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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us again this week I had Mike from Litchfield come and see me a senior golfer that was striking the ground consistently behind the golf ball and losing so much yardage this week I want to show you how we managed to add 20 yards plus to his iron shots and start to get him hitting a ball curved contact we're gonna show you exactly what he was doing and why he was consistently striking the ground behind and I'm gonna show you a couple of exercises that we gave him that really made a big difference into the way swing through the shot to start striking that ball turf contact instead so let's get cracking so what was Mike doing well when Mike came to see me he really was he he never took a divot really and if you did the divot was always behind the ball as opposed to in front of the golf ball right so if you're unaware in order to strike a wonderful shot we must strike the ball then the ground it's an often a confusing subject for some people they often feel like you have to strike the ground where the ball is no we want to strike a ball then the ground so the first thing is concept so we need to you know we to understand if you want to strike a ball cleanly and well so you get that divot out of the golf ball you've got to understand that the ball is struck and then the ground stuck and divots that's generally at least a couple of inches past that golf ball now with Mike he had no chance of doing that because when he was swinging what was happening was he come through here right and the release of the golfer would happen way too early so the low point of the act if you imagine it's like a pendulum here there's always a low point before it goes upwards the low point of his AK was way behind the golf ball so now suddenly the with the clubs almost going up as it strikes the golf ball and he was constantly hit it fat and thin now but why was that he knew that he needed to strike the ball than the turf he did even tried on my earlier exercises and he hated it I don't know if you I'll put it in the ICAT for those of you who were anything from it it's a towel exercise we put a towel behind the golf ball and you got to strike the ball and miss the towel here he hated it how do we doubt about that but what we did work is is he can I figured out why he was doing and the main reason here is this he was so flat 40 through the impact area so what was happening was here is there was absolutely zero rotation and his lower part of his body right so what happened was is there was no rotation no transfer and natural transference of weight so all he did when he came through here whether he just simply used his hands and his arms to hit the golf ball and he had from there you have absolutely no chance of striking ball turf contact so what do we do well in order to strike a the ground after the golf ball we need to get a rotational movement and a transference of weight so if you look at this here the weight needs to move over to the left side and there needs to be a rotational movement here when you do that look at the difference in this we get the shaft lean without the transference away and without the rotation we look like this and then from there when we strike the golf ball you're always going to use your hands in your rams and how can you get over here you can't you're too far behind the golf ball now what was happening with Mike was we needed to some of the things that were going on his head he was over over thinking it over complicating it and ultimately some misconceptions worker were coming up as we were having a conversation the first one was this need to stay still without realizing so he was he you know he wanted to strike the ball he'd been told that you've got to keep his head down and his eye on the golf ball and what that was doing is it was restricting he was amount of movement through the shot so when he comes through here look if I'm dead still how can I ever strike the ground after the golf ball unless I transfer my weight and rotate through not possible so firstly first what he was actually working on which was keeping your head down keeping still etc was never gonna work it was never going to get in the strike that he needed so he gave him two simple exercises that got him striking the ball then the ground and the one of them does require a little bit of balance but it worked at an absolute treat so the so all I want you to do here is this Mike wasn't really transferring his weight now if you transfer your weight I'll try to translate right two left here without doing without exaggerating it is very difficult to feel so what I got might do was this literally lifting his left foot up and then is right and I said got him doing this he looked like this which is pretty good the problem is that on its own would not get him hitting a ball to strike at this stage his head is still way too still and it's still back here what we need to do is help him get some rotation as well so watch this we added a final dimension which was to allow his head to also flow through the impact area okay watch this so again one two so this is just test your balance out a little bit initially but what it does when she's getting to rhythm of this you'll feel there we go just get into a rhythm as you did this suddenly he said my god I'm moving lots and lots but what you then do with this is you start to them work back through now we've got a flow through the impact area we've got a weight having a sense of what that is and then we can go and start striking that golf ball and you can see here I'm flowing all the way through now as we discuss this this is how to get this ball to have contact and then get him actually flowing through the impact area he's also noticed as we were doing this weight over here right over here right over here right over here now watch this this almost led to this okay now if you've been in the game long enough and you've come across a player called Gary Player you'll know that that in itself is an exercise to create a ball turf contact - which is what it's what we call the step through drill why is it so successful and why have so many people used in the past because it helps to get you rotating through the shot getting on to your left side and getting that ball turf contact remember your body behind the golf ball impact is what creates the growl hit and you hit in the ground behind the ball right so we didn't do this with Micra didn't need it with that it itself worked but you could extend this exercise to wait over here back and then just literally flowing through and stepping through the shot if you want as well just one caveat with that one make sure when you're doing this that your left toe is pointed out thirty degrees that just helps you here provide more mobility in your knees so you've got room to to come through and that's all we did with Mike so again look we're trying to get a contact of the ball first then the ground how do we do that we Mike it was really really straightforward what was Mike doing from this position here look Mike was basically doing this he'd swing back there's absolutely no rotation here at the legs no transference of weight that all I did is create a flick motion here he would go backwards because there's no room and he would hit the ground behind let me show you from this angle he's been back there was absolutely no rotation the legs he would release way behind the back of the golf ball here no transfers away no chance of getting over here you can't just you can't just try and get forward you've got to have you get work on some exercises so exaggerated exercises like this where we literally get you to move over to the side move over to this side if you start to practice that right I've got I'm letting the club swing freely and I'm allowing the head also to swing freely through the shot backwards and forwards it will give you that real sensation even if you do this one and two love it why because they're getting over on this side of the golf ball that's one more of them so I right over to the left and I literally swing it's a free-flowing motion do not keep your head still it's an old wives tale head down is one of the biggest killers it cannot it stops the body moving you can get forward of the shot I am the ball not a problem but allow your head to flow through as well and you will start to see those ball turf contacts I hope you really enjoyed this video if you did you know some of your friends are really struggling to strike that ball consistently please share it and if you're not receiving you listen your inbox on a regular basis then don't forget to press the subscribe button and the bell and until next week have a great golfing week