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best iron tips Sep 13, 2022

Full Transcript-  i've just spent some time with the world's best golf coach pete cowan and i've got some really really good news for you you don't have to head to the practice ground and hit thousands of thousands of golf balls to get better in fact look the best players aren't even doing that anymore what they're doing and what i want you to do is they're working on movements exercises at home that are improving how they strike a ball how they turn their shoulders how they move their arms in fact how they improve their entire golf swing today what i want to do is i want to share with you three things that you could be doing three exercises that if you just spare about six minutes a day two minutes on each exercise i guarantee it's going to make some massive differences to the way you play now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing i release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing okay so exercise number one is all about the feeling of how the club actually strikes the ball or releases down to the golf ball now very few people get this right so let me show you what you need to do get yourself set up and all i want to do is get the wrist just cocking at a slight angle so you're going to pitch this club not straight up just a slight angle here so you're cocking the wrists up you're going to let the elbows just fold a little bit here and load those shoulders up here now what you're going to imagine here is is you want to imagine almost not quite but you want to imagine this like an arrow and you've got a quiver behind you and you're going to almost pull the arrow out of the quiver now in doing that as you pull it out it's like you're chopping down and as you chop down what's happening to this club it's going to get thrown and released down to the ground this is the release of a golf club it's a look at the strength here i'm pulling it out if i use my wrist too much here that would snap the arrow i'm pulling it out using strength and as i get here look the momentum of this club will be thrown down to the ground okay now this is what's happening in the golf swing but i don't see this with golfers what i'm seeing a lot a lot of time is this flickiness rollingness you know chicken wings you name it what they're not you doing is learning the feel of the correct motion of exactly how that club strikes down yes you can't hit a golf ball like this until we've got the back swinging we're going to blend all of it in into a second but learn the feel first of all of the correct chopping motion so arrow in the quiver here pull it out i'm not breaking not flicking it pulling it out and then just simply allowing it to chop we're going to blend that whole motion in in a second when we add in the two other elements but first things first learn how this gravity of the club is thrown down learn that get that feeling and then we'll move on to exercise number two so exercise number two and i've got a rather large pole here you don't need a large pole you could use your driver you could use a a broom it doesn't really really matter i'm using this more for visual purposes but grab your driver it worked just as well now we've got to learn now how the body works before we start working on how the arms are going to work we need to work on how the body works nobody gets this right get the club literally put it across your shoulders place palms on either side now i gave this to my dad recently okay was losing distance with driver getting a bit of a slice this hugely helped so what i want you to get yourself set up and all in your golfing posture and all i want you to do now is make a turn where your lead shoulder is moving and you're going to point the pull in line with the center part of your stance here so the trail shoulders behind and your lead shoulders in the center part of your stance once you're there all i want to do is simply push out your arms that now at this angle you've now formed the perfect turn away from the golf ball okay you need to get that sensation nobody does this and i really mean this most people unfortunately without them realizing my dad didn't realize this either are using their arms way too much in their backswing why because it's easy to do you need to get the sensation of the body pivoting away in the backswing so that you can use the bigger muscles now what i mean by that is this if you want to be more powerful and you want to lower we talked about the us doing the chopping motion okay well watch this when i'm here where are my power muscles now my power muscles look are behind me i can use those power my big back muscles my legs my power muscles are if we are having a tug of war they're behind me i'm going to drive it down they're going to be used look to drive the club back down to that golf ball with power and control if i don't have this pivot here and i'm using my arms without realizing where my power muscles now they're behind me here this way so you will use them by the way you will use the power button but now they'll pull this way so you may fit lean back thin it fat it come across the ball slice it you name it get the power muscles the big back muscles and the glutes here in a place where you can use them to bring that action we did in exercise one down we're going to come to that in a second all right so get the sensation of this pivot first build a routine and then once you've got that sensation spend a couple minutes just doing this then we'll work on number three exercise number three and this is a really really great one it's gonna super super help you so you're gonna need something this time a little bit longer so you're gonna need a pole like this or your broom would be absolutely fine take your normal golfing stance put your lead hand opposite your lead leg your trail hand now this way round opposite your trail leg set those arms down in this position here now what i want you to do is this okay i want you to move this bar up to the top now the best way to imagine this and i gave an exercise recently where you can imagine a dumbbell lifting the dumbbell up with your trailer hand here so i'm supporting it okay i'm not drifting it here i'm supporting it this is what the trail hand does supports the dumbbell but why i love this exercise here is is when you support the dumbbell because the left hand on my lead hand is attached it forces the lead side also to work as well so you really get that sensation of those muscles working in the back swing super super important just watch out for this i see this a lot when people do this exercise they'll drift back with their trail arm here that's never going to support a dumbbell so trailhand support the dumbbell get yourself set here just get that sensation now once you're in there you've pivoted beautifully all you do is lower this club back into position now imagine we talked about exercise one this is look now you've loaded there's the chop we're chopping that club straight down we aren't flicking it we're not turning at this stage we're just going straight down here well now look as we are chopping the head of the golf club here the masters golf club is going to what fall to the golf ball now look at this i'm chopping chopping chopping down the master club falls my body look matches the movement beautifully and hey presta we have the golf swing right there where it all starts to blend so do this exercise once a try get a sense of what you're doing and then what you can do look is take a golf club if you want split the hand a little bit here there's that chopping martian watch how this all blends in now we've got the pivot look dumbbell really sense that sensation now look this is the chop isn't it there we are arrowing quiver chop down chop down but we're just chopping and look we're driving chop straight down here and look the mass of the club is going to drop look beautifully onto that golf ball here as i literally swing through okay so you can practice these martians i gave the chopping action to my girl little girl the other day because she was struggling to get the ball up in the air work to treat so get that sensation i'll start to blend these martians into one motion here chop and down and left chop where my hands going down and left get that sensation and away you go

awesome so three things that are going to really really help get the feeling of the strike first get that sensation let the momentum in the club from here don't flick you at wrists let the club drop down to the ground really sense that momentum then get the pivot use that bar to spend some time feeling it once you've done that get the split hand look drive that down chop it down allow the mass of the club it wants to be look thrown don't flick it lead it down and then as you keep throwing it down and you keep pivoting look that is gonna be thrown beautifully with power and control spend just six minutes a day feeling these motions i promise you you're gonna get better okay if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a thumbs up check this video out right here once you've watched this and you've done this exercise it will really really help new to the channel you love videos like this one please consider subscribing but until next week have a wonderful golfing week