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Hey everyone Danny Maude here head professional at the Canterbury golf club in Kent and as you probably guessed I'm out here in the beautiful Dubai I'm actually working on my own game but while I was here I thought it'd be a really nice idea to help you with your game and deal with a really popular question which is how do you improve the quality of your driving specifically the accuracy and the distance that you hit it well I've got three things for you today which I'm going to reveal which kind of are probably the most common things I see when I'm coaching people so so let's get started the first thing I involves understanding the problem is is that when most people start the game they don't really have many lessons so they tend to get an organic swing let's say and it's an foot for some people it works absolutely fine but for a lot of people it kind of leads to problems down the line through their golfing life an example would be for instance and I was at gym the other day and some guys at the gym the younger guys they see a weight on the ground and they pick it up and their bodies are moving all over the place but as far as they've concerned they've achieved their goal they've kind of they've taken the way they've lifted it up and they picked it up of their heads and as far as they're concerned they've got great technique the problem comes when their friend who's getting professional advice from a personal trainer he's learning correct technique now their friend is adding more weight to their to the year machine and but he's lifting properly so it can lift that weight and he can keep lifting it I keep adding more weight because he's got great technique is using the bigger muscles the problem with a person who's kind of moving all over the place is when it's time to scale that and add more weight to that person one the lights are caused injury but - they're using so much movement and such so many of the smaller muscles it's almost going to be impossible so the person with good technique is able to scale and improve and add more power to their game without losing control okay and engulfing terms and that simply just relates to like if you have your staff with poor technique when you want to get better and you want to hit it further with more accuracy it's very very difficult if you've got a clumsy out-of-control technique so that's the first thing to realize in terms of you know understanding why you're probably lacking some consistency in some of those bigger clubs like the driver and the ferry woods so we don't mine let's move on to step two so the second thing is well what do you do you know how do you actually improve the quality of your driving and your technique well the first thing to realize is and this is probably something new that's occurred over the last few years and something in modern golf is a lot of people tend to swing a lot with their hands and their arms okay again smaller muscles tend to be a lot weaker and there's a lot of moving parts their legs are moving their arms and moving their wrists are moving and with that that's a lot to get right and a lot of time and there's a much much easier way to do this but there is a pre calf yet with this it doesn't feel very nice to start off with okay but let me show you how it works so what we want to try and do is you want to shrink it you let the upper part of your left arm very much connected to your chest a lot of people have the the gap between the upper part left down too far away from their chest so we want to get that much much closer then from there what we want to try and do is keep it connected all the way on the way back and all the way on the way through and you'll notice here at nost edge is my wrist breaking down particularly on the way through can you see that so when I'm coming through here there's absolutely none of this okay so what that means is this becomes much much more solid and I'm actually much more in control of that club head okay now the other thing we want to do from here I'll show it from this angle as well is when we're coming back it helps with the actual plane of the swinging golf now what that basically means is it you could cut it as the AK a lot of people using their hands and their arms they tend to pick it up here or sling it around the corner here but when you eliminate the amount of wrist movement in the backswing what you end up getting is something like this I'm going to rotate my body back here okay very little whisper it back now when I come through here all I'm going to do now is rotate back around with my body and again on the way through just doing some small swings to start off with and you'll notice I do a few little shots for you here how simple and consistent the swing could be if you eliminate the amount of moving part that you have in your golf swing a good image I like to give to people here which is a nice little drill you can use with the point number two here's if you put the club in your bellybutton and grip the shaft here has both upper parts of your round very much connected to your chest now from here what we try to do is is we're trying to control the face now not with our hands but with our bodies so when I turn back the face follows when I turn back into impact with my torso here the face squares up when I come in through the face is also square so notice here the actual position of that club face has not no relationship to my hands in the control here it's all got to do with my bigger muscles so becomes much much more stable actually in the golf swing being much more stable we're able to use our bigger muscles to generate the power and also keep the control here look at how little moving parts I have in this golf swing compared to one where I'm having to do this where my wrists are working too much okay now when that looks you can play good shots like that but the problem is it's kind of lulls you into force and security you know you stand there and my wrists after the work and I go okay I'll move the ball forward sometimes you can get some great shots but there's a lack of consistency with that and we're all striving to be more consistent so what we want to try and do is keep that stability throughout the entire swing and again this is what it looks like here is my body's turning to the right here open part left down still very much connected you'll notice what I'm doing here just for visual purposes I'm only doing small swings very very important to work on this okay don't would be too worried about trying to go too long when people go long they tend to cheat very quickly and use their hands and abs so one of the best ways to work on this and you is to try to work on it in a very very small manner so you're controlling the whole moon with the bigger muscles here wind back when I come through and winding through here and keep it very very stable back in through so number three things to look out for while you're kind of working on this it feels awful at times it feels very restricted in fact it doesn't feel very powerful you know when you've got this lovely flowing rhythm where your arms are allowed to flow freely your wrists allowed to flow freely I've got to be honest that feels great and and it feels quite natural the problem is natural initially isn't always conducive to good consistent driving and as you want to improve the consistency sometimes what we've got to do is we've got to go for the uncomfortable feeling of do you know what this is going to be pretty mmm tough not particularly very nice certainly when your arms connected if you've had that feeling of them being disconnected that feels much more comfortable as I got more room so there's often this dream of being cramped but what I wanted to show you is is having this control here go with it push through you know be that type of person that actually pushes through this uncomfortable feeling this is what those professionals and some of the better places what we were willing to willing to do to get better so work with that it will feel a bit strange and it will feel very restricted and in the start in the short term you may not instantly add loads of power because where the power comes from in the end is this we're switching power from hand and arm power to body power and body power comes a little bit later the first thing is to recognize that we have to use our bodies to control the shot and the second thing we need to do after we've done that is then we need to work out how from that position we need to increase the speed of our bodies through impact now if some of you are over a certain age and you have some injuries and a slightly concern for instance about will I be able to do this I've got a bad back well what you can do with this is add one little dimension which will really really help you so a lot of people are comes to concern that well I'm not going to be I'll do this because might I have problems in my lower back or I have an injury well in that situation all you have to do is is you're turning back allow your hips to go further maybe even allow your left heel to come off the floor just to allow yourself to come around and again on the way through start to come around here allowing both feet to come off and what it does is it takes the undue stress off the tosser so you don't quit create as much torque or twist but it really makes the learning this and having that control much much easier so I really hope you go ahead and practice this as as normal if you've got any questions either drop me an email or leave a message in the comment box below and I'd love to hear from you until next week have a great golfing week hi it's Danny did you like this video if you did there's two things you could do right now want to subscribe to my channel and receive this content on a weekly basis the second thing you could do is you could head on over to my website right here and receive my weekly newsletter in that 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