getting out of the way creating room yeah that's what i was saying that you know i know that i have to

whether it's that's call it what you like whether it's bum staying back whether it's getting out the way or whatever i just can't go towards the ball but remember what's causing this though right so you could try i see this a lot again with students you you know with you you can try all your lights sometimes to try to get all these body motions working yes how you want to yeah yeah but think of it this way they'll all work according to where this club is so your body you're you don't want to hit by the feel last time i just couldn't feel it well and on the range when it's going when i know i'm hitting it out of that low heel yeah it doesn't matter how hard i either try and hit it further out right to bring it round or get out the way i just sometimes cannot feel it well the problem is if you're it comes down to those two things doesn't it brought your driver again it comes down to for you you've got to realize that we have an implement in our hands first first and foremost forget about all these fancy body mechanics that everyone can work on we've got an implement and our job when that ball's on the ground is to move that implement back to the golf ball so if we again using the ham and the nail if i've got a hammer and a nail and i know that that hammer needs to hammer that nail this way i'm going to position this implement in a directly where i need to get it i'm going to move that hammer backwards and forwards and hammer that nail straight in right so sometimes we forget that the most important thing about golf swing is this and what we do is we think right got to get these body mechanics working i've seen this motion on things so what we'll do is we'll work on getting these body mechanics absolutely perfect and and and when you're doing it maybe in the garden it all looks great well it just feels like it ends up in the right place it feels right you do all the drills it all looks good look at it it's brilliant yeah the problem is when you've got a free-flowing clubhead which has a lot of momentum to it if that head's moving all over the place right it no matter how all the effort you've been trying to do your body now is gonna be like well i'm gonna work with it i feel like oh it's gonna do this it's gonna react to this weight yeah your job first and foremost is to pay attention to what this club head is doing working it back and then visualizing it working look back into impact here down and then around here yeah makes sense it's literally following look the path it's taking back to the golf ball yeah and then you're thinking well how does my body then help to create that motion then you add the body in once you've got the feel of the head there's the head and actually to your mouth see sometimes the body just works automatically once you know where that is yeah yeah the poster yeah because when i'm doing that i'm bringing it back square face i don't feel as i need to do anything with the wrists no that feels like a good and then it's just a case of from here by the way think of it this way now imagine if you thrust your hips forward towards the target yeah where's the head go behind it goes behind you look at the face now look at your handles so high where you're going to block it yeah yeah yeah so so my point is once you start to and i would do this on purpose do some movements so you can experience what the body would actually do to the balance of the club yeah and then in your mind think okay well you we've all seen these beautiful swings of the best players where they're literally the arc is if we took a trace on here this club trace and we traced it all the way back and all the way if you visualize that just visualize how your body can actually help you now to bring that club there you go imbalance yeah you know and you'll realize as well you will even rush the downside because oh that could get snatched and move it out so you just take your time that's it

that's better oh look at that yeah that's better that's better yeah again same place center of the fest yeah yeah yeah so now we're hitting the center we're not hitting the neck so you're going to look at the yard you're getting a few extra yards no extra 20 yards there um look at the more important look at these numbers now yeah much more useful starting to neutralize yeah yeah yeah and all of that i'm going to lift my left heel and use that as the trigger didn't need to no because all these body motions it was just doing it yeah so yeah it's kind of like yeah it's weird isn't it it's kind of because you know as soon as i've done that and that it's already open yeah it doesn't need me to artificially stamp and then drive it well this stamp martian right where you might see people stamping that's being that comes from do you know what someone might do this exercise right and you know what for them to feel the club in balance they may have they may lift this left heel yeah that's just because they may be a little less flexible and you know what in order for them to feel the clock they might slam it back down yeah yeah

how do you feel quickly good felt good probably a little bit top of the club but a bit more in control bit more in control yeah yeah again much more neutral path yeah i'm not heel and not heel center of the face yeah yeah good the um trying to feel that place as well starts to make this left shoulder rise automatically which is going to help me get a bit more up on it i guess which is what i need well yeah i mean the thing is again potentially misinterpretations yes right so get yourself set watch this if i'm here right misinterpretations for people who are trying to hit up on it okay yeah watch this yeah okay yes of course it is yeah because you feel like you're really coming from i'm coming up staying behind what you're doing here the body's going yeah so now they're careful with that well the reality is watch you still the club still needs to be online so what happens is we still want to be coming down online so the low point is just but the difference is what's going to happen as you come you remember you've already set your body behind the ball yeah driver right yeah so when you're here when we're working that club back online it's still i'm still behind the ball and as i literally now i'm in position as that club goes throws down what am i gonna what's my body gonna do naturally yeah it's gonna go out the way i'm gonna push it pushes pushes out of the way yeah yeah now we can think about that at that stage even if you had a slightly downward blower driver at this stage i'll be happy with yeah because what it means is we're starting to you know ty gets down on his driver for instance because it gives him that control down the fairway so as long as we're getting that club more online we're not going to get this massive carve off to the right yeah yeah once if you truly then want to hit up on it to hit it even further once we've got you online you feel that's i think you'd be happy to hit more fairways yes exactly right so if once we've got you hit more fairways then what we can do we can then start to accelerate the push right yeah okay when you'll see where the best players they'll come into delivery here yeah once they're in delivery and they're pushing away the club's there yeah they will then push harder away to allow the club to fire through that gives them this upward strike and a lot of extra power yeah okay there's no point rushing into that and that's such a already i'm in a new place yeah with not thrusting so to try and do all of that straight away well if you use it too much it is and if you strap if you start thinking of thrust now you will thrust yeah from this position yeah that's just going to get you basically working much more that way yeah we just we need to keep you online so you start hitting nice and straight and then we can you know if we need i don't think we'll do it today no okay i'm happy just for you to start in a lot more fairways yeah me too

how's that nice

much better much better yeah much much yeah it's on the fairway which is not the norm yeah so much better and look at that actually it's pretty free free flowing do you feel it yeah yeah good totally just much more consistent isn't it as well you know yeah so club part zero just neutral yeah neutral and just a bit i like this yeah and at this stage i think you know face to pass so it's you know if we wanted to kind of um get you drawing it okay we could start to play around but notice at the moment i'm not too worried about a small little face no i can play with that because right now there's enough to think about in keeping the club in balance yeah yeah you know that's enough that's enough yeah and then if if you want to in your own mind which can help you subconsciously close that if you wanted to play the draw um we could do my concern at this stage is is it could get you thrusting into that into out yeah so rather than worry so much about it i think i think i'm just really happy yeah with you setting these numbers off online once you get comfortable with this we can then start to kind of visualize a different way of playing a drawing okay not a thrust this way but actually yeah basically you're working into out not by under yeah actually a proper draw you're coming you're rotating through the shot yeah okay that's too much again probably a bit too much too soon yeah okay

it should be quite square okay yeah so that time there you spun a bit that was the old yeah i mean what's interesting is the dispersion now on the face is just exactly the same i know so that's quite quite consistent and you're literally now it's all central yeah that's what i mean so that's a huge result in itself well it proves that you're not getting that huge early extension what you did before yeah you know yeah so was that a tiny bit of old i i think there's a little bit of i call it yes there you're following it behind and you're dragging it yeah this way a little bit okay but regardless i i think this is important that you know rather me jump in here i think you need to start to feel this because i'm not going to be around my old time so yeah for me it's kind of you know maybe turn the head the other way around get a visualize the club doing this even particularly your lead hand take the club hold it this way work the club back okay back here and then from here look fire it back down yeah now don't fire it look there this way no look down down there it's going down in front of you watch this not this no from here look you're working the air just this downwards so literally from here working it up yep heel up and then down yeah it's a different set yeah rather than yes of course that way yeah and then you're going to come through

now you're going straight down yeah yeah

there we go yeah and you simply take the club in the lead hand okay just imagine the same principle working it up working it down straight down to that golf ball

now it's more direct yeah

you go look at that miles more control loads more control because again the club is online for longer yes yeah very happy with that love it good thank you good good good that feels great nice feeling isn't it oh god i just got to my wit's end honestly it was the driver was going in the in the river

just follow the process yeah feel the head first so feel the head first find out where it is just put some small little shots before you even worry about the big ones where's that head right now just imagine this be easier to do when there's no weight on isn't there to draw the swing yeah yeah we don't turn we move the club up there so for the club to keep following this path now here in balance our bodies need to work up there yeah now from here we want to work the club back down so we don't want the club we want to be moving our bodies in such a way so if you can keep visualizing the club just falling coming back down to the ball where the club comes out to the ball handle goes into body then your body goes oh that's what's supposed to happen no problem i will then help you do that it can work in a different way yeah it doesn't make sense to then thrust because if i throw that sends the head behind me so once you start to feel the head first feel where it is in space then feel the balance of it and then just allow the body to work out what's the best way for it to now help you come back down yep under gravity and let that club look fall back down into that ball once you do that then it's all about then just feeling the club face that's how you then start to control those drawers and thirds and yeah yeah okay great thank you cool amazing very good yeah i mean just i'm just marveling at that